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    A correction about Earl Butz. The odious, racist Republican was referring to “colored” people when he actually said to Pat Boone: ““I’ll tell you what coloreds want. It’s three things: first, a tight pussy; second, loose shoes; and third, a warm place to shit. That’s all!” Of course, the pious simpering press of 1976 paraphrased [...]

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    “Arming those who help your cause, only later to have to fight them is as old as civilization.”
    And stupidity, ignorance,and greed are as old as civilization too. Blow back is their friend. There is always a better way than pouring gas on the fire.

  • There are for sure a bunch of unknown Christianist predatory opportunists recently graduated from Pat Robertson’s Regent University’s Law School who are thrilled that an upstream slot has opened up. Gov. Gifty was so busy studying Levitican ethics that he forgot to read about hubris and nemesis from the classical Greek canon. After all, Pat Robertson ethics is all one needs. Ignorant and Greedy. A deep bench of whackjobs and nut cases.
    As to 2016, Hillary’s probably got it so we end up with a smarter predatory opportunist and warmonger who nevertheless needs to prove her T levels.
    UGH! Tho I will take that over Sarah Palin totally ignorant batshit insane.

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    I suspect that most of the American public is too ignorant of geography and history to even have an opinion about war or no war in distant foreign places. They will respond to whatever propaganda is being streamed to them in the moment. Instead of percentages about support of war in places like Iraq, Afghnaistan, [...]

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    Don’t worry, isn’t the Senate in the process of clearing all this up with a law defining who is and is not a journalist? I’m sure there will be no problems of this sort with state sanctioned journalists. I’m certain George W Obama will sign that into law and the Supreme Five will not even [...]

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    I saw recently the Europeans refer to the young people at the “floating generation”.
    On the bright side, their lack of employment is preventing them from being sucked into the middle class lock down slave ship of predatory capitalism.
    So they are floating, but they ain’t chained to any oars.
    This will have consequences.

  • Larry ” Harvard Endowment” Summers and his buddies R&R are in a club, and as George Carlin so eloquently put it, you ain’t in it.
    The bitchez are loyal for sure. Minions of the 1% against the 99%.

  • Michelle’s response seemed quite restrained and civil. Also, it is nice to see a first lady who actually appears human in public, rather than as a tranked out zombie with a fake smile stitched on her face.
    Also, she is probably three times smarter than Boner and is just making a restrained, but human response to whatever inane, condescending BS he was flinging at her husband.

  • Remember, America is a torture state. Nothing has changed. If you are in the situation this young woman was in, you will be broken and you will comply. And that doesn’t mean they even had to water board her. Just put her in the right cell block in the right prison in the gulag.

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    “The Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy” by Warren Mosler help to explain this very counter intuitive idea of MMT that budget surpluses are not all that great in a fiat money economy. We have had a fiat currency since Nixon took us completely off the gold standard in 1971.
    What makes me particularly angry about Clinton is that according to Mosler, he understands monetary operations and the essentials of MMT, but told Mosler that it could not fly politically.
    Every Progressive should look into this as MMT provides a good rationale for full employment, with the government being the employer of last resort to provide a safety net for labor and a ready labor reserve for the private sector.
    It also explains in my mind why Dick Cheney, who started under Nixon, said that deficits don’t matter and why every Republican since Nixon has not worried about the deficit while preaching otherwise.
    Read Mosler,s book on the Innocent Frauds, it is realitively short and online for free.

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    Sorry Kurt, the ‘free market’ monopolists want an information toll road.

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    Germany is following the wisdom of the WWI Allies in the Versailles Treaty…crushing debt reparations resulting in a trashed economy throughout the 1920′s.
    Of course, it all worked out so well with the Austrian guy who came along to fix all that in 1933.

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    oh, and I expect one could say that Christianity has had that cancer since Constantine saw the cross and made it the religion of the Roman state.
    Seems mostly to be a non fatal brain and heart malignancy.

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    Pat Robertson is just another in a long line of American Christian grifters, working the marks and making a lot of money. The sociopath was using the cover of delivery of Christian aid to get Blood Diamonds out of Africa.
    Blood Diamonds dug by child slaves.
    It’s just another business day for him. And he’s just feeding the flock.
    And as far as legalizing pot, he’s probably already filed the patents on the best strains.
    Dude’s just working it.
    Much smarter than the Bernie Madoffs and the Goldman Sucks.

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    Of course the Generals don’t want to leave any war zone. It’s too good for bidness. The need a combat theater for the butt boy up and comer young lieutenants they are mentoring. They need to sign off on the procurement contracts so they can get a good job in the private sector after retirement. [...]

  • The US spends more than all other countries combined on its military empire. The Chinese are just laughing their asses off. Exhaust all your treasure you dumb asses and your empire will soon be dust. The Chinese should certainly know about that.
    All it will take is for the next financial crash to take out the US economy and remove the dollar from reserve status.