• This is exactly the sort of issue the Tehadist wing of the GOP would be pissed off over – that people who aren’t even Federal employees are getting taxpayer-covered healthcare to begin with.

    As a consultant for a network of rural hospitals, I can assure you that no private carrier will allow an elected official to obtain coverage under any employee group policy. They are not employees. Dr. Harris should thank his lucky stars for this newfound windfall.

    He is potentially a one-termer. He is a vendor, if using private-sector analogies.

    And even employees in private-sector fields normally face a 90-day waiting period for benefits to kick in.

    I’d like to know what Dr. Harris was doing for coverage before his recent election. Like, now. What’s he doing now? Is he getting employee coverage because of his affiliation with a hospital? If so, meet COBRA, Dr. Harris. If not — if he is purchasing it as a self-employed private practitioner, buy it for one extra freakin’ month.

    The disconnect between these abject morons and reality is wider than any continental drift. Honestly, the wingnuts who voted for him deserve him — but let’s not be fooled. These people technically “represent” districts, but they vote in a manner that impacts everyone.

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