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    If Boehner is still demanding that the President “negotiate” on Obamacare in order for Boehner to “consider” reopening the government, the President must stop saying that he won’t negotiate. Both parties negotiated and debated Obamacare for over one year through 2009-2010. Obama must start saying that he will not ” REnegotiate” Obamacare until Boehner “puts the [...]

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    That is where Obama and the Dems are wrong. For Obama to say that he will “negotiate” if the GOP reopens the Government is admitting that he is not willing to “negotiate” with them until his demand is met. The truth is that he and the Dems negotiated and debated for one whole year back [...]

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    The GOP is demanding that the President and the Dems “REnegotiate” something that Dems negotiatED and debatED for over a year with them before they constitutionally VotED on and passED this law. The Dems must stop GOP and the media dead in their tracks and say, “No, it is not true that we are not [...]

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    One last thing, Dems must start correcting the media and the Republicans and reply, “It is not true that we are not willing to negotiate. We already negotiated and debated for a whole year with the Republicans on this. What we are not willing to do, especially in a hostage taking scenario, is REnegotiate.” Please [...]

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    ThumbnailRepublicans are not requesting that President Obama and the Dems negotiate to end the shutdown. They are not even asking that the Dems negotiate on Obamacare either.  They are DEMANDING that the President of the United States and the Democrats “REnegotiate” Obamacare after both parties negotiatED, and that is with an “E” and a  ”D”, past tense.  Dems DebatED, [...]

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    Bottom Line–The GOP cannot and will not abide a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people…” They have no problem letting that government “perish” if it means that bean counters at health care companies cannot maximize profits and give their executives exorbitant salaries and bonuses at the expense of Americans’ health [...]

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    To sum up the Republican position on disaster relief and FEMA funding…We will allow you to help those Americans who have suffered through these natural disasters, to include a darn earthquake, only if you allow us to hurt some other Americans. That’s about the size of it.

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