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    ‘site that perfectly captures the absence of critical thinking skills of those who have composed the right wing narrative’. Oh, I think their critical thinking skills are just fine, the problem is their critical thinking skills are being applied for one reason, that is that they free this slimy pos for murder charges, no matter [...]

  • the horror of course is that entities using any means are attempting to take over our democracy. Any means includes lying, hating, murder and wars. I want to suggest another attempt that is less visible, but a huge danger nevertheless. Specifically I talking about so called ‘liberal’ web sites that lie and censor to maintain a specific point of view. There are currently six of these so called liberal sites, and they all share one feature, they all use something called ‘Disqus’ to moderate their sites. Disqus uses censoring and lies to maintain christianist control over these sites, which I can prove. But that doesn’t worry me so much, the christianists must lie as their gods demand. The part that worries me the most is that these so called liberal sites allow this. I hang out at liberal sites because I believe they deal in truth, but the comments on these sites reveal something else.
    My real problem with this is that given the christianist infection that is disqus, I believe these sites become Trojan horses for the right wing. I’ve seen (and recorded) the lies and manipulation for truth that takes place. There has to be a purpose; I believe and can make arguments that when the election begins, these sites believed to be honest by those who participate at those sites will manipulate and destroy the messages that need to be disseminated to we liberals. I’m asking to forestall this christianist infection that these sites (moderated by disqus) promise that they will not allow censoring. I guess they probably can’t forestall lying, but you know, that’s what the whores for the kocks do. I’ve made repeated efforts to contact those who are our liberal leaders, but I have been ignored. Please, take heed. I’ve pushed to learn the truth, please at least listen to what I have to say.

  • is she a christianist?

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    the five ideological whores on the supreme court will use this tragedy to extend the reach of the right wing by voting to deny mercy. That’s what right wing ideological whores do.

  • one can depend on right wing trash (everything they do) is that it will contain lies.

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    gobbledygook. That’s what I call the vast verbiage associated with non-existent supernatural beings that humans use to gain power. The associated outcomes are the same; hatred toward others, war and killing, these are the natural outcomes of using non-existent supernatural beings as a resource for gaining power for two of the three Abrahamic religions, Christianity [...]

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    I was just about to say this is about money and privilege, without knowing specifics, thank you very much. It’s what money and privilege do, expecting to get away with it. There are so many opportunities to begin the revolution.

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    I’m just back from Europe where I visited the Palace of Versailles. I hadn’t thought too much about the realities of the revolution there and the conditions that caused them. But to see that palace and grounds, the pure opulence only for the purpose of greed, one can quickly understand what is happening to We [...]

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    I’m a long time fan of Niven’s books, and have held my nose with pournelle’s affiliation. I’ve been re-reading Niven, still very enjoyable. If sci-fi addiction and you haven’t read Niven, you’ve a bunch of good reading ahead.

  • I recently visited Paris, and the Palace at Versailles, magnificent, except for the crowds. But the experience helped me understand the revolution, and the anger that fueled it. I don’t have any problem with people being rich, but when that wealth brings power that lets that wealth self accumulate, that being rich guarantees becoming richer from stealing from those with lesser wealth, then bring it on. I will relish seeing heads roll, I hunger for that action now. Make no mistake, the five whores on the supreme court are a product of that wealth, our dysfunctional congress is a product of that wealth, the destruction of our economic engine for the benefit of that weath is a product of that wealth, and it is time to bring that inequality to an end. That wealth will not end itself, nor will our politicians who must whore to remain politicians end the process. The first step will be to bring home all those trillions stolen from We the People, and distribute those to all, in the interest of strengthening the economies of all of America’s peoples, while strengthening our democracy. Educate all who seek it at no cost, make art and science an end to itself. Reform religion, at least to the extent that it no long demands conversion of others, and lead the peoples of the world to work together to get us off this rock, into the universe. Unless this happens humanity is doomed, and I will lead the charge.

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    Clinton and Obama are bookends on the worst president ever, while President Obama will be in consideration of one of the greatest presidents ever. That is true especially considering the level of pure malice organized against him by the same pos who put bush in office.

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    I attended a rally in Rancho Mirage a few years ago that protested the kock bros who were in attendance. Also reputed to be there were thomasx and the scumbag little fat Italian. In front of the hotel was a phalanx of police forces, all lined up like fascist troops in front of a hitler [...]

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    a vote is a vote, it has no value other than one man one vote. the five whores on the supreme court gave another vote to some, which has value that few can match. They disenfranchised you and me, while trying to justify their stupidity with a mouthful of horseshit. These five clowns are nothing [...]

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    the real problem is religion. Two of the three Abrahamic religions mandate adherents convert others, leading to hatred, wars and killing, witness history and today’s hatred of minorities, gays, atheists and anyone not conforming to christianist dominionist thought. Note that hatred, wars and killing are tools of satan, the tools of satan are used to [...]

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    considering the output fux is either lying through their teeth to achieve a desired outcome, or they are really really stupid to allow for the product outcome, or both. Either way fux has damaged the concept of personal integrity and the effect it produces in our country. Mix in the hatred of the becks and [...]

  • ryan like so many of the right wing fool pool uses serial lying as part of his schtick. Willard indulged in over 900 such lies, according to search in Google. My question is why the wsj would be interested in a two bit liar like ryan? And of course all the other liars in the fool pool? Of course wsj affiliation with fux guarantees they will lie about anything.

  • Someone please identify all those who have stolen from us, and hang a tag on them identifying the amounts stolen.

  • France of 1789 is looking better and better. Anyone who has money sequestered offshore to steal the taxes on it should be identified and driven from this country, let them go live with their ill gotten gains. So Kenny baby, how much have you stolen. We the People want to know. Asshole.

  • Billionaires gain respect because they have so much money, but one often don’t have to look too far to discover they can be as stupid as cold dog turds. Our tax laws were changed so that the richest prosper by stealing the tax money that normally would have accrued to We the People, but because of tax laws allowing off shoring tax avoidance, that wealth is being accumulated out of the reach of We the People. And of course, with the help of the five whores on the supreme court, who’s Citizen’s United law only increases the volume of wealth being stolen. So, stupid, how much do you have sequestered off shore, untaxed, stolen from We the People? Jerkoff, put a tag on it, give us an amount, how much have you stolen by wealth you have hidden offshore. Folks, someone hang a tag on these pos, tell us how much they have stolen from We the People. Why do I say stolen? Simple, if people knew when the laws were changed how much those laws would steal from us, would we have voted for those who changed the laws to make this theft possible? No. So stolen is the right word. Who changed the laws? Those who did so are traitors, and should be treated as such.

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    I tried to log in to the WSJ article, WSJ says there’s trouble on the line, come back tomorrow. I’ll bet there’s trouble, including Willard’s post, I’ll bet people are reminding us of the over 900 lies Willard told us during his campaign. I understand the right doesn’t have anything to say without the lies, but one might think the WSJ would have a little integrity. Oh, never mind.

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