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    Also interesting, didn’t one contestant do a “foreign” Irish jig, and another a “foreign” Russian ballet? Or are those the right kind of foreign?

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    I can’t bring myself to sign the petition. I don’t think there should be a member of the clergy there at all. I know it’s not technically a violation of the establishment clause, but how about leading in such a way that doesn’t privilege a tradition of hate? I sent a message through the White [...]

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    As I recall, aren’t a lot of those states in dark green the ones that get the most federal monies? I seem to remember that northern states get less than a dollar back in federal funding for every dollar sent to DC, while states like Alabama and Mississippi get more than a dollar back. What, exactly, is that money going for?

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    His company just sent a flyer to my school offering “educational” DVDs about economics. After spending two minutes looking at the sample discussion questions, I immediately told our curriculum person to throw away the catalog and never order anything from them. And this was before I knew anything about who he was or what he believed.