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  • jimbowski commented on the diary post How violent is South Africa? by cal222.

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    Socialism causes high murder rates,eh? Check out that other murder capital of the world, the United States, where – following your logic – capitalism causes high murder rates.

  • jimbowski commented on the diary post Guns or Butter by Daveparts.

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    Thanks for the depressing article! America needs its own “1989 Berlin Wall moment.” I wonder what it will look like? Will a million people scale the White House fence and occupy the White House lawn for days? Will another million refuse to leave the Capitol Rotunda? Imagine a million (not a few hundred thousand like [...]

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    I would love see the entire South, along with Texas, secede. We lefties ought to create a petition in support of their secessionist desires. It would be a bipartisan effort.

  • jimbowski commented on the diary post FBI Raids Broadwell’s Home by Elliott.

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    I bet both political parties are covering-up the fact that Obama has continued the Bush rendition program in Libya. The Obama administration claims it ended the program. This is why Cantor and the Republicans refused to publicly disclose the scandal before the election. Just a hunch! Am I crazy? Do I need to take my [...]

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    The internet has spawned a whole new sexual revolution!

  • jimbowski commented on the diary post FBI Raids Broadwell’s Home by Elliott.

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    Maybe she was hoarding classified documents. Maybe she’s a spy for a foreign country?

  • jimbowski commented on the diary post About the Untold History of the United States by David Swanson.

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    They claim that Pearl Harbor was a surprise and reject claims that it was “abetted” by the U.S. government. But who claims that?

    The late great Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler predicted it. In 1935, he said :

    The Japanese, a proud people, of course will be pleased beyond expression to see the United States fleet so close to Nippon’s [...]

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    Thankee, Mr. T. Agree with you that Obama is not likely clearing the deck of the Israel Firsters infecting his mind and his administration.

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    Thanks tut! Your link didn’t work for me but I assume you meant to post this one?

  • jimbowski commented on the diary post Petreaus…I predicut a another shoe by perris.

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    Just a hunch, but I bet he shared state secrets with his mistress to show off and impress her. I think THIS is the reason he resigned. It has less to do with cheating on his wife and more to do with violating national security laws. But, the good old boy network in DC is [...]

  • ALEC will merely re-organize into another obscure group. Abolishing ALEC won’t stop the money junkies from controlling the agenda in Washington. We have abolished a name to an organization, not their agenda.

  • jimbowski commented on the diary post Will Obama’s second term finally fulfill his 2008 promises? (Part I) by Shahid Buttar.

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    “We remember Ronald Reagan for overcoming the Soviet Union and its satellites.” Huh? Reagan “overcame” the Soviet Union? Really? How so? Reagan happened to be president when the Soviet Union began to implode. That is all. He didn’t “overcome” a damn thing.

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    Does Daily Kos still exist? I thought it went extinct like MySpace, Lycos, and AltaVista.

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    Spain had almost ZERO government debt in the days prior to the 2008 crash. Same goes for Ireland. Yet, leaders in both nations pretend the problem is “big government.” Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this idiocy!

  • jimbowski commented on the diary post Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan Explain the Past Four Years by David Swanson.

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    Nice review, Mr. Swanson! I have just one teeny tiny criticism. You say “the Occupy Movement would not have existed as a national phenomenon without the corporate media.” I’m not so sure about that. I think it would have existed even WITHOUT the corporate media. In fact, I would aver (hehe) that the movement would [...]

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    A recent Wall Street Journal article mentioned that most of the extra oil produced in the U.S. is being shipped abroad. I believe the same thing will be true for all that oil shipped in the Keystone pipeline.

  • Interesting! I have struggled with whether I should boycott the election. In the famous Supreme Court case which found that “money equals speech” the justices said, in dicta, that if someday it can be shown that the election system is illegitimate the Court will re-consider its “money equals speech” rationale. So, since then, I’ve often [...]

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    Interesting, thanks for the info. Wow, “creating procedures” to review whistleblower claims! Yee haw, Gomer! Throw us another bone, Obama! I had great respect for POGO; and while working in DC many years ago they were a great source. Too many of DC’s “progressive” groups are “attached” to Obama’s nipple, lol. Cringe-worthy!

  • Thanks for the info! I hate when people use the name “al-Qaeda” because all these groups had nothing to do with bin Laden or 9/11. In Iraq, for example, the people we call “al-Qaeda” are actually local Iraqi Salafists who refer to themselves as the “Islamic State of Iraq.” They rarely commit terrorist attacks outside of Iraq and have no real desires to bomb Western targets. I wonder how many of the Libyan “al-Qaeda” are just local Libyan citizens as well who aren’t hell bent on going to war with the West? Governments throughout the world blame everything on “al-Qaeda” to scare Americans into dumping more US tax dollars and blood for the benefit of the elite in foreign nations.

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    Very interesting analysis and one with which I agree! It’s difficult for everyone to “get ahead” in life, but it’s more difficult for African Americans. As such, AA’s need to be bigger suck-ups in order to achieve the same heights as the average pampered white guy who was born with a silver spoon. I had [...]

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