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    Then what will the deal be? Please post your predictions for posterity’s sake.

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    As for Panetta talking about how terrible defense cuts will be, yeah that’s annoying. But it also strengthens Obama’s hand.

    If the Reps make a big deal about agreeing to this and the Secretary of Defense goes to Congress and says point blank our revenue situation is a national security concern, that gives everyone cover to compromise.

    Personally I don’t think the former CIA director is out on his own undermining the administration’s message: there’s a plan there.

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    It remains to be seen.

    Personally, I think at this point the Dems are well-positioned to capitalize on this: it’s the Republicans, not Obama, that are taking the brunt of the blame for the Do Nothing, Know Nothing Congress.

    The only way the Reps can force through a repeal of their Cat Food Commission bill is by threatening another government shutdown. In the process, they’ll piss off average Americans, and even their own base by backtracking on their pledges to “rein in spending” – remember this is the Republicans threatening a shutdown to repeal their own legislation.

    Obama looks like the adult in the room compared to these clowns. I think the Dems have done just fine with their messaging on the jobs bill and it’s components and they’ll do even better forcing the Republicans to backtrack on their own spending cut pledges.

  • Just saying: it’d be swell if the comments section here included a specific badge for people that have actually given money to FDL’s campaigns and ActBlue and worked on other initiatives, so we can know who really is a genuine progressive who wishes Obama would do more, and who are saboteurs and right-wingers that just want to dispirit the left, or other people that just want to throw darts from the sidelines.

  • You’re right, the rest of the world (and Republicans) are imagining DADT, Lilly Ledbetter, Dodd-Frank, the Affordable Care Act, CHIP expansions, saving the Supreme Court’s 4 vote liberal bloc, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, etc.

    The Reps are insane to think he’s a socialist – most people on this site are insane to think he’s a conservative.

  • This site has really been overrun with RedStaters and their ilk ever since the health care debate. It’s probably the tone of the stories too – which unwaveringly bash Obama even when he actually pursues progressive policies – wondering when he’ll backtrack or what his ulterior motives are or when his horns will pop out.

    Anyhow, I’ll be bashed for saying it but the veto threat was a good move that greatly strengthens his hand in negotiations. A veto threat then leaving town is a sure sign the man is washing his hands of it – he wins either way. Either he gets balanced cuts with OMB getting line by line authority to remove anything he wants, or the committee cuts a deal and they take the blame, or whatever.

    No one in Obama’s place could do any better unless you’re suggesting he sends troops to occupy the Capitol building until Congress does their jobs. The man is far from perfect but he’s dealing with people like Michelle Bachmann for God sake. Give him a break.

  • Boy cried wolf. And all the villagers ran to help.

    Boy cried wolf. And all the villagers ran to help.

    Congress cried wolf. And no one cares.

  • A fair point: but the format of the show as described doesn’t seem like a balanced discussion panel. You don’t bring on professional talkers and advocates and pit them against average people on the other side, unless you as host are willing to take the other side.

    Did the host seriously pit one lesbian parent vs a professional spokesman and expect some kind of back and forth? That’s terrible.

  • Because sick “heterosexual” men don’t rape little girls at far higher rates?

    Child abuse has nothing to do with the perpetrators’ position on the Kinsey curve.

  • Trend lines matter. But I also find it hard to believe the epically low approval numbers for the “Do Nothing Know-Nothing” Congress aren’t helping Obama.

    Personally I’ve been an amazingly harsh critic of Obama for 3 years – but he’s looking like a golden god by comparison to the Republicans’ post-2010 insanity. I wouldn’t have thought that possible.

    Obama is being incredibly smart to get the hell out of the vipers’ den before the super committee either implodes, throws up on themselves, or throws up on the American people.

    At the rate things are going Obama could win pretty convincingly next year.

  • Just one problem: the chip in Perry’s brain has started to malfunction :)

  • Obama is not zero – he’s half a loaf. Mittens is bread crumbs.

    Of the remaining contestants on The Biggest Loser, Bachmann summed it up nicely: she’s the “take 2 Happy Meals away from poor people” candidate. Those grifters and their Happy Meals…

  • Whatever – anybody who isn’t Mitt Romney is proposing completely insane policies that even low information independents will see through, so who cares? Any non-Romney would be a gift to Obama almost as good as his Senate opponent, Alan Keyes.

    The fact Gingrich brings a boatload of personal defects to the table and has the pompous, sneering demeanor of a high school principal from a bad teen movie is just more win. Sure, give the nomination to Gingrich – that just proves the Tea Party is even less representative of the 99% than anyone thought before – if it’s possible.

  • It’d be great if Congress could offset the cost to the Trust Fund of this measure with a temporary 0.5% tax on incomes over $1 million….

    Sorry, I couldn’t finish the sentence without laughing about this Congress.

  • This is the most powerful argument against the pipeline I’ve read. To be honest my sympathies were laying more with the self-interested unions, but this persuaded me. Well done.

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    Romney will get plenty of votes if he finishes strong in Iowa and then wins by infinity in New Hampshire.

    What’ll happen is Romney does well in either Iowa or New Hampshire, at least 4 candidates drop out, and then all Republicans fall in line behind Romney and his polls skyrocket to near 50%.

    Democrats fall in love – Republicans fall in line. Which they will unless a non-Romney wins huge in Iowa.

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    It’s sad – that Perry couldn’t have just shut up long enough to get the nomination. There was plenty of time for him to implode later.

    He obviously would have been better off just never saying anything. Those ads of his are slick enough and his opponents lame enough that silence would have worked, I think. Or if it didn’t, he’d still be better off even if the media hounded him for not being available.

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    If voting didn’t matter, there wouldn’t be ever-increasing amounts of money in politics. The big contributors are not in the habit of spending their money foolishly.

    As to those pushing a third party, if you really believe what you’re saying and aren’t just trying to depress left-leaning voters, the Democratic and Republican parties are just labels. Even the party machinery is becoming irrelevant. You can be a socialist Republican or a conservative Democrat if you raise enough money and convince the primary voters.

    The only reason anyone would need a third party is because they can’t raise the money or gather the support to mount a serious campaign.

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    We should really be trying to help the Cain campaign. I’m afraid Romney might plausibly be able to run away from the insanity of the Republican platform come election time. His reputation as ideologically, um, flexible, might let him run away from the craziness in a way that Cain or Perry or Gingrich never could.

    Thank goodness we still have congressional Republicans to remind Americans that Romney can’t be trusted to do anything for the middle class.

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    Ehh, I think you’re being a kill-joy Jon :) The minor defeat in Virginia is worrisome, but holding the Iowa Senate is just as important. I don’t see how control of the Mississippi legislature matters very much, since it’s obviously not a battleground state and unless I’m mistaken there was never any chance of Dems gaining congressional seats out of MS.

    Really I think the important dark cloud is Virginia, where Obama won considerably in 2008 and now looks solid Red. But VA isn’t critical if Kasich’s administration implodes in Ohio.

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