• Hutcherson speaks the truth: “I was extremely discriminatory towards whites.” I know it’s not PC to blame anybody other than white people for prejudice and discrimination, but the reality is that ALL races have among them those who discriminate, cause unnecessary problems, etc. Kudos to Hutch for having the cojones to tell his truth! If anybody had any lingering doubt about his potential for learning and understanding that which he opposes, I hope this washes it all away!

    We’ve known his opinion for years. Only recently, with remarks about murder and now his own prejudice do we see the depth of that opinion.

    He’s not alone. While the WA stereotype is that there are lots of Hutch clones around Spokane, maybe Puyallup, the reality is they’re everywhere, with two major differences: (1) few would dare to speak as publicly as Hutch; and (2) Hutch wouldn’t physically attack another person because it would mess up his Grand Plan.

    The question now is, are we going to let “white guilt” and other PC-imposed stuff influence our efforts, or are we going to get honest and real and work our backsides off to overcome him?