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    I just wished Alberta Darling was on the list! But, 6 is a good number! Hopefully in 2012 there is enough signatures for a one year for Walker!

    I also wish we could get a recall for Congressmen Sensenbrenner from the federal government! He just holds too many votes in Waukesha, you know where the vote count is always wrong!

  • This is being done in Milwaukee, WI with a local bank supporting them. Actually it is the second one in this area. I only hope our Governor doesn’t pay any attention to them. They are not only having their own Farmer’s market but are selling produce to local food co-operatives. Their vegetables are not only soil based but also hydroponics. IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!

  • What she doesn’t say is that many of these changes started during Theodore Roosevelt’s time in office (a Republican). Many of the next reforms that he considered, were he to remain President for a full second term could not be done; therefore, his cousin FDR picked many of them up during his Presidency.

    Remember it was TR that invited the first black leader of his time, Booker T. Washington, to the Whitehouse for dinner. Since Wilson was a southerner, and a bigot, many new reforms would not happen during his time. And, the other Republicans following TR almost dismantled most of what he put in place.

    Therefore, as stated, it came upon FDR and his wife, Elenor Roosevelt, to find the right sense of humanity. Not only for America but for the rest of the world to follow, when she wrote the first Bill Of Rights for the UN to adopt.