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    I really do like the depth of the critique here. I understand the appeal of the myth we have around a democratic society, where institutions, like public education and prisons are responses to the needs espoused by the citizens. But, as Michael J. Parenti said once, “How many years do you need to ‘test’ a [...]

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    Thought provoking. Well done.

  • Regarding the Duke University study:

    About a year later, another analysis emerged, again published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This one came from Ole Rogeberg, a Norwegian economist, who said he could get the same results as Meier by factoring in socioeconomic status. In short, Rogeberg said the kids from poorer households would lose ground on IQ tests over time because they tended to end up doing work that was less mentally demanding.

    “The causal effects estimated in Meier et al. are likely to be overestimates and the true effect could be zero,” Rogeberg wrote. “Although it would be too strong to say that the results have been discredited, the methodology is flawed and the causal inference drawn from the results premature.”

    Put simply, a scientific consensus has yet to emerge

    source: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/07/27/fact-checking-the-sunday-shows-july-27.html

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    Or back when I was a youth:

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    Allow me to re-pose the original question: “Why do we keep re-creating hierarchic relations in our society?” I pose it this way, because the every day we get up and have the choice to go along with everything or to act differently. Every person that is here now as a part of society wasn’t here [...]

  • I was far too young to have a draft card, but I remember the campaign because I grew up in Massachusetts, and it was the first indication that the rest of the country is very different from the place in which I live.

    Fortunately I do have a memory of George McGovern, the man. In the 1980s I was working in a bookstore in Logan Airport and the former senator came through to pick up something to read on his flight. I told him I had voted for him in my 3rd grade mock elections. I’m not sure it really made him very happy, but he was very gracious about meeting a fan.

  • WTF? Since when does a government agency have to come up with a good reason to comply with the LAW?

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    There IS such a thing as too much money. People who claim that low taxes on wealth (e.g. capital gains) leads to economic activity have been proven wrong by the past few years. When very wealthy people have more money they do not invest it in businesses that will create jobs, they buy gold, oil, and other commodities.

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    Hi to everybody. I usually don’t comment unless a particular issue has me all riled up. I love dropping by to see what is on people’s minds though.

  • I think the first issue should be raising people’s awareness of WHAT the Violence Against Women Act is. Break it down for people and make the information available to people in a variety f media (include short youtube clips with reasonable production quality). The GOP keeps pumping misinformation, and voters in general are under-educated about the details of government.

  • Thanks, I used to eat them at the movies as a kid, so I have fond memories of the name myself.

  • Anybody seen the story on Romney criticizing the president on Afghanistan?


    A woman complains to Romney that her daughter is stationed in Afghanistan and wants to come home. Romney criticizes the president for not making the mission clear. The woman says she is considering voting for Romney, even though he has been saying Obama is wrong to have a timetable for troop draw down. She wants her daughter home sooner, but she will vote for Romney, the guy who thinks the troops should stay “indefinitely”.

    With suckers like that to buy their snake oil, the Republicans won’t have any problem finding votes in November.

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    Scott Brown has a huge cash advantage. I hope I (a Massachusetts voter) don’t get stuck with him representing me for long. Elizabeth Warren is my preferred candidate. She has worked to raise awareness of the plight of ordinary working families for decades, and Scott Brown sucks up to the Koch brothers. For me this race is a no-brainer, and for the old men who sit around at the Dunkin Donuts, it is a no-brainer in the opposite direction. Which leaves the people in the middle — those who pay no attention to politics until the last minute, or when something extraordinary happens. Sadly those people are the ones most easily swayed by TV advertising. This race really could be decided by the powerful $$$ interests that back Scott Brown.

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    With all of the stupid shit going on in politics these days, this item is barely worth noting, but here I go anyway… Mitt Romney is lying about President Obama’s defense record. He asked a partisan crowd in Florida, ”Do you realize our Navy is now smaller than any time since 1917?” This is something that [...]

  • How incredibly sad that we are now fighting over whether the military has the right to kidnap and indefinitely hold US citizens on US soil without any burden of proof or checks by the judiciary. The Senate has disgraced us once again. Even winning this fight is disgraceful, because this never should have been proposed.

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    And yet that perfectly describes the country that founding fathers like Paul Revere lived in. Paul Revere made things with his hands from ideas he had and sold them to FREE men like himself. Now we have to beg Rich people to let us dig ditches. The wealth has been concentrated into just a very few hands, and as a result all economic activity is at the pleasure of the Rich.

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    It is OUR money — the rich steal it through distortions in the tax code.

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    From: Massachusetts labor leaders court Occupy Boston protestors

    On Thursday, newly elected Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Steven Tolman visited the camp to bring tarps, hand sanitizer, duct tape, water and flashlights — and pledging support from the largest labor organization in the state. “I think it’s important that organized labor reaches out to people who are demonstrating for the right reasons and we see this as certainly the right reason,’’

    Good luck, everybody!

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    Thank you, that was very informative — eye opening!

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    I just caught part of the David Gregory / Herman Cain discussion on MTP. Talk about two idiots that are intellectually suited to each other! Still, I don’t have time to watch the intellectual feather weight bouts. I can get more intellectual stimulation by raking leaves.

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