• Nothing succeeds like success. GOP efforts to marginalize Obama have largely worked, with some very minor exceptions (Keystone XL). If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

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    Exactly. Torture proponents just keep going back to arguments about effectiveness, completely missing the point that effectiveness is irrelevant. The ends, in fact, do not justify the means.

  • Speaking as someone who has some experience in the corrections world, I have to say : It’s not pay. It’s not training, although more training wouldn’t hurt. It’s the fact that Rikers, and institutions like it, are overwhelmed. Society doesn’t see what goes on in jail, they see what goes on in the streets. So priority is always given to cops and courts. Out of sight, out of mind. There are horrific events taking place in lock-ups all over the country, but we rarely hear about them. The mentally ill do not belong in a prison setting, where they are prey for everyone around them. But this is a direct result of closing hundreds of mental hospitals in the early seventies and late sixties.
    Rikers is a jail, not a prison. This means the population are all awaiting trial or sentencing (unless their sentence is less than a year). This situation is notorious for producing bad environments, as the staff view inmates as short-term, and the programs available for inmate participation are accordingly short-term. Once “upstate”, an inmate can get involved in school, get a steady job, and generally settle into a routine. There is no continuity of attention in giant jails like Rikers. Just thought I’d offer a little background.

  • Christie will never win the Republican Nomination, for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that he’s a damn Yankee (lots of old hatred for northeasterners). Also, he’ll never see the inside of a cell. That’s not how this WORKS. That’s not how any of this WORKS!

  • I have to say : What will probably never come to light is the future of this officer. Trust me when I say she will never live this down. She will be laughed out of the locker room for the first few days, and there’s no chance she’ll ever be promoted. Her partner will find it impossible to defend her. I realize all the attention is on the poor old guy, but she’s got a one way ticket to the rubber gun squad.

  • They want to keep all these numbers on the down-low, how else would they justify spending more in Afghanistan, every year, than the Gross Domestic Product of that country? We could have just handed every Afghani 100 thousand dollars, and it would be cheaper than what we spent on war. Of course the numbers are embarrassing, what our government doesn’t want people to see is that they are INSANE.

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    There’s a group of people that know a great deal about a subject. Then there’s a much larger group that have opinions based on personal observation, faulty science, scare tactics and innuendo. I’m going to go with the small group of very well-informed experts. A little like Climate Change.

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    The Christie people could make the argument that acceptance of bribes, gifts and favors are a prerequisite of higher office. He’s just practicing for the big time. As for vaccines : Virtually every Epidemiologist on the planet considers them essential for disease prevention, Christie’s opinion is a non sequitur.

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    Both belief and opinion, although they may have some effect around the margins, are pretty much irrelevant. If the world stopped burning fossil fuels tomorrow, the earth would continue to warm for the next thirty years because of all the emissions already dumped into the atmosphere. The big problem is already baked into the cake. Any moves to curtail future damage are going to ameliorate a catastrophe that’s already assured. Planning for the distant future has never been mankind’s strong suit. That’s why we’re trapped on this planet.

  • I’d like to think it’s an attribute of the American psyche to disapprove of kings in general, and ruthless ones in particular. The adoration of money and power has corrupted our government to its core. The lip-service given to American ideals today is a real disgrace, as we embrace warlords and monarchs alike in an unending quest for global domination.

  • This nonsense fools nobody. Even “Meet the Press” derided these proposals as rhetorical pipe-dreams. They should be seen for what they are : an insult to the collective intelligence of Americans (poor as that may be).

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    Sure, it makes sense that the CIA was trying to plant evidence of Iranian nuclear intentions. Sadly though, they don’t seem to need any actual evidence, when the American media are willing to roll over and beg.

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    Wait, …what? I read “…because supposedly no actual Russian scientist would credibly have complete knowledge of it”, several times because I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I hope I’m not alone in thinking it’s not possible to engineer a device, any device, without understanding its complete design? This kind of statement (from CIA) destroys [...]

  • The control subjects in this experiment were simply those questioned without torture. I’m sure there must have been a few of those. The problem came when the assumptions that led to the experiment (that torture works) turns out to be false.

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    Maybe that old maxim that youth is wasted on the young is to blame. Simple jealousy can cause loathing in some, though of course young people can certainly be a pain in the ass.

  • Russian oligarchs are pikers compared to ours. As always….We’re number one!!!!

  • The complexity is there for a reason. If company A offered a plan that covered 100% of all non-elective medical care, then company B would have to offer a similar plan. Simplicity is the enemy of all tricksters.

  • That’s really good. Insightful, succinct, and inarguable.

  • I suspect pot smoking will lose a good deal of its cachet once legalized. It’s not so cool when lots of old people are doing it.

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    Much like all modern legislation, this Bill is written by the agencies most affected by its passage. Energy policy is determined by oil companies, Wall Street regulation is governed by the wishes of Goldman Sachs, Obamacare reflects the input of insurance companies and pharmaceuticals. Why shouldn’t this bill be influenced by the NSA?

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