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  • i wonder what the throwback would be if AmericaBlog, DailyKos, Truthout, well any progressive blog or group were to publicize and have a telethon that says something like

    Help Raise $1,000,000 to keep Mitt Romney Out of the White House & Dogs Safe?

    my bet would be screams and hollers from the likes of Rove, Fox, Baggers, fundies, etc… there would be spittle coming out of their mouths as they bellowed & moaned and they would find some way to turn it into their being the victims.

    i think wingnuttery and batsh**ry are synonyms…

  • it does sound from what i’ve read that both district policy and North Carolina state law does allow this.

    I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS RIGHT!!! far from it.

    as a former school administrator i would never be permitted to do this by our laws & policies nor would i even think of something like this; our policy was limited to search of lockers & book bags and asking kids to empty their pockets & we had to have very good cause to even do those things, like the parent in the interview said, ‘drugs or weapons’.

    the apology and the hug are NOT going to make up for the trauma this young man went through. i agree that the parent needs to hire an attorney and other parents need to mobilize immediately. outrageous is the only word to describe this violation.

    with all the things in the news in which North Carolina has been involved for the last few months, it doesn’t sound like a safe place for anyone to live.

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    i read the research paper; there are three giant flaws 1) the orientation of the participants was not taken into account nor mentioned in the paper; 2) there was no double-blind; & 3) the sample is much too small.

    given that, i think that there are certain things that give us hints when we meet someone that makes our ‘antennae’ go up but there is no real proof until you ask!

    oh, though the study that a longer ring finger than index finger indicates a man may be gay certainly has some merit!!!

    [please. my tongue is in my cheek...]

    but, then again, what about the one that the counterclockwise sworl of a man’s hair at the back of the head may have something to it….

  • hhhmmmm? he actually used the words butt plug?

    can Lucy, or someone, ‘splain me how he knows that term?

    just asking…

  • i actually have a video! just before the 1st procedure the X-ray tech was ‘filming’ using the X-ray machine; that’s when i saw the stone; like i said, i thought he was nuts but i saw it!

    have you had calcium checked? i have to every three months; i’ve eliminated as much calcium as possible from diet and supplements but it still stays high. they are now going to look at parathyroid; seems it has a control of calcium production.

    my grandmother used to say, “The man who said ‘Life begins at 40, should have been f****** shot!’” of course, she said it in Italian, so it sounded much stronger; she swore like the proverbial truck driver.

    speaking of cursing, there was just research published in the Lancet, i think (?), that swearing at least once a day helps ease pain; honest! imagine what pain we would be in if we didn’t swear?

    there is nothing like a good 4-letter word now and again…

  • man, do i hear you on this as well as Pam; i had my 3rd back surgery in July and now have a scar going from just under my shoulder blades to all the way down. my friend, Lorraine, says i have the longest ass-crack in the world!

    while in the hospital, they also discovered that i have cervical & thoracic disk/vertebrae problems (i had a fake ‘heart attack’ – a cervical compression they didn’t know was there – that put me in cardiac care also);

    before the surgery, which went well but had major complications right after, the neurosurgeon made it very clear that there was no guarantee that all of the pain would ever go away; it hasn’t but i am no longer on the narcotic; i had to get off it; i just couldn’t stand it and i was addicted! luckily, my primary is an expert on substance abuse & addiction (he maintains some of his regular patients) and deals with kids at Depaul U.; he was great with me. i’m only doing maybe 6 tylenol a day if i need it & he allows me to have some Vitamin V on hand if it gets really bad; otherwise, i live with the pain.

    in addition, i am a calcium factory; not only was my spine loaded with spurs but i produce kidney stones like making candy! the last one, Pam, was a 12 and was the length of my index finger! i told the x-ray tech he was crazy until he showed it to me; that was an additional two procedures.

    the thing is i’m not going to stop; i’m going to go on and do what i need to do and realize that sometimes i just can’t do some things; i even went to Honduras for a long weekend to work with my schools in the mountain region; the kids make me feel better than any pain med…!

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    i LOVE it!

    if it were true, it could change my entire belief system! well, maybe not…

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