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    What is the rationale for objecting to higher taxes when you have such an obsene amount of money. I don’t believe greed is the only answer, but maybe it is.

    I believe that for the most part, it is greed. The goal is not necessarily to acquire more toys. Rather, I believe that more often the goal is to build a larger pile of money. Acquiring wealth is a competition to them. It is how they measure their success.

    I also don’t understand the republican justification for protecting the fat cats.

    The mutual relationship between politicians and the wealthy has been going on for at least a couple thousand years. Politicians need money in order to obtain and maintain their political power, and people with money need politicians in order to smooth the way to acquire more money.

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    To all those “Originalist” interpreters of the Constitution – you can own all the single-shot muskets you want.

  • So what can congress do?

    The House can hold impeachment hearings.

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    So if there’s no cause and effect, why is it worthy of mention? For it sure sounds like Ms Gallagher is blaming all those gay couples for women birthin’ babies “out-of-wedlock”

    Teh stoopid…

    Since 2003? That is a strong correlation with the invasion of Iraq. That makes as much sense to me.