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    Was at the concert you had in the article. It impressed me so much that I travelled to India and stayed for 6 months. Went to Agra where the sitars and tablas are made. I found it interesting that many East Indians, who I met, felt that his music was too “western”. Ragas in the [...]

  • Nixon outlawed Marijuana and hemp because many opposed the Vietnam war were part of the peace movement and smoked at that time.

    We were considered too radical & could overthrow the government in their minds!

  • jrubin998 commented on the blog post Apple Will Move Production of Some iMacs to the US in 2013

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    What is the difference, as much as I like Apple and have Apple products, they are incorporated in Nevada which means they pay no taxes.

  • jrubin998 commented on the blog post Bangladesh Factory Consumed in Fire Made Walmart Clothing

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    Another reason to call it ” BLACK FRIDAY

    People should be passing out pictures from this factory, like the charred bodies, in the parking lot to customers of Walmart; therefore, they can think how much they saved. But, that might not be very different from those who send troopers into battle – as GWB said go out and buy things after 9/11.

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    I know it is difficult for many, but stop buying at WM. There are other solutions.

    The blacks stop taking busses after the Rosa Parks incident and things began to change. The only way to solve a problem is hurt their pocketbook!

  • Since the ACA the average insurance increase in the private sector has only gone up by 4 1/2% in the state of WI. That is a lot better then the typical rise of 28% over the last few years……!

  • Most of the right were against the Govt. takeover of healthcare, so the States were given an option.

    The ones complaining of doing the State exchanges are those who now want the Feds to do it. Baffling for sure! Are they to lazy or do they believe politically this will help prove it as not working?

    I believe if this happens positively, the next easy step is “THE PUBLIC OPTION” or “MEDICARE FOR ALL”! Really make the private sector work for a living to help patients and preventative care rather then line their pockets &shareholders!!!!!

  • People will forget in 2 & 4 years from now. Take a look at the south. Worse educated, worst poverty and part of the 47% but still vote GOP!

  • No matter the outcome made by this President consider it better then the alternative.

    Obama is no Lincoln!

  • What universe do you live in?

    Did you ever think that the “Banks” or rich CEO’s would not find a way to be in the advantage position!!

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    I just like to say that America is NOT the greatest country on earth!

    Yes, there are great positive things we can point to, but lets not forget all the negatives……

    Killed off the Native American population.
    Enslaved Black Americans to this day. Slavery by the masters, by Jim Crow, by education and incarceration.
    Created concentration camps for Japanese Americans.
    Created a kill everyone concept since the Second World War.
    Destroyed the environment to have more Kinkos, McDonalds, Walmart, etc. every eight blocks.

    And now for 52 years killing the prospects of a middle class and a thriving democracy!

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    This is NO hanky! Look at the video (YouTube) at 14 seconds. – Stop it! If I had a hanky that big, I would need to wipe my ass! And why go back to the podium to pick it up and have problems putting it back in your jacket? Look at its size! You have [...]

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    I thought we had another Sarah Palin……thanks for the video. Yes, it needs to go viral!

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    How can one not comment? Willard was so confusing – how can you repeal the Affordable Car Act (Obamacare) and replace it with your own (retaining pre-existing conditions and kids stay on their parents policy until they are 26) as well as have States do it themselves? Will it be bipartisan?

    How do you maintain Medicare for those over 55 when NO one below that age is paying into Medicare any longer?

    How do you lower taxes, increase the military and still balance the budget?

    And how do you help pre-school children if Big Bird is gone?

    The loser of the night (if you need to play sports) was the substitute referee – Jim Leher?

    But, the President probably did not want to continually say – Willard is lying all night!!!!M

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    I am wondering if they believe this country does truly have 2 parties any longer. One has gone so far back in time that “Leave it to Beaver” is their channel. Therefore we should go back to a Parliamentary system where more parties a logic can prevail!

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    The only way Romney/Ryan wins is “VOTER SUPPRESSION”!

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    I live in Wisconsin and I already voted. And it sure wasn’t for Romney/Ryan….nor Tommy Thomson. One of the worst Governors in our history, but a lot better then Walker!

    It is all over but the counting!

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    None of the polls consider the amount of:


  • Wisconsin’s Scott Walker tried it and it was finally overruled!

    But, this could become the issue in all the newspapers, blog, etc.


    Just a more contagious issue we were upset by in 2000 – FL with Jeb Bush and Kathleen Harris. Or, 2004 with OH where they ran out of ballots and had fewer poll workers in Democratic districts. People were waiting almost 10 hrs. in line.

    Think of King Romney as your president & think how we send people from here to other countries to verify the voting habits or abuses when we do this to our own citizens!

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    Think about most of the box selling stores that “Willard” started. There is Staples…which like many others took away your local “mom & pop” stationary stores and replaced it with people who would say it is in AISLE 7B with no benefits and minimum wage.

    You got great service at your local store, but you were willing to pay a dime, quarter or dollar more. Then everyone told you the great savings at SAM’s CLUB or WALMART, TARGET, etc. So you drove 15 – 20 miles to save $20 and bought junk you didn’t need (shit the gas cost was worth it).

    I am not patting myself on my back about it, but I supported the local mom & pop stationary store when I had my own firm (from attic startup to 40 employee success – except when they closed their doors one year before I sold my business).

    So the issue is your choice also. Stay at a Marriott or stay at a little better service (more unique) hotel.

    Europe has many examples how that works. But, America is better – only dumber!

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