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    This scares me more than anything else going on in this country; the refusal by the the primary national law enforcement agency to even investigate, let alone prosecute the obvious wallstreet/banker crimes. It simply tosses the rule of law into the trash bin.

    The S and L scandals fined and jailed hundreds, maybe thousands, what the hell happened?

    The legislative and executive branches are bought and paid for…everybody knows that. When our supreme court appointed George Bush president we knew we had lost them.

    The wars of empire industries together take a third or more of the money we pay to operate our government. And there is no stopping that, the legislature literally works on a commission basis.

    What the hell do we need to do?

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    Fun link, thanks. Bookmarked

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    I dunno but I suspect big pharma is not happy with their happy drug sales in Colorado lately. I wonder about their sales in medical weed states.

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    David, the important question for me is not so much whether or not global warming is real but how does it happen that you and I presumably normal sentient beings have such diametrically opposed opinion on the matter. How do we each choose whom to put some trust in?

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    Pardon me Ruth but the ‘cynical’ in cynical advertising is, ahem, overly redundant. There may be some that isn’t, if you see it let me know.

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    We’ve been sold a bill of goods by the marketers, pun intended. All is marketing…it’s now in our bones. My librul friends are putting in granite counter tops, this caught me by surprise, I didn’t know we all needed granite counter tops. Every house for sale has them now, in all the bathrooms of which [...]

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    Projecting my intense ambivalence over my stuff this am, knowing in the face of global warming we must stop making a lot of stuff we think we need. What material goods do we really need? What worries me is what will happen to jobs when we wake up to the inevitable requirement to stop making [...]

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    So how is your relationship with your ‘stuff’ going? Thinking of a trial separation? I am, pestering relatives and friends to push my stuff off on them. Missing George Carlin when I need him for inspiration.

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    “Has been a lovely summer” ??? I know you don’t intend to rub it in, here in Galveston I get to open the windows between 4 and 7 am. Otherwise it’s AC, and this will go on for another month. Well last winter you northerns had it rough so the world is fair after all…except [...]

  • Someone above mentioned that your pets will always love and never judge you. I agree however for some of us the precious thing about pets is you can always love THEM…no matter what happens. They can’t do anything that would prevent your feeling love for them. I think it’s a relief to know this.

  • “The illness in the populace is engendered by and reflective of the illness in the state itself.”

    Yeah, I hadn’t thought of it that way but the news does get me down such that I often want to turn off the computer (the tv went in the trash long ago)and run off to the woods.

    If it weren’t for these many wonderful blogs and all the great energetic folks who are determined to make it better, I would really feel hopeless.

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    How was it enforced? No enforcement needed. With rare exceptions women were expected to step aside, step back, not get in men’s way, not cause a scene, trouble. The indoctrination to make things easier for others even at the expense of oneself was even more powerful back in those days. The returning soldiers needed those jobs, woe to the woman who did not accept that.

    When the war ended women had had the vote for only 24 years. It was a different (USA) world. And many were still against it.

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    Yes Trem, my feelings exactly. Big problem, it seems to me, is that when someone, Masaccio here, points out how we are mired in mind fuckery it is so dismaying it’s hard to think about, hard to really take on board. I want to distract myself from this knowledge as I would guess do many, maybe most, others. It is so overwhelming it’s hard to find a place to stand in face of it.

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    Tallest building? Yup, it’s a guy thang.,

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    I just quickly scanned the thread but I didn’t see that anyone mentioned the “epic” browser. It’s anonymous and sometines inconveient because you may have to log in to your regular sites. Since using it I have noticed a great reduction in targeted ads. Handy also for those sites (NY times) that limit your visits. [...]

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    Thanks for this report, Jane. HopeX gives me some, yup.. hope. I need this …trying to walk the line between skepticism and cynicism while reaching for some optimism.

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    The idea that one person or small group of persons should own pieces of the earth is absurd. Every child has as much right to live on the land, the earth, as any other child. The earth is the great commons and we all must share in it’s bounty and comforts. The way to do that is to place it in the hands of the community which will allow everyone to share it. No private ownership that gathers great quantities and fences it off.

  • The Alice Miller book you refer to is: “For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence”

    She died a couple of years ago but I think her website is ongoing.

    Another of her early books is variously named: “Prisoners of Childhood” and “The Drama of the Gifted Child” (not really about the gifted)

    She seems kind of hard on parents if you don’t read carefully.

  • I’m embarrassed to use the word losers, but that’s what those men’s rights dudes are. I think they are louder than their numbers warrant. I have no evidence for that but lack of evidence rarely interferes with my opinionating.

  • Yes “other men putting them down” There is a lot of disrespect for the young, the last group that we still use as exemplars of behavior we don’t like, ‘teenagers’, adolescents’, etc. They naturally resent it and it feeds anger.

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