• Nothing will ever be done about Sandi prince , or Israel actions against US ,in the past , just to name one , bombing an American ship back in the 60s, America will always be Sandi Arabia , and Israel puppets.

  • I didn’t know it at the time, when Clinton was in office , I was pretty much a go along when anything the dems did back then. I was a die hard dem.
    It took the internet, and places like FDL to tell me the whole truth of the democratic party. Thanks eCAHNomics, you always reply to my comments.

  • If it come from fox news , I don’t believe a word of it , especially if it is about Benghazi or fast and furious . Which I believe it a bunch of bullshit, if what I read about them is true , it just another way to bring Benghazi back in the news, their is plenty things to impeach Obama about besides this , and I wouldn’t believe anthing that come from fox even if it was true, they lie to much, I bet this is repugs trying to try to muddy the waters right before the election, not that I do believe O come do this.

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    Let these people go,why would we want them over here to do their jihadist work over here. Hell, this isn’t liberal or conservative, it common sense. WE also need to empty guantonamo. Some of these guys will go back to their own country, and some would be jihadist. Simple as that…

  • Did you look at the pig arresting her. I live in northeast Texas, home of the Neanderthals. Could be that all these southern states , are about 1000 years behind the rest of USA, they still have a lot of evolving to do, I guess, that the only thing that I can figure out

  • We are the enemy, not a citizen, we have no rights, why doesn’t the federal government protect us from our police force, I am not a gun nut, but I do own a couple of arms, for my protection just for my home, what would you do if police come on your property and done this to you, because I am not worried about my about my fellow citizen, I worried about our police and other law enforcement. and every day I get a little more distrustful, about our government and police…

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    It takes a certain kind of personality, to be a cop.They can’t help but get the big head when they strap on that gun .Believe me, I am 63 years old and had a lot of dealing with them in my youth, because I was an alcoholic, In the early 70′s, we had better cops [...]

  • hey guys, I am ashamed of USA too, I am a disable Vietnam vet… been ashamed for a long time, so if he was against what our government, then good for him, that tells me that he is intelligent enough to think for himself,unlike me when I was in Vietnam….

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    About the VA…..The VA started changing when George W Bush was president. People started losing their jobs and also lost their health insurance. I am a Vietnam veteran and I notice a great change. A lot more people coming to VA that had never used it before. Plus we had all these military wars going on and new veterans were coming . The problem is very simple, appropriate money for the VA, and build more hospitals , hire more staff and doctors. Increase the amount of money paid to doctors, make it more competive with what civilian doctors get . But we can’t expect our fearless leaders to figure this out, because they got try to act like they care for veterans, and still please their corporate masters….

  • It won’t take my information on my address, tells me it wrong, I pretty sure I know where I live, I tried it 3 times, something wrong….

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    I about ready to drop my internet, I already seen it changing, fucking advertising for the big corporate products, pop-ups, , hell it is already corporate, they just putting the finally nail in the coffin, I pay $60 a month and still have the internet provider, keeps things fuck up, I always having to call these providers all time any. If this screws my internet service up any more, then I’ll have my disconnected, I tired of this bullshit…..

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    Obama ain’t doing shit , you can’t believe a word he says, I would trust his word about like I would George Bush word……

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    I live in this sorry pos of shit state , I got a a real deep Texas draw. If you heard me talk or seen me , you would think that I had to be be a right wingers…. Most people I know buy all this republican and tea party bullshit, They watch main street media and that’s, where they get their information , that and their racial bigotry from their raising, and mostly fox news . Well fox is not really main street media, it is is in a class of it’s own. You go in any doctor’s office or VA or any other business , you will hearing fox on. I watch local news and you can tell all their reporting is slanted to the right. I am a recovering alcoholic and my sobriety date is March 1984 , when I got sober , Ann Richards was governor, and they had alcoholic and drug treatment center all over Texas, you could mostly likely find one to get in. George Bush was elected governor, and he closed about all the treatment center and mentally hospital . But people down here believe church is all you need for such problems. When I talk to a right winger ,all you hear is talking about people on disability drawing checks, their the ones that got our country in so much debt. when I asking them about all the corporate welfare, and useless wars, they can’t say anything, the hamster can’t run that fast to make them understand.

  • I am living in northeast Texas , I have severe stomach and colon problem, the Va has been half ass trying to find out what wrong without any access . I start trying Marijuana last summer, it is the only thing that I found that’s helps. I will continue to use it till they come [...]

  • Where can a person seeking to express his political views get some of these McCall work, I would love to stick one of these stickers on my car…..

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    Durbin has made remarks like this before for O . I wouldn’t cast a vote, a wasted vote on a Dem running for a federal tickets, if there not a green or other progressive party. But my vote don’t matter, I live in the waste lands of Texas. I will vote for Dem on state level and hope for the best, anyway I will vote for Wendy Davis and hope for the best. People like Thom Hartman still want you to support the democratic party, for what and what to hell is someone like doing on free speech tv.I can’t stand the SOB. I remember when his radio show started back in the early 2000s, He was on an radio network called IE America, anyway I think that’s the name of the radio network , if my brain hasn’t rotted out because of all the weed that I smoked……I think the only way to take our country back is through non violence act . We need at least a million people to show up in Washington and stay there , like they do in Egypt….We going to have to have our heads cracked and put in jail by the crooked police. maybe even die for the cause and that still might not work, I notice in Egypt that they go from one dictator to another, and probably that what would happen here.

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    Congressman Ralph Hall [R] of Texas leaning nay….

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    I had severe nausea for the past 20 years. The VA has run ever test you can think off, They come to the conclusion that it must be IBS , I already draw disability for PTSD, The only relief that I found is marijuana . I live in Texas, and of course here it is [...]

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    I am a disable Marine Corp Vietnam veteran. Talk about honor, courage and commitment in the armed services. Really? I get so sick of hearing this shit. I was in free fire zone , we killed anything that moved. Now you ‘especially’ tell me where is the honor in that.

  • I don’t watch MSM , but I have a liberal friend that does, she thinks Faux is right wing and MSMBC is left wing and CNN is just right and she loves Anderson Copper . She comes up with this bullshit that she was glad Snowden release this information to the American but shouldn’t release other information to our so called enemies. I said ” where did you hear that” she says CNN, I said you can’t believe that shit , they are getting their talking points from the government. What can you expect from people that live in northeast Texas , even the so called liberals. Slowly , I about to convince her that all MSM is bullshit…..

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