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    When I was growing up in 1950s New Jersey, the only danger to our Trick or Treat candy was that my father would get up in the middle of the night and eat it.

    Oh well, fewer cavities for the kids.

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    “I’m not blaming the victim, but I’m blaming the victim…”


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    Okay, Chicken Little, we heard you.

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    “The gay community is fighting Godzilla with a slinky toy”

    Maybe so, but the slinky is still winning.

  • “For better or worse it will have very little direct impact on the majority of Americans.

    This means the law is probably never going to provide real benefits to most people which could potentially win them over.”

    I used to think the term “Firebagger” was a cruel exaggeration, but since I now have affordable healthcare, and my brother has affordable health care after a number of years in our late 50s and early 60s when we had to no hope of either insurance and just prayed we wouldn’t get ill…

    I ran through my life savings while ill 10 years ago on medical expenses, and paying $800 a month for the only insurance plan that would take me: neither can ever happen again thru the ACA.

    I had a friend who died several years ago by slipping through the cracks of then health insurance: a health insurance plan with a cap on payouts that stopped mid-chemo, until she went through her own life savings, and a pre-existing condition that barred her from any insurance at all afterwards, which lead to her death.

    She’d be alive under the ACA, and her daughter would still have a mother.

    I personally know over a dozen people who now have affordable healthcare and insurance, who had neither before the ACA.

    So Firebaggers you are: parroting the same tired schtick as the Tea Baggers.

  • Because a potty mouth is so much worse than allowing nine million people to risk their lives without healthcare!

    As it should be apparent to anyone who can read, my name is judy brown, and I was a frequent commenter on firedoglake for a number of years.

    Until I got fed up with your Obama Derangement Syndrome (which you share with Teabaggers and Fox News!)

    The latest example, the following is Daily Kos response to Fox News getting the vapors over the above video, which also — what a coincidence — applies to you firebaggers:

    “Cheer up, guys. It’s not all bad news. Thanks to this Funny or Die bit, millions of people will get the message that if they don’t have health insurance, they now have the opportunity to sign up for affordable, quality coverage. And that means a healthier, more secure America. That’s a good thing—unless you’d rather see somebody die than get covered.”

    Buh bye, firebaggers, enjoy your non-productive whining and wallowing!

  • Oh please just go fuck yourself, Frank33.

  • White House: 4.2 million signed up for Obamacare through February

    An additional 4.4 million people have been found eligible for Medicaid and CHIP through state and federal marketplaces. So that’s 8.6 million people the Republicans want to take health care away from.


    Nearly 9 million reasons to say bye bye to the firebaggers — so far.

  • My brother and I were both priced out of the healthcare market for a number of years in our 50s and early 60s: we both now can and do access healthcare through Obamacare.

    I had a single mother friend die two years ago from falling through the cracks of the healthcare system.

    Her daughter would still have a mother under the ACA.

    This times one million Americans without access to healthcare is the reason I rarely come to firedoglake anymore, and I’ll allow you to obsess on your Obama Derangement Syndrome all by your lonesome from here on.

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    As much as I’ll miss ice dancing, and the usually campy opening and closing ceremonies, I couldn’t in good conscience watch these gay bashing Olympics.

    Fuck you Sochi and Coca Cola and the sponsors of this hate-state games.

  • Twas ever thus:

    In Tennessee in 1960, cruddy C&W music like “Mama Put My Baby Shoes on Daddy’s Grave” was juxtaposed with Colored and White bathrooms and water fountains.

  • Jesus would only vote Green Party if he wanted to elect Republicans, which is what the Green Party does.

    I doubt Jesus would want to elect Republicans or vote Green Party.

  • Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out, Padre.

  • Ya gotta spend money to make money.

    How else can they support their grift, but by appearing to give the suckers hope?

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    There’s another hidden message in Pope Concern Troll’s writing, that the husband should lay off, rather than on, his wife in order to spare her pregnancies. In other words, if he’s a good guy he’ll time his wife’s pregnancies so she isn’t debilitated by childbirth. In other words, it would be the husband’s decision alone [...]

  • Who could have predicted that hate mongers would treat other fellow humans badly?

    Even other hate mongers!

    There’s no justice in their world. Wotta shock.

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    #8 Back in the ’70s and ’80s I worked more than one temp job where I refused to go back, or walked out the door, if I didn’t like how they treated me. And the temp agency simply booked me elsewhere.

    I doubt that’s possible now.

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    I worked as an office temp, occasionally, in the ’70s and ’80s in New York and Los Angeles.

    Usually, I’d sign up with an agency when I needed bread and within a day or two I was working, for as long as I wanted to work.

    At $10 an hour.

    Haven’t needed to since, but couldn’t if I wanted to — from what others tell me I’d need to register with at least a half dozen agencies, and even then, it’s no guarantee of even a temp job of any sort.

    And three decades later, the lucky ducks who are hired are lucky to get a devalued $10 an hour.

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    By the way, if you insist on going with the strictly legal free streaming sites, Youtube offers an unbelievable amount of serialized TV shows and movies. I prefer the BBC productions of Upstairs, Downstairs, I, Claudius, the Forsyte Saga from about 10 years ago, etc. But you can get everything from Cold Case to Bonanza, [...]

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    I cut the cord months ago, bought antennas for the TVs, but so far haven’t bothered to hook ‘em up. The dramatic shows I want to watch (as well as movies) are all on, ahem, free streaming sites on the internet of one sort or another, including YouTube. I’ve also been able to watch breaking [...]

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