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  • jgordon commented on the blog post HHS’s Foolish Decision to Game Signup Numbers

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    Jon Walker: you’ve presented enough evidence yourself on this topic: please just stop running stories where you give the regime and the various Obamatards the benefit of the doubt and instead just start prefacing all of your stories with “Obama and Democrats are known, inveterate liars. Anything any of them say is probably a lie–this includes any kind of data any of them report.”

    If you did that you wouldn’t come off as being so naive you know. Gruber and Obama see the American people as being way too “stupid” to see through any of the transparently obvious lies that these liars tell. We should at least make some effort to show them wrong in that.

  • jgordon commented on the blog post Louisiana Senate: Mary Landrieu Way Behind in New Poll

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    I saw the whole pipeline senate thing and I was like…. err she’s gonna lose? It’s not like she’d be any different from the Republican anyway, so I don’t see the big deal here. Two right wingers who hate and want to destroy the environment: one with an R next to his name and the other with a D. Oooh I’m going to go cry because the D environment hater didn’t get in. Boohoo.

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    We’re a first world nation? I wonder if that’s true anymore.

  • jgordon commented on the blog post Democrat’s Demographic Fatalism Facing Critiques

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    It’s probably inevitable that we’d end up with two parties that are utter worthless trash. I believe the empire will have to collapse before the average delusional citizen on the streets will demand real change. Till then we should all ignore the “democratic” facade of “voting” and “elections”. Right now politics is all a waste of time, and also liable to get you in trouble while the police state is still functional.

  • “Vaporware” is a well known concept in the software/technology sphere. There is a reason why people who understand how science, solar technology, and accounting look at proponents of these kinds of unworkable energy projects as if they are crazy: getting worked up over something (and cold fusion/perpetual motion machines/bigfoot also fall into this category) that has never once been demonstrated to, you know, actually produce a net gain of energy in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

    And for future reference please don’t confuse having a basic understanding of the laws of thermodynamics and a working familiarity with solar technology with being “conservative”. One would truly have to plumb the depths of irrational stupidity to come up with that one.

    By the way, I have actually self-installed solar panels on my residence and took the time and took the time to learn how to correctly hook up the batteries, inverter, rectifier, and various other odds and ends components, as well as how to clean and maintain said equipment. How is it must be for armchair political ideologues who have never so much as touched a solar panel in their lives to wax eloquently about how they will destroy the fossil fuel industry and revolutionize society. I have news for you all: you’re right. Renewable will completely wipe out fossil fuel energy. Because there won’t be any other kind of energy to get on a cost-effective basis. And all we will have to do to make that work is cut our profligate energy waste by about 95% or so. Just think: no more cars. Locally grown, organic food. No more corporations or neoliberal globalization. Should be the wet dream of all the liberals out there. All you have to do to get there is give up on bigfoot fantasies and start planning for the future rationally.

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    “The Affordable Care Act was designed around strongly encouraging people to frequently shop around for insurance.”

    I wonder if your shilling is actually conscious or not? Obamacare was to designed with exactly one principle in mind: to screw people as hard as possible. All the good things it was purported to do were nothing but disgusting lies, as recent evidence has brought to light.

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    Anyone with a “D” next to his/her name should have the word “liar” branded onto the forehead. You know, just in case there are still a few out there who are still in doubt about it.

    Not saying Republicans are any better, but jeez dems at least don’t pretend to have any sort of moral/ethical/cultural superiority over Republicans.

  • Well, apparently anyone still voting for Democrats *is* stupid. And as there are still a fair number of people out there doing so, it seems that Mr. Gruber is absolutely correct.

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    I like another theory when analyzing Democratic Party priorities: cui bono. Neither Democrats nor Republicans have any interest in allowing the slightest hint of economic populism into their policies because… all of them in on the scam are being or will be personally and richly rewarded for their duplicity and evilness. I am utterly certain [...]

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    I lot of “people” here would be thrilled if said cop were “legally” able to interfere with the (non)suspect’s right own and bear a firearm. Tells you something about the authoritarian mindset, huh. Even authoritarian control freaks may not think of themselves as such.

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    You are misperceiving reality. It’s always about power. “Money” is smoke and gongs that cloud the senses when you walk into the throne room. “Power” is the little man behind the curtain pulling the levers. Try to stop the gong from sounding or the smoke from billowing out of the fog machine. It won’t do [...]

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    “That’s what happened in 2009 – 2010. Democrats structured legislation in a vain search for bipartisanship…” I think almost all of us understand at this point that that was merely kabuki theater. The Democrats did exactly what they wanted to get done, and they used the Republicans as a canard for why they had to [...]

  • “but instead of honestly admitting Obama had a change of heart”

    That’s a pretty disgusting sentence. Is it so hard to admit that he was lying through his teeth from the get-go? “Change of heart” my ass.

  • jgordon commented on the blog post Protests Rock Mexico After Student Killings

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    Entities known as “government” just happen to be the largest and best-armed gang on the block. There is nothing inherently special or magical or “just” about a governing authority. People either accept it, for whatever reasons, or they don’t. These days in Mexico or other places people are finding a lot less reason to accept it. Just throwing that out there.

  • jgordon commented on the diary post Who Should the Democrats Fire? by masaccio.

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    I hit f3 and didn’t see the word “policy” in this post one time. Against my better judgement I read it anyway. So why aren’t stupid/corrupt policies that result in the lives of American citizens being even more miserable than they already are on the list of Democratic failures that deserve mass firing? It’s patently [...]

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    Generally I believe it’s becoming more and more common for citizens to perceive that the government is composed mainly of venal compulsive liars. This is especially true for the national security state arm (or should I say “head”) of the government. This isn’t perceived as a problem now of course, but at the first hint [...]

  • jgordon commented on the diary post We Must Always Have War Because Magic by David Swanson.

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    The Good Book also says that you can drink deadly poison or be bitten by venomous serpents and suffer no ill affects if your faith is sufficient. Mark 16:18 For all those religious folk advocating various wars–this is a surefire method to determine if your beliefs in inline with what God wants before you go [...]

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    Obamacare came about because many people were making the rational decision to forgo health insurance and corporate medicine altogether due to the absurd costs. The law was designed drive people back into the system whether the liked it (or could afford it) or not. “Helping people” was the lipstick slapped on the pig to sell it to the gullible/apathetic public.

    In that sense “bad policy decision” is a ridiculous assertion. The decisions made about the language of the law were put in exactly as intended to accomplish the predictable outcome: endless insane rises in insurance/sickcare costs, captive customers (with onerous fines as the stick), and ginormous campaign “contributions” and future cushy jobs. It actually offends me that this intended outcome is labeled a “bad policy decision” when it has accomplished all of Obamacare’s actual goals quite admirably.

  • The Obama regime has done more to delegitimatize the US government and its markets than any other president in history. And he was a democrat that most of you all voted for at one point or another…

    At least we can all enjoy the schadenfreude as the Democratic Party dissolves under the weight of corruption afflicting it. Hey Republicans may be evil, but at least they don’t lie so much and aren’t as self righteously sanctimonious about their lies. That makes them better than Democrat in my book.

  • OF course, the Democratic blow out couldn’t possibly be the result of Obama’s shitty, corrupt policies that are making the lives of the American people even more miserable than they already are. No way at all.

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