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    I waver between believing they don’t because of their adorable belief in a genteel politics and compromise that never existed anyway or the more cynical belief that since Buckley, let alone Citizens, doing so would unleash a tsunami of cash against them that would make 2012 look like pocket change. Just the compromises Clinton made [...]

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    If Democrats want to demonstrate actual concern for average American workers and tax fairness they need to adopt the tactics of the Republicans. Namely, I want to see 32 efforts in Congress and the Senate this year to repeal 26 USC § 883(a)(1) of the tax code (with an option to move all employees and [...]

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    Serious people, if there were any, should be discussing how we provide a real long term stimulus program/jobs program all in one fell swoop by reducing the retirement age while increasing benefits, easily doable by cutting any of the wasteful industrial complexes – military-prison-health care-drug war to name a few – and properly invest the [...]

  • Once again this great man brought me to tears, and I’m so glad Rachel highlighted his speech. I find it unfathomable that with Congressman Lewis’ poignant and tragic yet ultimately victorious personal experience so recent in our own living history, that a single member of the party of Lincoln would besmirch these great men’s legacy so egregiously.

    Shame on ALEC, shame on Republicans, and shame on any of us that do not march on our state capitals and demand our democracy back from the plutocrats if they steal this election.

  • One vote against bigotry in Gaston Co, FWIW. What a shame this will pass anyway. Fortunately, in this country there is precedent for passing a constitutional amendment to overturn a previously passed, badly misguided one. Keep hope alive!

  • Now that Republicans have adhered to the tenets of their only true faith by filibustering The Buffett Rule, I think Democrats should propose The Presidents Rule as an alternative.

    Shortest bill ever:

    “The American People do hereby revoke any and all corporate tax benefits or deductions beyond the current salary of The President of the United States.”

    Shareholders and taxpayers need alike need to finally fight back against the corporate oligarchy literally scavenging our country to death, with all Republicans on the payroll and many Democrats wishing they were.

  • Besides letting a defense dept gravy-train general ramble incoherently like a LAPD spokesperson viewing the Rodney King videos (What’s the problem? I don’t see it.), I also noted the following shortcomings in CNN’s report: No mention of the hundreds of reports in the MSM the past year resulting from Wikileaks. No comparison to our government’s [...]

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    Or, how about, “The Obama Tax Cut for Everybody’s First Quarter-Million”?