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    It’s true that the Administration does not do nearly as much about climate as some might like. So far, they certainly have talked more about than they have done about it. However: 1- The fact that they actually bothered to put out a social cost estimate, review it, and make corrections where they thought it [...]

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    Step 1 in addressing any problem, including climate, is to acknowledge that the problem exists. At least the Democrats have gone that far. House Republicans, however, are so intent on denying the problem that they are willing to pervert the very systems their party put in place for dealing with problems. So whatever failures on [...]

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    ThumbnailIn case there was any remaining doubt that mainstream Republicans have abandoned mainstream science, look no further than the House Republicans’ recent crusades against their own scientific ideas. According to The Hill : “Lawmakers voted 234-178 … to prevent EPA from factoring the “social cost of carbon” into rules unless a federal law is enacted that allows its [...]

  • Thumbnail “Utterly Boneheaded.” That is how Joe Nocera, writing in The New York Times  characterized James Hansen  (head of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies), Bill McKibben (founder of 350.org) and other climate change activists opposing the Keystone XL pipeline. If you haven’t been following it, the pipeline in question  would bring something called bitumen, extracted from oil soaked sands in Canada, to [...]

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