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    …and who is responsible for watching the guys who fly the drones? I mean, we’ve already seen disgruntled military types express political views against certain presidents.

    Wonder how much damage a “guided drone” could do to a building should some military Xbox operator go postal? And no passengers on the drone to worry about.

    Who watches the watchers?

    Just a thought.

  • Just a thought:

    Didja ever wonder whether the United Corporate States of America have Swiss Bank Accounts or maybe Cayman Island Accounts or others? Or maybe the NSA, CIA, IRS, FBI has their own?

    Maybe we should? Medicare? SS? Defense!? RNC? (Probably already!)

    Mr. Taibbi, might it be worth a look?

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    Jesus H. Jones!
    Can someone tell me what that board does, who pays for their salaries and why does it need so many of the 1 percenters?

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    Islamic Law wants bodies buried within 24 hours. We dropped “his” in the sea because we always respect Islamic Law.(However there doesn’t seem to be any timely statute on torturing those of Islamic Faith.)
    And according to a WH Spokesman, he was buried at sea because it would be difficult to find a country that would take his remains!
    Hmmm? A couple come to mind…Iran, North Korea any number of “democracies” in Africa.
    What will we do with W and Deadeye when they “pass on?” Will we pollute the sea? Bury them in a barrel of crude? Contaminate the ground?
    And on the 8th anniversary of W’s “Mission Accomplished!” Wow! What a coincidence.
    Pardon my cynicism!

  • People are being killed by the CEO of an oil producing “company.”
    People who object to the way they were treated by him and his “company” and its friends.
    People take to the streets and rebel, are attacked and killed and ask for help from the U.S. and the world.
    Obama and the world respond with firepower and…lots of money, to save people being killed by a CEO for his “company”…because THIS treatment can not stand.

    Meanwhile, in America, America’s CEOs in the Banking Industry, the Health Industry, the Insurance Industry, the Oil Industry, the Food Industry, all the Financial Industries and more continue their kill off of Americans…Americans who desperately ask for help from Obama and Congress and are told it’s too expensive; there’s no money; we’re broke; we need to make huge sacrifices.

    Yet the O-pologists and their blogs maintain he’s doing a lot for America and Americans…just not MY America. Maybe we should follow the lead of the Egyptians, the Tunisians, the Libyans…maybe then Obama will bomb Wall Street, Exxon/Mobil, United Health, BP…?

    Surely there’s enough money for that, too?

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    Life in Washington and even in America is becoming more and more like a Hollywood thriller where the “good guys’ always prevail (at least to satisfy the perceived audience).
    It’s getting harder and harder to separate reality from what passes as NeoAmerican Politics.

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    The comments here seem to all center on the spent fuel pools. These are supposedly on the 4th or 5th floors of the buildings? Are they all in elevated portions of all buildings? Concern is whether enough water can be applied to these pools to keep the rods from igniting and spreading radiation into the [...]

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    Every (Military) generation needs its Eddie Slovik.

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    In the late 60s, the outrage over Vietnam was hitting a high. Nixon and the Republicans were “taking it on the chin” for their policies. Dissent was rampant by the young…and growing. In May of 1970 at Kent State, Republican Governor Rhodes ordered the National Guard on to the campus to quell the protest. 4 [...]

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    Good thing our boys aren’t fighting for the First Amendment in Afghanistan…tell me again, why and who are they fighting for?

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    The McConnell-Obama Tax Cut Deal…
    the MO-TAX Deal

  • Hmmm? If there were just some way to stop Congress from meeting until after the holidays! Then the tax cuts would expire, the wealthy could cry and people could pressure their reps in January to take care of this asap!

    Just SOME way to delay, recess, or make Congress leave the Capitol?


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    Maybe I’m missing something Mr.President, but when did it become ok for “Americans” to take other Americans “hostage” so that you feel you have to negotiate losing something from the hostages to the hostage takers? Wouldn’t ransom be a better term to believe in? And who will be the next group of hostages? You’ve already [...]

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    Altmire was employed by UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) in a very high, well paid position. Is there any question why he voted against health care? Sadly, the opposite choice, Rothfus, was a micron worse so he lost. Almire has supported the 3% of his district who has lots of money and influence and [...]