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  • Very good post. Your last paragraph sent chills down my spine. I’ve thought for a long time that their ultimate goal was absolute rule, a dictatorship which could turn into a police state.

    This is madness. This is the United State of America. This cannot happen here……

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    It’s not necessary to go that far, IMO……although some families think they have to personally populate the world, ie: those that have 10 -20 children and still counting. (See reality shows on TV)

    No, I’m thinking of 3rd world nations who have so many children who go without food and water and basic necessities, and suffer horribly. If they were taught simple birth control methods, it would alleviate a lot of unnecessary misery.

    Birth control is inexpensive and easy and doesn’t kill anyone, like hunger and other privations, and war of course.

    Most women hate war more than anything. I know I do. And when all is said and done, only a certain strata of people are benefited. Most are left homeless, crippled, or lost their lives in the conflagration.

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    So does birth control.

  • I just don’t think he’s wired that way. He’s an intellectual who probably thinks that he can approach the Repubs with logic and reason and rationale.

    Whereas, the Bullies are blind, deaf, and dumb to anything but their own agenda. They care absolutely nothing for our Country or the average person. They only care about enriching themselves and power, and will stand in the way and oppose anything our President proposes.

    They have shown such disrespect to President Obama, it makes me literally ill.

    Much or all of it, IMO, has its root in racism. They are outspoken about wanting him to be a one term President. They want him unseated and OUT.
    They don’t mince words. It is the only truthful thing they have ever said.