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    Good article,been watching several interviews with John Kiriakou. another thing that is pissing me of. all of these advertising on FDL, hell, I will be trying to read an article and my volume will be up on my computer, and boom- advertising starts with a loud booming voice, I can’t find where it is coming [...]

  • I am Vietnam veteran, with service connected ptsd, hell I am sure the situation that Williams was scary enough, how many of us have been in a helicopter, and seen the helicopter with you get hit and go down , I probably shit in my pants, …. It doesn’t bother me in the least he [...]

  • yeah, our pot smoking president has forgot about his pot smoking , the dea has more power under him , since he been in , they moved hydrocrodome to a schedule 3 to a schedule 2 drugs, the VA is drug testing any vet they want to without any permission , and this bitch that he got up for attorney general sounds like she probably declare a bigger and bader war on drugs, I hate these 2 face sob like Obama, and his dea , both of these rules have come into effect since our piece of shit president has been in power, the war on drugs is a war against the American people , a little old lady that can’t drive and don’t have the money to have to travel 50 miles or so to do their monthly drug test, it like Texas passing voter id law which got knock down by the courts, would have elderly people have to travel up to a hundred miles to get a voter id .

  • Not to change the topic, but I was surfing the internet last night, and I had a pop-up that said ,” Don’t mess with the DEA “, I do smoke pot for medical reason , and I live in Texas. Anyone ever have this happen to them.

  • What liberal wing, I am surprised that the dissenting opinon comes from Sotomayor, not that thought she was very liberal.

  • Obama says this is the most open government ever, he fell to mention this in the state of the union. Why didn’t he brag about all the journalist and government employees that he arrested.. Remember we suppose to have a free press , we don’t even have any politician that has the guts to abide by our constitution and say this is wrong , unless they are being spying on . Freedom of the press is gone , you go against the big corporations and government agency or these middle east country that has no freedom of speech and treat their people like animals. Then you are put on our government’s enemy’s list. Just look at all our so called allies in the middle east, everyone is corrupt as the USA , especially Israel, looking more like 1984. Hope Barrett Brown gets time served, not that he done anything wrong.

  • hell, why didn’t the Nazi war crimminals think of this, since when does a jews’ state get to consider what are war crime . US leaders need to be charged to for supplying weapons to Israel too and if these countries stop their money because of Israel , they needed to be charged a crime after the act, to cover it up. But no body can enforce bring these criminals to justice , because they , themselves would have to bring crimes against themselves.

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    little rich boy thinks he can be president….

  • Their is no difference between some of our Christian and the some of the animals that done the killings in Paris . Destruction of the spirit is almost as bad as the murder in Paris. I call it soul murdering. and you see that a lot from the Christian church , whether it is gays, or or priest molesting children . For as the catholic church , I know , I was one of their victims.

  • here is the dems who voted for keystone pipeline….http:blogs.rollcall.com/218/keystone-vote-28-democrats-joir

  • Have you all read what the ex cardinal of Boston said about the reason for the sex abuse scandal in the catholic church , said that women rights movement was the cause of it, he was fired by Pope Francis , and give a position with no power….It does surprise me a bit what these men of God say, it just drive me further away from religion, the article about the cardinal is http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2015/01/demoted-catholic-cardinal

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    Well, I am not voting for Hillary, so who to hell do people like us on FDL vote for, a green that doesn’t have a snowball chance in hell of making it , or Senator Warren or Sanders, we going to have to trust someone, and since when did any politician do what they said they were going to do , I guess I would of voted for Obama, in 2012 , if I known if he would just veto the pipeline from Canada …….

  • I have been single for 63 years, I tried to get along with a woman several times but they have their own opinion about things to. I am seeing a woman now. Sometimes we go camping for a couple of days , at the end of the camping trip , we are ready to get away from each other. We get to be verbally hostile to each other. I look at porn sometimes on the internet, it an’t nobody business, but mine [ and the government, lol ].

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    Hell, I need to watch sermon on the mount everyday when I get up, I have a lot of hatred for organized reglion and rightwingers, and I have been very pissed off during Christmas , with outlaws and inlaws , and kin folks . my very rightwing brother made a snark fox news comment about climate change, I told him that , that I believe in science, and 99% agreed that climate change is happening , he said well, the earth has always gone in cycle , and I said ” Well , I am sure that the science community throwed that data in there to. I said the debate is over, it is happening, whether you call it global warming, or climate change.
    I called my uncle who is an religious addict. He was asking how was the family , I said everybody is doing good. I told him my brother was in the VA in Dallas in the drug and alcoholic ward. He says ” Ray [my cousin, who is religious addict] said , all you need is will power, I said will power has got nothing to do with it, I am an recovering alcoholic , been sober for 30 years, got sober in AA, I said after your Christmas meal, take a bottle of exlax and see how much will power you got, I will never mention my brother to them again , I did tell my uncle when he said that , ” Hell, I didn’t think people stilled believe that. So the so called Jesus freaks still believe that all you need is will power, no matter that I been down that road. This probably explained everything, I live in northeast Texas, my brother law from Texas and my uncle from Oklahoma . I can see very good quality’s in both my uncle and brother in law , but I just can’t stand this kind of stupidly.

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    I agree with you on why should the American pay for this CF, but I guess that it has been this way, poor people get screwed , and the rich people making money off fucking the poor people , if we look at our history , it takes a lot of protest through several years to make any change and a lot of people killed by the government. We have to constant fight the elite over keeping our rights ,as we are now really losing a lot of our rights , and the ways things are headed , we are now in 1984. I am a Vietnam veteran, and why is the government doing drug test on me without any reason, they do it when they do my yearly blood test, the drug test along cost the taxpayer around $500. I sure that they are doing this is probably a policy that the government has imposed on the va.

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    The USA hasn’t put together a army in Iraq yet, what makes the USA think they can do it now . If I was the Iraq people I would be stealing everything I can off the US, we destroyed their country, we fuck up the middle east bad, besides Wallstreet and the bankers steal off the taxpayers and don’t get nothing done to them , so why should this corruption be any different.

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    only reason I own a shotgun is not for crooks, it’s for the crooked cops, I have it to protect my home, I live in northeast texas , and live back in the sticks. But if law officers show up at my front door, they better have a good reason to be at my house, and I will take no shit from them at all.

  • hang in there joe, I am pulling for you…….

  • the dea is turning our doctors and pharmist into dea agents. I am a Vietnam veteran and been on psychotropic drugs for about 25 year for ptsd, here lately I had my pscychrist ask me to take a drug test, I said, why would I want to do that. anyway I refuse . the va , and my psychrist had never done a drug test on me ,as far as I know. anyway I had my yearly labs done for my medical doctor, . and this doctor ordered drug test on me which I didn’t know he was doing this. I noticed they cut me off one of my medicine, which I had never abused.. When I called the nurse. She tried to trick me, asked me if I was using marijuana , I said no , she said”why did you test positive for marijuana in July and September, This pissed me off bad that they were playing games, I told yes I using it, and you can take all your god damn pills and craming up thir ass, I told I won’t be coming back, and I was going to find out if what done is legal, I also said I gave the va 20 years to help me with my colon problems and stomach, and the didn’t help me. So I tried marijuana and I have starting gaining weight, because Im was skin and bones, my colon quit cramping, and my sister was in for thanksgiving, she was telling how good I looked.I told the nurse, that no god damn doctor would ever do any blood test on me anymore, I don’t trust any doctors anymore. The only way tey get my urine or blood is for me to be unconscious .I was surprised that the nurse didn’t hang up on me, because I was cussing and raising hell, but she didn’t hang up on me, which I was a little surprised, I felt so violated, I felt dirty, I was sexually abuse by a priest when I was about 5 years old. I felt all that again. So the va psych unit has done a lot of emotional damage to me . I feel like the dea is running the American public like running cattle through a shoot and examing things they got no busuiness examinging. please excuse my spelling, and I hope I put my thoughts together good enough for FDL to understand,,,,

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