• Thanks to everyone. I’ve enjoyed the discussion.

    Stay well, and keep on keepin’ on.


  • I’ve been advised not to discuss details of forthcoming appearances for security reasons.

    There have been new threats.

    But stay tuned to Comedy Channel and HBO first week of October.

  • Hey, at least he didn’t cancel me (though he did cut my segment from eight minutes to four) the way
    Olbermann did. Besides, it was a joy to have such an elevated discussion with such a font of discernment
    as Martin Bashir.

  • Sorry that you weren’t going to read THE ROGUE because you don’t think I have sufficient regard for the impact of bloggers.

    Actually, my decision to write a book about Sarah was not inspired by bloggers.

    Please consider this: not one of the interviewers I faced last week ever made a single reference to anything they’d ever read on an Alaskan blog.

    I say, keep on bloggin’, if it makes you feel good. But don’t imagine that you’re having any influence on the larger world Outside.

  • Well, her daughter Bristol last week in LA, when confronted by a heckler as she was performing in public for her new “reality” show, shouted the worst insult she could think of: “You’re a homosexual!”

    I doubt she developed that attitude on her own.

  • I think it’s interesting that the Wasilla Assembly of God church subscribes to doctrines so extreme that even the international Assemblies of God–not exactly a bunch of liberals–has declared them heretical.

    I think that every time Sarah Palin appears on television, her blessing by Rev. Muthee should also be shown.

  • Read about how as mayor of Wasilla she flew to Indianapolis (at city expense) to attend a Christian extremist political conference and came back and made Wasilla a “city of character,” meaning it would be governed in accordance with 49 Biblical principles. The “city of character” movement is a part of the dominionist drive to assume control over secular institutions and enforce the laws of the Bible–as they understand them–on the rest of us.

  • For sure. That she could still be included in a poll three years after the 2008 campaign is proof positive that mainstream media has been rolling over to get its belly tickled.

  • I think the reason why aspects of Sarah’s personal life become relevant, in a way they would not be with other politicians, is because her persona IS her career. Sarah sells a package: Grizzly Mom, rugged Alaskan husband, a passel of great kids, all united in one great Christian family.

    This is utterly and flagrantly false.

    Yet because it’s an appealing story, MSM wants to keep it alive.

    Sarah drives ratings.

    The truth about her is not pretty.

  • I didn’t talk to Levi because Levi wanted to be paid for an interview.

    As you see from THE ROGUE, I talked to his mother and sister a couple of times. Great people.

    I’m sure there’s much they did not tell me.

  • Great question:

    1) Sarah’s longstanding (since second grade, really) religious extremism and desire to turn America into a country whose laws come not from our constitution, but from the Bible.

    2) Her racism. Don’t forget, Sarah knew back in Wasilla High in 1981/82, that Todd and two friends, all seniors, savagely beat a seventh-grade boy simply because he was black, and they didn’t want any blacks in their school. This is the man Sarah married. As governor, she fired people solely because of their skin color.

    Despite both of the above, she came within a few percentage points of being elected to an office that would have put her a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    The MSM ignored all this in 2008 and wants to bury me for bringing it up now.

  • No, I’m told Lawrence O’Donnell’s mother is/was very ill. It was valid personal reasons.

  • Who knows? Over and over again, I was told that Track never wanted any part of the show, and still doesn’t.
    More power to him. Bristol, on the other hand, is building a career on being Sarah’s daughter.

    All I know about Piper is that she’s not doing well in school, at least in part because of all she’s missed by being dragged out on the road by her mother.

  • Years ago, I forget for which book, Katie did interview me on the Today Show. (Speaking of which, let’s remember that Savannah Guthrie for the Today Show last week did a very fair interview with me)

    What I most remember about that is that there was a nice kid in the green room, also waiting to go on. He said he was a comedian who was promoting a new TV show that would soon start running on NBC. I asked him what it was about. He said, “It’s not really about anything. It’s just this bunch of people and how they get on, sort of day by day.”

    I thought to myself, wow, this poor bastard is doomed.

    His name was Jerry Seinfeld.

  • I had friends in Alaska who simply WORSHIPED both of them.

    But the fact is, they’re in show business, just as much as Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are.

    They are out to promote their own brands.

  • Thanks for your concern. I’m sorry to say that having published twelve books over forty-two years, I don’t think there is anything the average citizen can do to stand up against a mainstream media bulldozer. Far worse has happened to far better people than me. It’s the nature of the beast. If you feel so disposed, you can write to shows that canceled me or refused to book me, or to interviewers you think were unfair, but in good conscience I cannot encourage you to expend your energy that way.

  • Terry Gross has declined to have me on her show. As have all other NPR shows. My fifteen seconds as part of a Folkenflik report on All Things Considered is all I get from NPR. I’m told they are scared of losing more federal funding if right wing Congresspeople complain that they are “promoting” my book.

    FYI, both Morning Joe and Keith Olbermann had me booked for last week, but canceled when they saw which way the wind was blowing.

    I’d like people to know that about Olbermann. First, he attacked my book on Bill Maher without having read it–then, when the publicity director of Crown Publishing said to his producer that she hoped he would read it before interviewing me on his own show, he canceled me.

    Rachel Maddow also refused to have me on.

  • Todd and Sarah rented the house I lived in for six months, which ended in October, 2009, when–giving no notice–Todd simply told the owner they didn’t need it any more. Todd did renovate the upstairs (actually, some pretty shoddy workmanship) in lieu of paying $3,000 per month in rent. When the work was done it the time came to start writing a rent check, Todd and Sarah bailed, leaving the owner out in the cold all winter, receiving no income, after Todd had told her they’d be renting it “indefinitely.”

    When I moved in, I found a box of cheap and stale salt water taffy on the kitchen counter. The owner said Bristol had received that as a gift when she campaigned in New Jersey in 2008. There was also a hideous blanket in the bedroom that I auctioned off as a door prize at one of my many wild and crazy parties there. I’d love to post a picture of it, but that would disclose the identity of the person who won it, which could put said person in an uncomfortable position in Wasilla right now.

    There was also a lot of baby stuff, old boxes of diapers, etc., suggesting that a baby had lived there.

    The owner said Bristol had been living there with Tripp.

    Right by the bed, there was also a set of ear plugs, which some might see as suggesting that someone living there was trying to block out noise. But you’d have to be a lot more mean-spirited than I am to say that the earplugs are evidence that Tripp’s crying was something Bristol didn’t want to hear.

  • Yes, and there are some excellent books about this. Frank Schaefer’s “Crazy for God” is one. There are others,
    but I don’t have time here to find the titles.

    So far, MSM interviewers have only wanted to say I’m reprehensible for putting things in a book about a major political figure that the National Enquirer would find salacious. Then they repeat the “salacious” bits, thereby highlighting them further, and leaving the rest of the book in the shadows.

    David Folkenflik of NPR recorded a 45-minute interview with me last week. Fifteen seconds made it on to the air.

    I expect no better in the weeks to come, because MSM is a herd animal. Once there’s a meme, they stampede with it and all other points of view are obliterated.

  • I never talked to McCain, nor even tried to. He wasn’t part of my narrative arc.
    Geoffrey Dunn, in “The Lies of Sarah Palin” has by far the best coverage ever of the 2008 campaign.

    I highly recommend Dunn’s book, not just for that, but for so much else. He is a diligent reporter
    and a fine writer and I was sorry to see his publisher fall down on the job last spring.

    But it’s still not too late to buy Dunn’s book. In many ways, it’s a perfect complement to mine, or vice versa.

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