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    There is indeed an irony in the timing of this third daily leak to *The Guardian.* President Obama and the Natl Intelligence Director, General Clapper, dismissed the first two on the grounds that all three branches of the federal government supported the Verizon metadata sweep and also PRISM. This third lead of Presidential Policy Directive 20 (PPG-20) apparently had no such shared or “bipartisan” support. PPG-20 is a White House-led initiative with the targeting decided by the National Security Council staff and then approved by the various department secretaries, Defense, State, Justice, Homeland Security, et al. To this reader, PPG-20 recalls past transgressions, even crimes, dreamed up by the National Security Council staff in the White House. Think the NSC director and LBJ picking bombing targets over North Vietman; think NSC director Kissinger bugging his own staff and reporters; think NSC directors McFarland and Poindexter tasking Oliver North to run the Contra war. I wonder if newly named NSC director Susan Rice knows what she is in for? I also wonder what *The Guardian* will have tomorrow on Day 4?

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    Thank you, Phoenix Woman, for reporting on the story of Dr. Kaiser. By chance, I was at a meeting in St. Paul yesterday of the Minnesota Hungarians Association and heard of her good teaching at the U of Minn. Dr. Kaiser had guest speakers come to her class who remembered the 1956 Hungarian uprising. Good [...]

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    In response to Laura G# 5 and onitgoes#8: The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission had hearings on the ratings agencies on June 2, 2010. The top officers for Moody’s appeared and answered questions. The FCIC final report that appeared later in 2010 painted Moody’s top managers as drivenmore by the desire to maintain or increase the firm’s market share of ratings over maintaining the quality of the firm’s ratings. Nobody from S&P or Fitch testified. The FCIC provided a roadmap with names & documents if the Justice Dept. wanted to follow it, at least for Moody’s. Link here: http://fcic-static.law.stanford.edu/cdn_media/fcic-reports/fcic_final_report_chapter10.pdf

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    Thanks, David, for covering this story. I volunteer regularly on the Shelley Moore campaign in the 10th State Sen. Dist, located in western Wisconsin. My experience in going door-to-door is that there are almost no undecided voters; nobody needs convincing one way or the other. It’s all about turnout tomorrow and nobody has any experience with an August election of this magnitude, so I don’t think the polls are all that reliable about likely voters. I’m cautiously optimistic about tomorrow’s outcome(s).

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    Thanks to Jane and Co. at FDL for supporting Marcy’s blog over the past half-dozen years. I look forward to supporting Marcy’s new venture and also continuing as a friend-of-FDL.

    –Jim in Mpls

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    Hello, Marcy: Best wishes on your new venture. Let us know if we can contribute (financially) in supporting the new EW vehicle.

    –Jim in Mpls

  • Thank you, Marcy, for your work on this story. I heard the AEI program on C-SPAN radio and nearly crashed the car when “Moderator John” was identified by the voice-over person as “Visiting Fellow John Yoo.”

    P.S.–proud to be a Benefactor of FDL and EW