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  • Yes the whole marriage issue will be decided at the SCOTUS as in 1967. But it would be encouraging to see this president step into an LBJ-sized pair of boots instead of the dance slippers he skirts around in as a practicing Christian.

    The Obama epiphany is an absurd triangulation. To suggest that you or I dine on a plate of states rights is nauseating. Many North Carolinians had a full plate of states rights shoved down our throats yesterday. It tasted just like Jim Crow to me. Perhaps the President should serve the crow to Malia and Sasha and then ask them what they think about gay marriage being left in the hands of the 50 states.

    No one deserves other than a full plate of freshly-baked cookies and a warm glass of milk served at the big boys and girls table. You can only survive on crumbs and table scraps for so long.

    Stepping back for a moment I see a community of LGBT people who very badly want to believe. A community that has been scorned to the point of yearning for legitimacy and someone to trust. In doing so however we continue to exist as a servile community that most leaders take for granted. So long as the LGBT community is willing to accept whatever is parsed out we will be stalled by our reluctance to take ownership of our futures. We can’t outsource that battle. Rights aren’t generally granted. They’re taken. And there will be casualties along the way.