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  • Jon,

    I agree with this assessment, though the remarks on sequesters strange path of weirdness to normality and as a real victory for the TeaGOP is an item of concern as noted by others. The problem, also mentioned is the danger of collapse of the Democrats and the White House at holding the line on minimally sensible responses to this continued secessionism. I’m assuming that the White House will hold the line this fall, and let the GOP decide whether it wants to drive off a cliff…but this may not be a safe assumption.

  •   The sensational nature of the leaks by Edward Snowden and his appearance in Guardian-sponsored videos by an award winning cinematographer continue to attract our fascination and surprise as interested citizens.   But there are some shockingly unasked and unanswered questions, and much obvious imprudent behavior by stateswomen and men flying about.   Let us take a moment and consider [...]

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    Give the Scoop Jackson character of the WaPo, not to mention it intimate and cozy relation to the CIA, it is flummoxing to me that this was a chosen instrument. The Guardian on the other hand is rapidly becoming a global beacon of free speech. They’ve recently started printing M. Wheeler’s stuff as well….

    One lesson of these events is rather disturbing, that individuals cannot ‘organize’ on the internet with anything like the effectiveness of functioning governments and the revolving door between these and the major pillars of the culture industry.

    I think it is niave to think that Google, Apple, etc., have any power as information suppliers to resist even the strictures of the Chinese gov’t censors and security interests, much less those of the US Security State.

    In any case, citizens will always be at a grotesque disadvantage to organized gov’t and organized multi-national for-profit corporations in the ability to wield and manipulate information on the new ‘super highways.’ With the decline of trade unions and most other forms of organizing citizens in civil society distinct from the compulsory order of states and for-profit corporations, it is difficult to imagine any coherent defense against the new post-9/11 new world order.

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    I’m just reading the WaPo and the NYT. G. Robinson at the WaPo, the cretin, thinks Manning ought to get 20yrs. In Germany that is a life sentence.

    A clear intent, at least from the quotes in the NYT, on the part of the prosecutor is to portray Wikileaks as a quasi-front organization for the nation’s enemies, such as Al Quada and its various affiliates. (This is one reason why it is really poisonous to allow the US military to declare “war” on non-state actors.) Presumably also the Guardian and the Spiegel are front organizations for the nation’s enemies because they materially assisted Wikileaks. What next? Drones and the Ecuadorean Embassy?

    This trial will be very important in terms of setting the terms for military justice and the 9/11 ‘long war’, since this long war is totally tied up with the idea of punishing and killing people for publishing opinions and working for gov’t transparency. Al Awlaki was basically killed extra-judiciously for being a propagandist (or an intelligence officer for an extra-state enemy organization).

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    This is a good post, but fails to consider the electoral system in the United States, which, like the Anglo-American capitalist world, only in a more extreme form, insists on a first-past-the-post system. Third parties require a proportional system or some variant of stacked voting, or at least runoff systems, as is found in the [...]