• i actually have a video! just before the 1st procedure the X-ray tech was ‘filming’ using the X-ray machine; that’s when i saw the stone; like i said, i thought he was nuts but i saw it!

    have you had calcium checked? i have to every three months; i’ve eliminated as much calcium as possible from diet and supplements but it still stays high. they are now going to look at parathyroid; seems it has a control of calcium production.

    my grandmother used to say, “The man who said ‘Life begins at 40, should have been f****** shot!’” of course, she said it in Italian, so it sounded much stronger; she swore like the proverbial truck driver.

    speaking of cursing, there was just research published in the Lancet, i think (?), that swearing at least once a day helps ease pain; honest! imagine what pain we would be in if we didn’t swear?

    there is nothing like a good 4-letter word now and again…