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  • jgordon commented on the blog post Edward Snowden is the Most Dangerous Man in America. Good.

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    Well if you deconstruct the grammar, that sentence can to mean that Snowden is the most dangerous threat to the status quo in the US, regardless of his physical location. In that regard, it’s a brilliant idea for Snowden to be working so hard to create more “dangerous” people. Appealing to the integrity and conscious of the NSA people in the audience, as well as his interest in developing secure communications technologies is on the right track. There are likely thousands of decent functionaries deep within the government just looking for the opportunity to reveal additional criminal activity of their coworkers, superiors, and the regime. All they need is encouragement and the reasonable expectation that they’ll be safe in performing this service.

  • Dr. Steven Novella is a neuroscientist specifically interested in understanding the various sorts cognitive errors people make when forming opinions. If you undertake to study cognitive errors and strategies that people can employ to overcome these errors, as Dr. Novella discusses at length in his lectures, you will naturally come to see the problems with solar roads yourself. Such would likely more productive than asking one of the foremost neuroscientists in the world about photovoltaics, which would of course generate a boilerplate response of reserved interest–at best.

    As to the panels themselves, I’m going to be very explicit about this in no uncertain terms: anyone who has even those most rudimentary actual knowledge of how solar panels work knows how ridiculous this thing is. I personally purchased and installed solar panels on my own residence some time ago, and it was because of this personal experience that “solar roadways” struck me as so extraordinarily bizarre and implausible when I first heard it. We are not talking about left vs. right here. We are talking about a lot of gullible people who are financially being taken in. Dr. Steven Novella offers a concrete process that remedies gullibility.

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    Just to throw this out here so that some will think back on it later and hopefully become better people as a consequence:

    Anyone who is smart is not going to touch this scam with a ten foot pole. So I doubt there’ll be very many smart people rushing to submit their apps. On the other hand, this *is* a golden opportunity to illustrate how many people’s conception of reality is ludicrous, and hopefully upon reflection will realize that since they are not especially good at forming rational opinions that are consistent with reality. After that sinks in, I’d recommend picking up a copy of Dr. Steven Novella’s “Your Deceptive Mind; A Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking” as a good place to start remediation.

  • It’s reasonable to assume that some people in the state department, not to mention the rest of the corrupt regime, have enough intellectual honesty and self-awareness to realize that their behavior is utterly villainous. I wonder how they must feel about themselves, having to play that role.

  • The issue with your comment is that Democrats have even less respect for their base than Republicans have for theirs and consequently don’t try as hard to keep their actual agenda hidden. Obama meeting with conservative bloggers and bragging that he was going to gut Social Security and Medicare while he was still president elect is an example of that.

  • Err this one is obvious. The Republicans want the mandate enforced right away so it will have an impact on the next election cycle. And considering that the mandate is loathed by nearly everyone, this will be a net positive for the Republicans. In fact, I’m sure that secretly they hope the mandate will stay around forever, considering that they will be reaping immense benefits from it as long as it exists.

    Of course their platform will be that they want to get rid of it though. But that’s just stuff they say; they really love it, and any actions they take against will be designed to be as symbolic and ineffective as possible. Anyway, since you asked, I broke it down for you. There you go.

  • If I’m not mistaken, Chicago already has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the US. Now, look at the amount gun violence going on in Chicago, as compared to, say, everywhere else, why do you imagine that even more draconian gun control legislation will have any impact? I’m genuinely curious here; I mean, I know that everything you say here is meant to parody everything offensive and pathetic about Democratic Party sheeple “liberals”, but still even so you must have some insight into this phenomena?

  • The same people that own Obama own the Republicans. In other words you still believe in the kabuki theater. You drank the Koolaid.

  • Which would explain why the regime is much in favor of disarming citizens, and has duped a few misguided individuals into going along with that.

    Although I believe a more useful way to go about fighting the beast is to starve it; I’ve recently begun reading Masanobu Fukuoka’s work, and have decided that his philosophical/horticultural methods of opting out are probably as effective or more so at destroying the regime than outright violence. Although I suppose that means that the regime will make it illegal to effectively grow your own food and store your own water (not that those things are not already illegal in many locales).

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    Then, let’s look at the material costs of building a single hexagon of this stuff. How much more expensive will it cost to produce the required impact resistant, durable solar panel that will be able to survive semi-trucks regularly rolling over it than a regular solar panel will cost?

    And as you know, the surface of solar panels have to be kept as pristinely clean as possible to get energy yields out of them that are anywhere near the maximum rating. How much would it cost to keep roads pristinely clean every day for these things to function?

    From the appearance of these, there are a lot of (hexagonal shaped) cracks all through this roadway surface–that’s even advertised as a good thing. What happens to a road when water gets into such a crack and then freezes?

    Uh, now those are just a few of the ideas that occurred to me while I was watching the video–at the very least a “solar-road” is going to be a lot, lot, lot more expensive to create and maintain than a similarly sized number of regular solar panels. To me, this is like watching a slow motion train-wreck with all the passengers riding along happily oblivious.

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    There is a difference between shaking out of hide-bound thinking and advocating snake-oil. Sadly Americans in particular seem to be incapable of making that distinction. It’s unfortunate, but I’m certain that rather than improving your critical thinking skills and knowledge of science after this is revealed as a scam, you’ll just move onto the next irrational pseudoscience fantasy. And while that would be kinda of cute and amusing in its own right, that kind of irrational thinking is contributing to the societal collapse. Which the balance wouldn’t really be a bad thing I’ve decided, after reading the above.

  • jgordon commented on the blog post Come Saturday Morning: Solar Roadways is Hiring!

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    Well, at least your thread of irrationality is consistent; from bizarre, emotion-laden gun control beliefs to obviously scamtastic pseudoscience products, some can always be relied on to provide that hilarious dose of non-reality to spice up the day.

    Although the sad thing is that while soon these individuals will realized that they got scammed on this on this roadway thing and will perhaps feel like crap about it, they’ll still persist in believing their other delusional political beliefs.

  • jgordon commented on the diary post Will gangland-style executions of police officers be enough? by danps.

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    Here here. Why is it acceptable fir cops to tase, shoot and bully all they like, but unacceptable fir people to have self-protection because of a few atypical crazies? It frankly sickens me just how craven and naive so many people are, that they think that just because somebody else did something else that didn’t [...]

  • jgordon commented on the diary post Fukushima’s Children Are Dying by solartopia.

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    Your talk of “choice” is irrelevant. What will happen is that the Japanese people will learn to make do with about 10% of the energy budget they currently use, and they will largely give up on the industrial economy thing. Whether they have to experience yet more radioactive horrors in the process of undergoing that [...]

  • jgordon commented on the blog post Las Vegas Shooting Leaves Two Police Officers Dead

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    Or rather, I feel nothing as well and I don’t believe it should as it has nothing to do with me. I’m honestly not even sure why they waste so much print space with this kind of thing when there is so much more stuff happening in the world of actual import. On that subject, you all are apparently alive an kicking, which is pretty commendable considering that most of you probably at some point got in a car today. Which, realistically and rationally speaking, is one of the most dangerously insane activities a person could choose to engage in. If you all have trepidation over the prospect of dying in a mass shooting, I seriously fail to comprehend how you can even consider for one second getting in a vehicle. The sheer terror of having to do it every day must be overwhelming.

  • jgordon commented on the diary post How the Supreme Court Made the U.S. Government Illegitimate by Dennis Trainor Jr.

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    Is the US government legitimate? The fact that even asking/thinking about that is extremely dangerous furnishes all the answer we need. Legitimate governments don’t have an overwhelming, paranoid fear of either citizens or dissent from citizens. So, to use a bit of tautological semantics for the benefit of all the apparatchiks out there, the very [...]

  • jgordon commented on the diary post Anti-Small Business Policies Prove Depth of Government Corruption by Lloyd Chapman.

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    Uh, libertarians already realize that government is inherently corrupt and evil and want as little to do with it as possible. It’s all the others you mentioned there that hope to grasp the levers of government power and then violently enforce their agenda on everyone else. So you didn’t really have to besmirch libertarians by [...]

  • It’s good to see that people are finally realizing that (misguided) efforts to ban guns, or otherwise place arbitrary restrictions on them, will only result in more guns available out there. Maybe after the control nuts stop wasting their time whining about stuff like this altogether we’ll finally be able to make some progress.

  • I have to agree with you there. I was looking at the second picture as a great improvement over the first. It was only after I started reading that I realized it was supposed to be a bad thing. People are weird.

  • jgordon commented on the blog post New Evidence Shows FBI Setup Jeremy Hammond To Break Law

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    Well at least it’s in keeping with the FBI’s long standing tradition of encouraging idiot stooges to become co-conspirators in some crime or another that the FBI cooks up, and then busting them. Unfortunately this sort of thing is incredibly corrosive to government legitimacy, although that’s probably not something that the people doing this would ever or could ever give much thought to.

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