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  • If we’re not willing to cut Israel’s allowance, then we’re just making noise.

    My thoughts exactly. And three cheers for Sweden; that’s the only bit of good news I’ve heard all day.

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    Jack Bruce was the most interesting member of Cream. Lovely solos and all that from Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, but what kept me listening to the records were the songs (like “Deserted Cities of the Heart” and “White Room”) written by Bruce and Pete Brown. Great work on Lou Reed’s Berlin, too–and, strangely enough, Lou [...]

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    I just hope, now that we find ourselves wobbling on the edge of the precipice, that our reaction won’t be the one they’re counting on: fear/compliance, in the vague hope that they’ll still take care of us somehow. Our only hope lies in fighting back.

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    It was dressed up to seem much prettier than it was, certainly, but it functioned: people had steady jobs and bought houses and, generally speaking, could count on retiring before senility set in. Now that system no longer functions; it has deliberately been broken to pieces. My point is that there’s nothing to count on [...]

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    It is likely that we are approaching, in the words of William S. Burroughs, a final impasse. The framework we have relied upon all our lives, and which we had assumed would remain stable, is being dismantled so the wealthy and powerful can consolidate a little more wealth and power; if anyone fends for us [...]

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    If people still mistake evil for incompetence at this stage of the game, all hope is lost.

  • We’ll stand down when they stand up. Advisers are dispensing advisement and the negative situation in Iraq will be gradually de-negativized over a period of decades. Stay the course, thousand points of light.

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    Meh. One doesn’t (shouldn’t, at least) expect reason or logic or open-mindedness from the Apparatus. Because we’ve never really confronted It directly, so much of our discussion of any major issue–drugs, police brutality, war–is still predicated on rhetorical questions like “when are they going to listen to us?” or “when will they see reason?”, and that’s why the discussion is never especially fruitful. They’re never going to listen to us. They’re not interested in listening to us. Which means we have to take some kind of direct action, and no one finds that an especially appetizing reality…so we keep talking in circles.

  • I remember how many people thought they were about to receive “free health care” on the eve of the ACA’s unveiling a year ago. And, while they’ve been disabused of that notion by now, there remains a general consensus that health insurance coverage at least guarantees access to care. Obviously, a lot of people have never gotten sick.

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    Wilson was never going to be held responsible for his actions anyhow. Not by a system which gleefully leaks the information that there was marijuana in Michael Brown’s system.

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    Why do I find it so difficult to believe that a government well oiled enough to engage in near-total surveillance of the citizenry, wage war on multiple fronts for decades at a time and regulate pain medication so ruthlessly that even terminal cancer patients have trouble getting it just sorta dropped the ball on Ebola?

  • Ghana, Senegal and Ivory Coast have banned flights from affected countries, and a number of international airlines like British Airways have suspended flights to the affected region. The only rationale that anyone seems to offer for not implementing a flight ban is loss of revenue.

  • It remains unclear why we haven’t simply blocked flights to and from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea when other nations have done precisely that.

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    It’s a very tall order, no doubt about it. But (in the words of the late, great Lou Reed) there is no time–it’s now or never.

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    No. Now the question is: how badly do we want to stop this from happening again? Short of violent revolution, the only chance we stand of nipping further wars in the bud is to stop voting for corporate-owned bullshit artists in the first place. Once they’re in, war is guaranteed.

  • But it’s drifting out of the news already, just as Edward Snowden has. For a couple of months, perhaps as long as six, these stories can seem earth-shattering–but then people get fatigued. They forget. It isn’t that cops won’t go on killing people; obviously, the pursuit of that brutal strategy will continue. It’s that the public will stop being angry about it and just accept it.

  • Predictable, sadly. The horror of Ferguson will be buried, and the public will forget amidst a steady dribble of “Hillary: will she or won’t she?” puff pieces.

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    Wharton was one of the best–right up there with Henry James. “The Pomegranate Seed” is one of those stories that give me a twinge of unease (or, in the words of H.P. Lovecraft, “a delicious shudder”) no matter how many times I read them. Right now I’m prepping for Halloween by re-reading Peter Straub’s Ghost Story [...]

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    Agreed. They don’t know what they’re missing.

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    Very cool, Elliott! I got turned onto this story when Edith Wharton mentioned it in the introduction to her own book of ghostly tales. There’s a layered quality in these old stories, a deliberation that–in my opinion–puts the present-day concept of “gotcha!”, instant-gratification horror to shame. They hold up very well to repeated readings.

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