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    Corker Pops a Corker, A Real Beaut The right wing Washington Post published an article by Sen. Bob Corker, a real doozy, in which the senator from Tennessee placed Freddie Mac and Fannie Mai at the heart of the housing bubble. Corker claimed that government policies forced the two secondary mortgage giants to buy up [...]

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    Obama will appoint a Republican to the Federal Reserve Board to placate right wing Republican extremist Richard Shelby of Alabama. There’s really no need to do that but Obama is Obama.

    Which raises the question of who he will nominate for Supreme Court justices should seats become vacant and Obama is reelected.

  • Barack Obama has revealed himself to be one of the strongest, and at the same time cagiest, presidents in U S history.

    Obama did not “surrender” in the debt ceiling negotiations. He got exactly what he wanted. In the legislation is the Obama Cut and Gut Commission – a committee that represents a far greater threat to the middle class than the failed Obama Catfood Commission.

    This president has displayed extraordinary determination in his perverted quest to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    Why would Obama – now clearly a pseudo-Democrat – sellout the working classes of his country?

    Here’s my take on the Obama betrayal. He sold his soul and the soul of his country to his Sugar Daddy Donors promising during the campaign that he would do his utmost to kill the social safety net. In exchange for his soul Obama received record amounts of payoff money from his Wall Street benefactors to finance his run for office.

    By doggedly pursuing cuts to his nation’s most cherished programs Obama has once again displayed undivided fealty to his Sugar Daddies. And they are responding in kind. Already Obama is bagging tens of millions of dollars in cash.

    The words crafty, cunning, devious do not do justice in describing this man’s duplicity.

    He has set the stage for the first round of cuts to the programs. Worse, Obama has opened the floodgates to future changes by right wing extremists who have only begun the war and who are now greatly encouraged to continue the assault. The vendetta the right has borne for decades is about to realize a deadly revenge.

    I have no evidence that any of the above is a valid analysis. However, it seems less and less farfetched every day.

  • It should be obvious by now that Obama is fulfilling a promise he made to Wall Street fat cats during the campaign that he would cut the safety net. In exchange he bagged huge amounts of payoff money.

    By keeping his promise he retains his ability to bag even greater amounts of booty during the next election cycle.

    More than anything, Obama needed the phony “crisis” to deliver and reward his backers. His excuse of course is that he had no choice given the “crisis”.

    Obama has been described as a weak leader. He is anything but. He has shown the determination of an Abraham Lincoln in his assault on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Weak leader? Not a chance. He’s just on their side and he has delivered without fail.

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    Something Obamaphiles must give serious thought to.

    An honest answer will reveal whether they are party loyalists and will support the party candidate regardless of policy; or whether they are loyal to the traditions of a once great party and its New Deal values.

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    And he’s touched the third rail.

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    Obama touched the third rail. He will be swiftboated mercilessly in 2012. He’s toast. The man is spectacularly inept.

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    Does the term “spectacularly stupid” begin to describe Obama’s political ineptitude? He has agreed to put tens of millions of American’s on the chopping block by cutting Social Security and Medicare in exchange for eliminating a few paltry tax loopholes.

    The Republicans are going to have a field day.

  • Kay Hagan (D-NC) along with John Kerry (D-MA) joined with Republicans to further rig the marketplace in favor of Big Pharma. These two pseudo-Dems have forsaken the people who supported them in exchange for an inside track in the payoff money race.

    There is no honor among politicians. But the same applies to corporations. If these two Blue Dogs step out of line just once, they lose the race for the boodle.

    So they have ensnared themselves in the Big Pharma web from which there is no escape.

    There is an old Mafia expression: To win in politics, you gotta have the geetus. These two corpo-Dems know where to go to find it.

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    Barack Obama: Aristocrat in Chief If true Democrats don’t already know that Obama is a Blue Dog pseudo-Democrat in the mold of Big Daddy Bill Clinton, they haven’t been paying attention. Here is a list of pretend accomplishments that Obama and his tinhorn Machiavellis have shoved down the throats of former supporters. After HR legislation [...]

  • Health insurance “reform” is a travesty no doubt. Not only did Obama engage in crass backroom dealing to ensure industry approval, the bill was written by a former industry vice president so that the result was legislation that helped to preserve the warped nature of the industry.

    Consider this: Health insurance salaries, profits and costs are increasing at ever faster rates. Premium increases become necessary to maintain profit and salary levels. The rate increases then force younger and healthier customers out of the marketplace. That is, the industry loses more and more of its most desirable clients. To prevent declining profit levels due to a further loss of desirable customers, premiums must be increased yet again forcing more and more of the most desirable customers out of the market and so on. This catch 22 for the industry presaged a crisis so severe that it could have eventually led to collapse. How to solve the problem? Force the young and healthy back into the clutches of the industry by mandate. By compelling the young, under a law to be enforced by the IRS, to buy a defective product, Obama became the industry’s savior.

    The rest of the bill is rigmarole that presents challenges to lawyers who surely will find ways to sidestep the most burdensome details.

  • The Administration got rid of Little Schmucky and Fat Larry. Is there any way it shut Obama up at least until after the election? This guy is off the wall.