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  • “Bullshit Harry” Reid. Always good for a something like a laugh.

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    Ah, I think I see the problem. Because you assume the mainstream media desires to convey accurate information, you figure they’ll learn from their mistakes. Whoops!

    In reality, the MSM couldn’t care less if what they tell you is true. All CNN wants to do is get you to watch the Bearded Lady in her Situation Room for your daily cup of paranoid dementia. It’s like a cup of tea, but filled with fear instead.

    When you see something shocking in the New York Post, it’s because they want to get you excited, not tell you what’s actually happening in the world. Same with CNN, Fox, etc. It can be hard finding real journalism, because it’s so much easier to get scoops from Red State or reddit, then publishing it as the official story. If you’re dead wrong, what’s going to happen? Nothing. The same poor saps that depend on CNN and NYP today will be using them tomorrow to get their little cup of fear and bullshit.

  • True, it’s hard to get things done when your subordinates are busy undermining your efforts. On the other hand, Barack Obama is the one who has insisted on holding onto assholes like Larry Summers and Tim Geithner. What does that tell us about Barack Obama?

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    Christopher Dorner appears to be a real life John Rambo. Not a bully, but if you push him, he pushes back, hard. Just like in the movie, when the Rambo guy gets screwed over by the good old boy’s club, at first he tolerates it, but eventually he hits back. Unlike the movie, the violence [...]

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    Imagine our surprise when Tim Geithner gets a cushy lifetime job as a “consultant” or a “board member” for one of the big banksters.

    Go away now, Tim, you disgusting toadie, just go away.

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    Of course. Ever heard, “Bigger the truck, smaller the dick?” That goes ten times for guns. Nothing strokes a male’s missing masculinity like a big, hard shaft that spurts fiery death upon the world.

    The power to kill: It’s almost as good as being respected.

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    What if the lights said, “Pray to Jesus?” or “Obama is a communist?”

    Are we all okay with that?

    Just wondering, if and when it does happen.

  • This is why contemporary porno flicks have done away with plot and dialog. As we see in the Petraeus Affair, the extraneous details of who met whom, why, and when serve merely to bore the audience and distract from the hot, sweaty animal sex.

    Already I’m bored. National security? Boring, the uniforms were plenty. Complicated plots to keep Petraeus out of jail? Who cares, the ladies are hot, and the pizza boy is knocking at the door.

    Watch how I can fix this…..


    Judy: Jill honey, will you get that?

    Jill: Sure! She bounces to the door, half naked.

    Opens door.

    Petraeus: Pizza’s here, ma’am!

    Jill: My goodness, it’s a military man! Come on in, you hunk, you!

    Petraeus enters, full military dress, carrying pie.

    Petraeus: Is this the pizza you requested, ma’am?

    Judy: Sure is! I can hardly wait ’til it’s…ALL IN! [winks at camera]

    Petraeus: The rules of counter-insurgency are complex….

    Jill: Oh, shut up and take those hot, tight clothes off!

    Allen enters, naked and oiled. Built like a Greek god!

    Allen: General Petraeus, this is highly irregular!

    Petraeus, stripping: To battle, soldier!

    Thumb-slapping bass guitar riff with Jew’s harp counterpoint…

    …and so on.

    Extra dialog simply delays the sex. All you really need is a stock photo of the Pentagon, plus one general’s uniform. And maybe a couple nurses’ outfits… The Petraeus Affair practically types itself.