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  • TBogg, it’s all about the writing and the structure of the mock as well as your dead serious commentary. All literate and accessible and a required read. Don’t go far away please. Will miss your bad boy narrative.

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    Yes, we can mock those Progressives that are like the Jewish rebels in “Life of Brian” arguing about the minutiae of ideology while Jesus is being strung up but I think a lot of progressives/Liberal voters are more pragmatic than that. In any event, Lonegan is a lunatic that would never get elected Senator in NJ. The population is not Mississippians.

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    No 1%-er can ever be regarded as a “libertarian” in a highly-regulated economy like ours. He may be a social liberal but that’s different.

    New nickname for WaPo: “Amazon Daily Kindling”.

  • I had the unfortunate experience of having a pointless discussion with La Liz Cheney. It was 1992, last year of Papa Bush and Liz had been grifted into USAID as an “adviser” to the new eastern Europe/New Independent States Bureau of USAID (i.e. eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union). She knew nothing about anything, needless to say. I was the environment guy there. So there was a bunch of dubious grants to US religious NGOs (points of life!) to set up better orphanages to address a real problem, in fact, especially in Romania. My environmental review of the program required that they not cause more problems (basic sanitation, environmental pollution) than previously existed. So the 22 year old, heavily made up (think Tammy Faye Bakker) adviser meets me to harangue me with no facts or serious arguments whatsoever about why these grants should not have the required very simple environmental mitigations because it was about Christian organizations and freedom (yes). Other than the fact that her father was Defense Secretary she brought nothing whatsoever. I was amused. She didn’t even seem to believe her arguments, in fact. I blew her off with actual facts and she lost the argument and just went away. My impression at that time was that she was someone who felt seriously entitled but who basically had no real intelligence or ability to make a serious case for her side. So, unless she has very much changed over the last 20+ years she would make a poor Senator and Enzi would be able to blow her away with a puff of air.

    BTW, having visited WY quite a few times, for various reasons, only 60% of it is barren prairie. The Green River valley is interesting and – hello – Yellowstone National Park and Baxter Nat’l Forest are in WY.

  • I lived in Indonesia during the Asian economic crisis ( and both long before and after) and it should be mentioned that the suddenly urban poor retreated back into the rural “social safety net” . For the developing world the rural- urban continuum is very much part of the typical household’s financial risk reduction strategy, something that Western societies have mostly lost, especially in the USA ( Europe somewhat less so).

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    Yeah, okay Quinn is more of a typical local pol than Weiner. Problem is that the Mayor’s job is to get things done. Maybe you don’t like Bloomberg’s intrusiveness on social habits (smoking, sodas, etc.) but he has been a much more effective results-oriented big city mayor than the grand-standing and alienating Giuliani. Not saying Quinn is a Bloomberg but she knows she would have to step up her game on account of expectations that Bloomberg has set.

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    Aside from the oft-remarked and suitably ironic association of weiner with dick, I got nothin’, well maybe except that Touchy Tony doesn’t really have the chops to be Hizzoner and I would expect Ms. Quinn to utterly destroy him anyway. So, in other words, fun times and popcorn.

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    I’m laughing at the explanation. And, yes, I also thought of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” and now I am also thinking about all those secret, funky goings on with that Midwestern couple that Wood maybe knew about or not. Still, thanks to the diabolical TBogg I will never look at that iconic painting the same ever again.

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    You have developed the rant art form to new levels of sardonic deliciousness. But I have to agree with Jay B; these people were always crap, it’s just the language has become cruder and more cynical.

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    That photograph of your daughter is extraordinary. You need to embrace the concept of snow. It’s going to disappear in the next 20 years anyway.

    Your wit and sardonic but right-on views are also extraordinary. Lao Tzu’s sayings were pithy and scarce but everyone likes them. I’d rather have distilled, pithy but occasional TBlogg than none at all.

  • yeah but “Carvlle/Matalin” isn’t an example of a synecdoche. Something like “political odd couple” would be more generic, no?

  • This is one of the densest collections of puns I’ve encountered. Good stuff people. Tea cup was left well removed from keyboard.

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    My Mom also raised six kids and neither she nor my Dad needed any kind of weapon in the house. Okay she did whack some of us with a broom if we were fighting too much and threatening to destroy the furniture.

    This women is a sicko and frankly I feel bad for the kids.

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    Sounds like your today was a bit like “La Recherche du Temps Malaise” by Marcel Boggs. Do hope you quickly get well since you and Charles Pierce are my two favorite sardonists

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    I got nothing except adoration of Shakira’s Ass. As for the music, whatever.

  • TBogg, my doctor prescribes at least a weekly dose of Tea Bogg to counteract the insanity of our “normal” culture. Although I am not a fan of bassett hounds, myself, yours are…um noble looking indeed. But it is your stiletto work that I like the best. Keep on it; after all things are not actually going to get better in our political culture, unlike Shakira’s ass.

  • Cheney…oh right he is a zombie, so never mind. (I thought Chuck “Prison Holy Joe” Colson bought it a while ago. Maybe not.)

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    Ah, that movie was just soooo well done, so many good lines and scenes. As for the upcoming Maya event, well, in Indonesian “maya” means illusion or hallucination so there’s that.

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    In mt experience, Bassett hounds only have a sad expression; we’re not talking about the happy mouths of German Shepherds or manic expressions of Chihuahuas.

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    You know, China is definitely a very different country these days (certainly from when I last was there, which was pre-Deng Xiao Peng – yikes). I think the “People’s Daily”, which has always been much more like the World Net Daily than, say, the AP or Reuters has gone totally post-modern and “ironic” in order to keep the vast Peoples’ Liberation Army computer virus/espionage teams amused; those that are totally plugged into the Intertubes and busily sabotaging us and otherwise stealing stuff. It’s a chaotic world folks and only going to get much, much more chaotic.

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