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    One other thing – City Island. Take the subway to the Bronx, bus to City Island. Looks like New England but with a NYC accent. Rent a sailboat & cruise Long Island Sound (if you sail) or get a spot on a Harlem Yacht Club boat – usually takes a six pack of good beer.

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    Bennie’s Burritos on Greenwich Ave just east of the 8th Ave Subway – tell ‘em Jim in Tampa sencha.

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    At $3 to $5 per round, The Ole Perfesser’s hobby is expensive, He oughtta just buy a stroke book or two – he’d get off cheaper.

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    As my nom de blog indicates, I do live in Tampa (but not during the RNC) The weight of Chris Christie will be counterbalanced by the mass of hot air leaving the Tampa Bay Area in isostacy (balance for you nongeologists).

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    Happy Birthday/Anniversary! As a trembling oldster twelve years your senior, I find that all years are great (except some will really suck, but not because of age), particularly if you are of a cynical nature, and amused by stupidity. These days, it’s all laughs all the time.

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    Awards for TBOGG?? He has the regard of all the best minds (after all, he’s on FIREDOGLAKE), awesome wife (Ms TBOGG), awesome daughter (the L&T Casey), awesome dogs (the Bassets of Transcendence). The Right Approach to Sports Idolatry – Tim Tebow Editions. Awards would be egging the custard.

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    Looking at his bio, this is as close as he’ll ever be to combat. 101st Keyboard Commandos, indeed!

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    Used Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones as the base?

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    You are the COOLEST!!! family in at least Sector R (AKA North America)

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    Wow – someone actually lets this guy use their site? He’s at least half a century culturally out of date. What’s next – yellow peril stories?

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    Read it from the library (Go TampaHillsboroughPublicLibrary) & wond up buying a holiday gift copy for a 13YO son of a friend. Last we heard, he was still laughing.

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    Since early November, we’ve been feeding an oatmeal breakfast to Occupy Tampa for around $5.00 per day.  Here’s how: Make 30 cups of oatmeal – 20 cups of water, 10 cups of 5 minute oatmeal, 4 tablespoons of salt, 4 tablespoons of butter, 1/2 pint of half & half; bring water & salt to a boil, add oatmeal [...]

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    Congratulations on nine years of prime wit (and bassets, don’t forget the bassets).

  • Please see Suburban Guerilla – Susie notes that Obama is part of the drive to make the US a third world country so we can ‘compete for jobs’ with other third world countries. This is the equivalent of FDR making the US a fascist dictatorship so we could compete with Nazi Germany.

  • Let’s all take a pledge:

    To all legislators – if you vote for this tax cut bill, I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU AGAIN!.

    That is all.