• I fully concur with the commentator who noted somebody who wants to kill someone will not advertise that intention through an empty threat in the form of an anonymous phone call.
    A threat is not an act.
    People who commit suicide seldom let anyone else know their plans.
    People who threaten to commit suicide use that threat as a tool to manipulate those who love them or care about them.
    A serious person intent on homicide does not make hollow vacuous faceless cowardly phone calls to total strangers.

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    This frightened and desperate man sounds like a boot camp drill sergeant lashing out at infractious recruits.
    Catholicistically speaking, he only reveals and confirms that Catholicism as he interprets it emerges as antithetical to Christianity.
    Gandhi said it best as usual. He indicated he liked and admired Jesus, but he could not stand Christians. This Catholic clergyman, however, is no Christian, but I feel certain Gandhi could not stand him.
    This clergyman needs to learn what Jesus really meant when He taught us to “Love one another as I have loved you.” This cleric gives religious bigots a bad name. Jim Martin

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    What is dimionism?
    It that related to dominos?
    I have heard of diminionism,
    but I have never heard of
    domionism, until now.

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