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  • JohnO commented on the blog post A Decade Of Hijinks, Tomfoolery & Basset Poop

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    Thanks for the years of entertainment, Tom. Hope you stay with it.

    I miss Billmon, and The Editors from time to time. Hilzoy. Others.

  • JohnO commented on the blog post Light ‘em Up And Let ‘em Go

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    Just hope they have fun, TB. And, you know, not get shot or anything.

    Thank FSM the odds are good.

    I hear that several NYers are gay-friendly and/or comfortable with the darkies, so all I can do is hope for the best.

  • JohnO commented on the blog post I Was An Internet Badass

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    FSM bless you, TBogg.

    Things will get worse before they get better. Americans need to be clubbed about the face and head to understand reality. I hope Romney wins, to speed the descent and theoretical re-ascendance (like Great Britain!) of this country.

    Go, Mitt! What we need in this country is more wealth inequality, more climate change denial, more abortion restrictions (This planet is down to its last 7 billion, people! Freedom!), less taxes on the rich (who I like to point out messed things up in the first place, since they run everything), less gun control (I own guns), more incarcerated MJ users (Freedom!), more gay and immigrant bashing, more sick, starving old people, and, perhaps above all, MORE Mormon JESUS! Everyone knows Jesus wanted the poor to get a grip and pull themselves up by gnawing on their own bootstraps.

    It’s been fun to be a part of America’s greatest years. Can’t believe I’m glad I’m as old as I am.

    Also, I’m glad the gun nuts are part of a “well regulated militia,” the part of No. 2 they always seem to ignore.

  • JohnO commented on the blog post Five Oh!

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    Welcome to the Club, Mrs. TBogg!

    (And to TBogg: You must really have something going on yourself–notwithstanding your snarkaliciousness–to land such a babe.)

  • JohnO commented on the blog post Triumph Of The Pill

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    I need Douthat to tell us whether or not he and his wife use contraception, because any answer he gives is a win. He’s either a hypocrite or a eunuch.

  • JohnO commented on the blog post Oh, The Places I Will Go…

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    You are a good husband, man, father and blogger, TBogg. I hope you are a happy man!

  • JohnO commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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    Hang in there, TB, MrsTB, and LTC. Sheesh.

    Dog troubles make me about as empathetically pained as it gets. You’re in my thoughts.