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  • Okay, just to pick a nit here, if you want to report credibly you need to understand something about the folks you’re reporting on. Adkins was not an Officer, he was a “Non-Commissioned Officer” or NCO, a very different thing. He was an Enlisted man, and was the lowest accountable person in Manning’s chain of command who could take the fall for what Manning did There is huge difference between the responsibilities and duties of Enlisted and Officer personnel in the military, and typically while you might see some cross-over in duties very rarely will you see the accountability and responsibility which belong to an Officer assigned to even a senior NCO which Adkins was before he was “busted” down to Sargent First Class and retired.

    While it may seem a trivial distinction to non-military folks, it’s not. Calling a Master Sargent an Officer is a sure sign to military folk that you have no understanding of the structure of the military or what folks who are in it are all about.

  • Tom- well, you lasted about Thirty dog years longer than me…so you’ve got that going for you. You do know that we’re all going to miss our daily dose of TBogg-ism. Few people could skewer the folks on the right like you, while standing up to them without an asbestos suit. Well done, my friend, well done.

    So go to the beach, enjoy your time with the Bootylicious Mrs Bogg, spend time with the L&T Casey in NYC…and fer crissake, write that book I’ve been nagging you about for almost a fucking decade, you’re a talented writer and observer of this fucked up culture..when you make your first million from the book, I expect some BBQ.

    Peace and have fun at the beach…


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    HAWT Conservatives Babes calendar

    For some reason they’ve inexplicably missed wrapping Maggie Gallagher and K-Lo in the over-priced pelts of dead animals and then given them the heavy Photoshop beauty treatment. Now why could that be, I wonder?

  • The thing that scares me about drones other that the obvious civil liberties intrusions is that as an airline pilot I’m not looking forward to sharing my airspace with “amateurs” who are flying these little toys with impunity. The dangers of running into one of these is pretty large, especially in an urban environment around big cities with busy airports (think: O’Hare, SFO, LAX and on and on). I’m not looking forward to dodging drones while trying to get a plane load of passengers safely on the ground.

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    Tom- yes, it’s hard to not think about the whole pulling a Billmon thing. When I gave it up a few years ago, I missed it but soon found that commenting/writing diaries at The Great Orange Satan was fun too. Glad you’re going to stick around for a bit, kudos to the lovely and talented Jane (who never returns my emails anymore).

    We’ll have to go visit the Midway next time I get to San Diego… I hear you can still buy BBQ in that town :)


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    Here’s some tasty music from Clem Snide…heard it in a coffee shop. Love the melody, interesting lyrics too.

    How ya been CT? Long time, much lurking. Go Obama! Voted Early ten days ago!

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    You’ve been a staple of the FDL family for almost a decade! Get well soon, and please report back to the front page ASAP! America (and the FDL family) need you back!

    See you soon!

    Jo Fish

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    Tom- you managed to outlast me. I think I had around 10,000 posts over the years I blogged at DemVet and I appreciate the fact that there was always a link from TBogg to DemVet. I never had more that 450-500 views a day, but many of them came from you and Jane’s original incarnation of FDL.

    I’m glad you’re staying with it for a while longer. I still think you should collect your “greatest hits” and find a publisher, I think it would do well.

    Say hi to the delightful Mrs. T and the L&T Casey for me. I still watch Buffy on occasion, and remember our conversation on the state of the Buffyverse.

    Peace and keep up the good work!


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    It’s good that the L&T Casey is still watching Buffy reruns…we have that in common. I don’t have the DVDs, just NetFlix, which is okay although the quality sucks occasionally. Say Hi to Casey and Mrs TBogg for me! Catch you out in SAN one of these days sooner or later!


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    Maybe, just for this year, they should move Burning Man to Romney’s beach. It would be a logistical nightmare, true, but it would be so funny to see Mittens deal with THAT. If not the whole Burning Man, how about “Burning Man Jr” just for him…?

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    I wonder too, about how he managed to slip by the intense auditing of servicemembers credit and financial reporting that goes on now. Post-many scandals where service members were caught in a bind over finances the DoD tightened up on credit scoring and those with bad credit were more viciously ejected than those a few pounds overweight. Kinda makes you wonder.

  • WTF are the Senate Democrats thinking with this? The RLA is already one the most Piece-of-Shit laws on the books favoring management in the extreme. With the passage of this bill if my airline gets bought by a non-union carrier with shitty work rules, lousy management and abusive crew schedulers I’m fucked because they’d decert ALPA in a New York Minutes. Almost all airline management hates their pilot unions with a passion because without them they’d be able to work us like dogs, fire us for calling in sick or fatigued, pay us shit and tell us we should be happy to have job.

    Fuck you again, Harry Reid. Way to stand up for the American Worker. Asshole.

    And yes, I am a UNION Airline Pilot.

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    58 and at least he got the fact that I’m first generation correct. Other than that the goddamn thing is an incredible time-waster for internet-challenged Murkan Morans.

    I guess knowing all five military ranks and having been in the armed forces after I hitchhiked to Woodstock got me extra points. (Okay, kidding about Woodstock I was 90 miles away in a Vermont village of 300 people).

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    Suze, that’s awesome. I hope you all have a great year ahead! I’m looking forward to watching the Not-Romney’s beat him to a pulp and then see him get whipped in the General Election.

    Headed off to bed, we had a big New Year’s Party, just got cleaned up and it’s about 3:30AM here… time for snooze! Talk to you soon, and I’ll have to quit lurking so much.



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    Been gud, Suze. Sadly in the world of the unemployed it’s a same shit, different day sitch. Hoping to be back flying soon. That would be a great New Years/Festivus present.

    How ’bout you and the gang?

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    Happy New Year, Pups! Haven’t been posting much, just lurking here and there. Long Live FDL!! and a Merry New Year to all!!


  • Also, “leadership” doesn’t mean trying to guess in advance what the Teabillies in the House will agree to, which by the way — is nothing.

    Hear, Hear! Sadly, they won’t agree at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue any more than their predecessor would have agreed with Nancy Pelosi. I guess that the definition of insanity fits, they keep trying to do the same thing time after time and expect a different outcome.

    Obama was really a smart lawyer/law professor? Prove it. Please.

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    I hereby rhetorically savage both. Both are equally as silly. As someone once said, Mormonism is just Scientology without the technology. There ya go!

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    If Molly Ivins was alive today, she’d be rolling it out in fine style. Bush then Perry? It woulda made her year.

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    Rejection of the Enlightenment indeed. If those fools have their way, we will digress 1200 years and be vying with Conservative Islam for bat-shit crazy. The last thing they want is logic, rational argument or anything that makes them disbelieve that the Earth, is in fact, FLAT.

    That such people can exist in this day and age never ceases to amaze me, that they are given more than a passing glance, depresses me.

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