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  • We’re definitely in fully functioning death star territory.

  • It’s probably 11K cases per Fusion Center at this point. Our local county attorney has set up a website for local citizens to file complaints on what, I don’t exactly know. Neighbors? Just whatever they think is criminal activity?

    Have any of you noticed increased use of federally funded task forces in your areas? It seems like all we see are task force drug busts and our AG seems to focus on internet porn. The cops handle traffic stops and violent crime but the rest seems to be the result of targeted federal grants. I’d like to free up the AG to focus on the mortgage mess but his mandate seems to be trolling the internet.

    This a scary stage being set. I think I’m just going to hole up in the root cellar.

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    For some reason this reminds me of the burn left by Jason Jones of the Daily show on poor Bill Keller.

    “What’s black and white and red all over?”, a self-satisfied Keller asks. Jason Jones, without missing a beat says, “The New York Times balance sheet.” Keller got a sad.

    I seem to recall Jones complimented the paper on it’s long storied history by calling out their coverage of Watergate. Classic. Keller seemed to think it was going to be all reverential. Oops.

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    I second the government’s need to keep flogging this case that for most of the country has been lost down the memory hole. Those of us paying attention have long since given up hope of a serious investigation. Just why bother? Is it so simple as staying on Uncle Sugar’s gravy train or is it [...]

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    Not to pile on but here’s a link to a DemocracyNow! piece where Amy is congratulating Juan Gonzalez upon his winning a Polk Award for his reporting on “CityTime” which was sold as way to decrease paperwork and prevent time card abuses in NYC. To say that there have been massive overruns is an understatement. Hired to perform this task? SAIC.

    At the end of the transcript with Juan, Amy links to all of his pieces from the New York Daily News that laid out the rampant abuses.

    There are several links but the articles are short and edifying. I read them all in about 45 minutes.

    While this is arguably OT in a discussion thread re: the NSA I think it lays bare just how profitable these contracts are even without concluding sinister motives to the defense contractor tasked with performing them. Sometimes it may be all about the “benjamins” sometimes it’s also that private entities are gaining access to the public’s data and rendering it off limits to them.


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    When you take into consideration that a lot of the data management work of the US Government is now performed by defense contractors such as Lockheed it makes more sense that money goes missin’.

    This article from the Thailand Times reveals a depressing reach wrt Lockheed’s tentacles. How strange that the programs designed to ensure financial compliance on the part of average citizens seems to be incredibly effective but the programs to monitor and account for government financial expenditures seem to under perform woefully. Hmm….


  • Sorry, just caught the Harris accusations.

    The tight relationship between Issa/Bardalla still leaves me wondering what Issa may have wanted to protect by pushing Bardalla out so publicly and quickly.

  • EW

    What made this story come out? From the Lizza piece in the New Yorker it’s clear that Issa and Bardalla are simpatico. I’m surprised that Issa’d throw him overboard. What do you think was at stake?

    I’d guess too that the Liebovich book is dead in the water.

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    Holy Hell. The sheer scope of this thing.

    Walker wants to destroy everything of government except the means to funnel taxes/money from the average citizens of Wisconsin to corporations.

    This is a warning to us all.