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    This is Washington U in St. Louis, right? I always had the impression that this school regarded education as a fairly serious endeavor. Why in the world would an institution that sees itself as a fairly classy school bring in a wombat for c. $15K to talk about sex? What can she tell them, other than “here’s how I did it?” I know we’re beating up on Palin here, but what does this say about Washington U???????

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    Assrocket has a 3-minute clip featuring Dr. Piven. I guess he figured it proves his point about her being some kind of bomb-throwing revolutionary. In the clip, she addresses the issue of violence in a most thoughtful way. To me, the most interesting moment comes when she describes how a government, that is waging wars that kill innocents, will get their undies in a bunch if a dissenter breaks a window. Apparently Assrocket missed the part about breaking windows; he was still fantasizing about the glories of waging wars the kill young and old indiscriminately.

  • Thanks for the question. Texas public schools give districts the right to keep new-to-district teachers (either new teachers or experienced teachers transferring into a district) on a probationary basis for up to three years. This means that a probationary teacher can be terminated without cause or reason. Some districts do not keep all new teachers [...]

  • Rhee was on somebody’s Fox program yesterday going on about her new studentsfirst.org org. Does anyone know who is funding this operation? There is nothing on its web site that says anything about sponsors, directors, or any kind of background information that might give us some insight into the ideological agenda of the organization. Also, [...]