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  • JohnJ commented on the blog post Washington State Marijuana Stores Unlikely Until July

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    Here’s a question; are employers in the state going to continue to drug test for pot as a condition of employment?

  • JohnJ commented on the blog post Young People Are Heavily Aligned With the Democratic Party

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    Agreed. Just pointing out the unknown skew.

  • JohnJ commented on the blog post Young People Are Heavily Aligned With the Democratic Party

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    BTW, went to West Springfield HS and NOVACC.

    I was just trying to suggest a protest vote that had a chance to have an effect. The only people I know personally that vote Green are actually nasty libertarians (I got mine, F’ you types).

    I also said that actually electing someone other than one of the uni-parties would be an improvement and could open the door to other parties. My suggestion was the same candidate with a different label that the uninformed could get behind. “Green” brings up images of Greenpeace to those that don’t know better and people don’t generally vote for radicals.

    You might have noticed that I said I now live in FL and very few of our votes actually count thanks to the fine election system designed by Jeb to get his brother in.

    But, protest from the outside all you want.

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    According to Russell Tice, the Intelligence Industry took Obama’s balls “for safe keeping” the minute he got into office.

    Who actually knows what any of these guys would do if they weren’t on a tether.

  • JohnJ commented on the blog post Young People Are Heavily Aligned With the Democratic Party

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    SO how many Green party candidates have won elections here in the US?

    I tried to google it and only found winners in other countries.

    I kinda like voting for people that have a chance to win so that I have a small amount of influence on the outcome of the election (fat chance of your vote counting here in FL BTW). Voting for a party with virtually no name recognition is more of a protest vote that may make you feel better, but it doesn’t really influence anyone. No one is noticing.

    Everyone I asked around here at work about Green candidates could not name one but assumed them to be some kind of flake like the American Communist Party (I am in no way agreeing). That is a major problem.

    “Independents” do win once in a while. Why not have your Green party candidate go that way and then try to open up the process to other parties from the inside? The whole name “Independent Candidate” has an appeal in today’s poisoned environment. Greens are basically independent of either party, why not give them a name the uninformed can understand?

    Right now all you are doing is making a protest that nobody is watching like a guy with a sandwich board saying “the end is near!!!”.

  • The acid test for any program in the US is can some rich guy make gobs of money off it while adding nothing? If not, it is socialist/communist/un-Amerikan!

  • they really, really wanted a war with the opportunity to siphon more money from taxpayers without adequate oversight

    My parents explanation of the cold war for both sides.

  • Thanks, agreed. I do not like anything the man has done either.

    I just think there are other ways to insult him other than race. It degrades us all.

  • By “Barry” I assume you mean the “lawn jockey” of the 1% now
    living in the WH?

    At most left leaning or liberal blogs, that would have been labeled as racist and denounced.

    How was Obama involved in this again?

    How far down the comments section here as gone since I first followed EmptyWheel here. Trolls are indistinguishable here now.

  • Hmmm, my edit didn’t show (in case it does, sorry for the repeat)

    There is an old saying from the early days of programming; any monkey can write code.

  • Gates is an intellectual property thief. He never in his history had an original idea. The very nature of software allowed him to skirt patent laws because all kinds of different code can do exactly the same thing. He’d wait for someone to invent some program, then write his own version and give it away until the originator went out of business, then start charging for it.

    Micro$oft didn’t originate anything in Office.

    Hell, windows was given to Jobs by Xerox and Gates basically stole it from him (violated the intent of the agreement).

  • Simple rule, no camera footage, no police testimony. They lose the recording, they are no longer a witness in the case. “Perp” walks.

    Video Miranda.

  • JohnJ commented on the blog post Crimea Votes For Secession

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    Our election in 2000 &2004 is perfectly fine but theirs is illegal?

  • Thank you for your much better description than I was trying to write.

    I worked on research and development for some of NSA’s tech, but below the level that had to deal with all the crap.

    That guy just did exactly what 99% of Gov’t employees wish they could do; quit!

    I grew up in the DC bubble where almost everyone I knew was either working for the Gov’t through Civil Service, a (sub)contractor, or a business rep to Gov’t contracting. Both my parents had been government employees.

    Another reason for the bureaucracy in DC besides accountability is as protection against political patronage, intimidation and influence. In fact most of the civil service department will tell you that is the major reason for its existence. Cheney/Rove/Bush did major damage to the independence between gov’t agencies and politicians.

    I heard “catch 22″ described as an absurdist novel; no it wasn’t, it was a slightly fictionalized description of working for the government.

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    Ding ding ding, besides Jon you come the closest.

    This was a local election. Nobody really liked Sink, because she is Sink, not because she is a “D” or Obamacare or even BENGAZZZIIII.

    The predecessor, Young, was the master of “pork” and brought home billions to the largest local employers, GE nuclear triggers, and Honeywell and many others. A lot of the locals were more worried about continuing that tradition with another repug.

    Jolly is also a local (BTW so is Charlie Christ) and Sink isn’t. The owner of my company brought him in to give a little campaign speech, dull is the only word that comes to mind.

    So everybody forget most of what you learned from this little temporary election. ;)

  • JohnJ commented on the diary post Boston Bombing News: Guilt By Innuendo and Character Assassination by lauraw.

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    Try being a smoker, The hate from some people is unbelievable.

  • Anonymous said they discovered KKKarl’s election hacking software all setup to flip votes in Ohio. They settled on simply putting up a firewall on his program without ever releasing the password.

    I was working with an ex-spook hacker at the time who deciphered their slang description of the system KKKarl’s people had set up and she said that was exactly how it would be done.

    Anonymous even told after the fact exactly how many passwords were (unsuccessfully) tried, if I remember it was ~115 tries.

    That explains his meltdown, he was going to steal the election right on live TV and he couldn’t get past the password!

    Of course there is no “proof” of these events, but it all lines up, especially the hacking setup that would have been disguised as normal traffic on the system. (Anonymous said that they had 2 choices; announce they found the system and take a chance they wouldn’t be believed or hack it, which destroys the evidence.)

  • I personally don’t think KKKarl was acting, I believe we were seeing his realization that he didn’t have the password to that firewall someone put up on his program. Wasn’t it something like 115 tries?

    More on subject, this may backfire

    Then again, there is no certainty that billionaires will be any better at campaign strategy than party hacks.

    Remember these people delude themselves that they are smarter and more capable then we are, facts not in evidence as they say. This has the possible makings of quite a comedy.

  • but, but, but I was just told by a “libertarian” that Obama was showing his weakness on foreign policy and putting the poor fragile USA in danger from all its powerful menacing enemies.

    (Later in the conversation I reminded him that a “libertarian” was just a Repuglican that doesn’t bother with an excuse to not care about others).

  • Never ever forget about the advantage of being the first to get NSA data; it’s an uphill battle for anyone that comes after you.

    They had 8 years of unsupervised operation and access of the Gov’t by a bunch of crooks to dig entrenchments, a new administration is not going to dislodge many quickly. Any new guy has to work with the last guy’s hand picked cronies.

    I’ll bet they were unable to get rid of many Liberty University grads since Obama took over, even though I doubt an uncompromised hiring standard would have never considered them qualified for the positions they are in.

    When I saw Barney Frank suddenly shut up on some issue he was passionate about, I knew we were screwed, it was obvious that someone got to him. (wish I could remember what it was)

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