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  • Um…you know not anyone who criticizes the treatment of women by Muslim men does so out of ignorance and fear. Some of us respond to what we see, and read and hear. Like when I was out on an extremely hot day last summer and here comes the dude in shorts and tee shirt smiling and laughing while his wife is covered head to toe staying behind him not saying a word. Its in the book. Its been that way for 2000 years. That has a lot to do with fear and ignorance but not on my part.

    Let that woman dress in a reasonable fashion, let her walk with you, talk with you, laugh along with you. Until that happens that man will never earn my respect.

  • Well possibly…I guess. Heres the thing…regardless of the “complexities” of Islam and the problem of human nature, no matter how they got there the simple truth is, at least from what I have witnessed, women in Muslim countries suffer far more violence and oppression than those in non Muslim nations. For this I have no respect for Muslim men or their religion. Start treating women with respect and I will return the favor. I get that not all Muslim men are crazies ready to shoot up the place. But they do all participate in the oppression of women and for that they do not deserve my respect.

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    One little quibble with the post (and many other sources!). Could we stop saying “save the planet” or we are “destroying the planet”? The planet has been here for 4 billion years and will be here long after humans (and any other life forms) are gone. The planet is NOT whats at stake. It is the LIFE on the planet that is being decimated by human pollution of all kinds. Humans are trashing the place…burning carbon fuels, dumping chemicals everywhere we go, destroying life in the oceans and on the land.

    When we say we want to save the planet I just think it gives the naysayers an in to criticize. You know…”oh yeah we’re gonna save the planet! Sure we are!”

    we have to make it clear that the delicate balance of our atmosphere that has been in place for millions of years is being thrown off by human ignorance and greed. Animals are going extinct at rates not seen since the great extinctions of past epochs. The oceans are acidifying at alarming rates. Every sign from the animal and insect worlds point to a coming collapse of life as we have known it for most of human history.

    But the planet will keep spinning away. This planet does not give one flying fuck what life is (or is not) on it. Life forms have rose up, prospered and then died out all through the planets existence. The planet will be just fine. It is the life on the planet we are killing including ourselves. To ignore the evidence and continue down this road of certain destruction is insanity. But the planet will be fine.

    Its a little thing but i think it puts the debate in the deniers favor when we suggest we can save the planet. It dont need saving. Its all us creatures that depend on its life giving properties that need saved.

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    Dems vote in Rep primaries in an attempt to undermine the political process. There should be some limits, don’t you think?

    Like the political process your referring too is sooo not corrupt to the core anyway? Like the republicans dont use any and every method they can concoct to undermine this process? Do you see the republican [...]

  • I understand your point mary but you and i both know that there was no chance…none…of the Green or Libertarian parties even coming close. So I, like many others on this site chose what we thought was the better option…keep the obvious nut jobs out and hope that Obama didnt disappoint us too much. Until [...]

  • You know I became suspicious of Obama when he turned 180 degrees on the FISA bs while he was still a senator but making a run for president. He publicly stated he would vote against the FISA (which would free all the big communications corps from any possible legal hassles about unwarranted wiretapping of Americans) [...]

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    thanks ready…found it there.

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    can someone tell me why I dont get the streaming live video? All I get is a “Starting Soon” banner? and also why the convention is not being shown on the one of the big 3 networks? I dont have cable because there is generally nothing worth watching. I had to endure the republican convention [...]

  • You know…Ive been watching B.O. pull this crap since his FISA lies. I knew that he was lying about this veto shit…just as he was lying when he claimed he would not vote for FISA back in 2008. He is nothing but a corrupt, bought politician just like evey other piece of slime occupying our Capitol. He’ll say anything to try to keep the base supporting him. But its his actions that speak the truth. And that truth is ugly…very, very ugly.

    Im thinking of George Carlin…”Im not even gonna leave the house on election day. Fuck ‘em…Fuck ‘em. They dont dont give a fuck about you…they dont give a fuck about you!” Thats where Im at.

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    Oh and btw…GE forced drastic cuts in benefits for salaried workers in 2011. As a contractor at a large GE facility I was aware of all the GE corporate BS. My GE coworkers were stunned by cutbacks in the health care benefits starting in 2011. Billions in profits, millions of jobs shipped overseas and no [...]

  • Exactly…dont vote…revolt. Its the time…now is the time. After Obama I will never vote again. I will not participate in an obviously corrupt system that rewards liars and thieves while killing innocent, hard working people. Our corrupt health care system, our immoral wars, our refusal to do anything about climate change…it all kills innocents. No [...]

  • I work at a GE plant as a contractor…have for years. Just this year the direct employees at the aircraft engine plant told me they just had their healthcare benefits slashed. Deductibles soared and GE contribution was lowered. I will never forget their faces as they told me about this. These people work hard for this criminal enterprise only to have their benefits slashed.

    And now the word of their profits and tax dodging. 17 billion in profits while they slash their workers pay. GE is a criminal organization. A crime family if you will, built on the backs of abused workers.

    Oh and all my friends there are worried their jobs are going to be outsourced. I have seen all kinds of IT and mfg jobs moved out the plant over to China and India. And its not slowing down at all. In fact its getting worse.

    And the CEO of this criminal organization, Jeff “China My China” Immelt, is who Obama put in charge of his jobs policy programs? Of all the disgusting shit that Obama has done this was the one that finally made me despise the man. I have seen first hand the damage Immelt has done to hard working people and their families.

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    Obama’s head is in getting re-elected. He will say anything he thinks he needs to say to get elected just as he did in 08. He is a typical lying politician who cares nothing about the people who voted for him but kisses every ass the CorpoRats expose to him. He is lame and pathetic [...]

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    Is it just impossible for a man or woman to get up there and just speak the plain truth to reality? Can no president give a sotu and not sound like a total fool living in a dream world?

    I just want an honest, straight talking person uncloaked in ideology, not swayed by greed, money and re-election, set with facts and numbers to back up his assertions…I mean goddamned!

    Our government is simply embarrassing. Lame and cartoonish really. FUCK.

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    The corporations will always spout this competitive BS. All they really want is the cheapest labor possible to make the biggest bous possible. thats why Immelt loves China…cheap labor…end of story.

    I have been in manufacturing for 35 years. Injection mold making, tool making, now jet engines at a GE plant. I remember this plant when i was kid. All my friends dad’s worked there. It was near my suburb and if we got stuck anywhere near there at shift change it was a nightmare. In the 70s and 80s this plant employed up to 23,000 workers manufacturing jet engines.

    Now the plant employs approx 8000. there are huge rooms where machines used to make parts…now empty. Floor space everywhere as all the machines were torn down and shipped away. Much of the part mfg and engineering are now done by foreign countries. Computer based design allows digital models of parts to be passed around the globe from Mexico to Turkey to China and back to the US in minutes. My point is these jobs are not coming back because the CorpoRats dont want them here. Its too easy to ship it out and get it done at 1/4 the labor rate and go buy that yacht.

    Obama has once again told the working class to fuck off and die. The Corporations run the show now. Suck on it peasants. I for one will never cast a vote for Obama again. Ever.