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  • Jkat commented on the blog post A Tri-Cornered Sombrero Is A Very Hard Thing To Find

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    ay carumba … muy gringos loco..

  • boy .. i’m certainly glad i have to go a week without snark ..

  • Jkat commented on the blog post Cato Guy Thinks You Guys Are Lazy And Stupid

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    the rightys aren’t going to be happy until everyone is working at mickey d’s ..with a stipulation those workers have to eat at hardy’s .. the hardy’s workers have to eat at taco bell .. the mickey d’s folks eat at hardy’s .. etc .. that’s our “new economy” ..

    oh .. unless someone starts a company employed at burning down foreclosed houses … then we got clean up jobs too [also]

    idiocy abounds …

  • Jkat commented on the blog post It’s All Fun And Games Until Your Front Lawn Catches Fire

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    they’re a screwey lot aren’t they .. they claim to believe one thing .. then pine for it’s opposite ..

    batshit nutso-s

  • Jkat commented on the blog post Limp Blimp

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    oh noes.. the prissy firebaggers are firing on tbogg …again ..

    well thank gawd for “sticks n stones” eh ..

    FDL has been no bueno for ca-ca for about two years now ..

    fuck ‘em .. feed ‘em fish-heads ..

  • Jkat commented on the blog post Big Sky Sideshow

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    meh .. montana .. it’s june and their intertoobs must have finally thawed out .. no worry .. they’ll be froze up again from september on … lol

  • Jkat commented on the blog post Michigan Lawmakers Don’t Like Being Told They Can’t Rape

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    it’s skeery there’s enough low info fact-challenged voters out there to elect these asshats in a majority … anywhere .. eh ??

  • Jkat commented on the blog post Friend Of The Devil

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    you sly ol’ dawg…. lol… [humming] ..“quip of ages .. clept for me” …

  • Jkat commented on the blog post Friend Of The Devil

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    there’s a large cloistered abbey somewhere out on the coast of california which has been used as a warehouse for fallen priests for years and years .. also [too] ya knows that .. eh?

    i heard and read about many moons ago ..way back whgen this issue first popped up .. i’m talkin’ ‘ancient history’ popped up .. like way back i nthe mid-80′s when it first surfaced and then got shoved back underground.. literally cover up .. swept under the rug .. by “The Church”.. for another 25 fucking years

    it’s a very good point as to why the church elders who supported the cover-ups and flat damn ‘do-nothing’ policies which allowed this shit to go on and on.. even after they were well aware they had a really big fucking problem … have retained even a smidgen .. an iota .. a mote .. hell ..a quark ..of respectibility and credibility ..

    forsooth .. what animal be this weird creature ..

    tell me true .. or speak not ….

  • Jkat commented on the blog post Citizen Journalist Rudely Informed That Andrew Breitbart Is Dead

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    i’ve been getting the same kind of shit mail since posting some derogatory remarks about “firebaggers” here a couple of times last week.. undt ah too have set my filters to trap out the shit-slingers …

    but ..all that aside .. WHY is the SSA studying WWII naval actions .. lol

  • Jkat commented on the blog post Police On My Back

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    there’s a goat up on the bridge wants to talk to you .. but no one else …

  • Jkat commented on the blog post Police On My Back

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  • Jkat commented on the blog post Vagina Invasion

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    makes perfect sense to me ..and vice versa … unisex bathrooms is the only way to go …

  • Jkat commented on the blog post Fortunate Sons

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    damn a whole flock of chickenhawks …

  • out damn firebaggerz.. OUT!! y’all are like pet racoons what you don’t tear up you shit all over … vote your convictions . vote your consciences .. vote ..vote vote.. .. so shall we all all .. just stop draping a purely civic activity in melodramatic folds of political alchemy ..and dramatic historic trappings .. only y’all give a shit about the nuances of whatever crackpipe your heads are stuck into at the moment ..

    you self-styled for-the-moment progressives are the modern day version of the saviors of old Hue City .. in the former RSVN ..sure ..y’all remember .. “they had to destroy it to save it ” yeah .. that bunch of extremists .. two peas in a pods only separated by time and purpose ..

    i come here .. to this venue to avoid your whining non-sensical asses .. and now . here ye be also … GFY .

  • Jkat commented on the blog post Pay For Prey or: Abuse An Altar Boy, Get A Check!

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    hmmmm … gives the term “cross-examination” a whole ‘nudder perspective .. eh ??

  • fuck all you firebagging idiots … you’re beyond redemption and have made yourselves irrelevant .. je ne sais odour…??? go back to the whining wall at the major FDL page …

  • Jkat commented on the blog post The Talking Dead

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    “dick” cheney .. nuff said .. lol

  • Jkat commented on the blog post …and introducing Tagg Romney as The Beaver

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    can the right whing meme machine get any more inane ??

    [oh hide n watch .. lol]

  • Jkat commented on the blog post The Umbrage Game

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    psst kassandra .. WE loaned them the money …

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