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    Bond vigilante & confidence fairy are exactly right.

    But Krugman ignores motives. There’s a reason for moribund policy, deadlocked political will and policies that specifically do not create jobs. And, there’s a purpose behind them: population control.

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    shizzaa….good question, Eli. Obama is also attempting to restore long term sanity to a national applecart upset by the uninterested child-freak, Bush, and his pet monster, Dick Cheney. Obama is in the business of changing systems and institutions in our nation that were designed to change slowly, rather than tearing them apart & destroying them to rebuild them. He is really working hard to do the moderate business of evolutionary change, and that has been a complete and utter disappointment compared to the relentless campaign promises he made. I think he’d be well-advised to tear the country’s Repugs a new one in his second term, but I’m not holding out much hope for that, since he’s young with young children, he values the continuity of the office of the President and the threat level has never been higher.

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    I am so glad Obama was out of the country during Hochul’s last few days. He could have screwed the whole thing up in a day if he’d wanted to.

    But let’s remember this is only a House seat, our side was motivated and this was a midterm election seat-filler for Christopher Lee (R) who was trolling shirtless for dates on the internet.

  • All of these secret GWOT records are prelude to radical government changes…all in the name of “keeping us safe from terrorists.”

  • This is complete BS. If a Republican member of Congress wanted to visit a constituent under duress, nobody – not even the CIC – would dare to stop him. Same terms should hold true for Dennis.

  • Horton says Koester just about falsified precedent in order to justify torture for Addington:

    Why was Hardy’s [nee Koester] name redacted? She played an obvious and important role in the production of the documents. She made serious errors, which appear to be driven less by flaws in research than by a desire to produce an opinion that had the conclusions that David Addington wanted. The failure to identify key precedents and the malicious misconstruction of precedent is as much her fault as that of Bybee and Yoo. Hardy is also an ideological fellow traveler of Yoo’s and Bybee’s. In the midst of her work at the Justice Department, she took time off to serve as a clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas, with whom John Yoo also clerked. Moreover, while she was clerking for Thomas, he authored opinions relating to detentions policy matters on which Hardy was plainly engaged at the Justice Department. Like Bybee, Yoo and Thomas, Hardy is also active in the Federalist Society. Finally, her connection with the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis is important for several reasons. Mark Filip, who worked aggressively to derail or block the OPR report, and whose highly partisan engagement on the matter is disclosed in several of the documents disclosed on Friday, departed the Justice Department to become Ms. Hardy’s partner at Kirkland. It’s certainly possible that he was engaged in discussions with Kirkland in late January 2009, when he issued his opinion about the OPR report. The Kirkland firm has emerged as a distinctly Republican powerhouse, heavily populated with the party’s neoconservative wing, such as Jay Lefkowitz, Ken Starr, John Bolton, and Michael Garcia.

    So why would Hardy’s name be redacted? Disclosure of her name might get in the way of a future political appointment. It might also lead to a review by a local bar association of her involvement with the torture memos, something which Margolis is keen to obstruct.

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