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  • juliania commented on the diary post When We Look Into Their Eyes . . . by Isaiah 88.

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    Thank you, Isaiah88, once again. Apologies for being late here. They left the body in the street. Those words took me to Sophocles’ play, Antigone, third in the Oedipus cycle. The son of Oedipus has been left dead outside the city walls; Antigone, his daughter raises a solitary protest for which she is imprisoned. Tiresias the [...]

  • Here’s an addendum comment to the unfolding situation in my native land (from http.//www.thedailyblog.co.nz)

    “In my opinion the secret intelligence services of this country are running totally out of control.
    The fact that our so called Secret Security agencies, who are supposed to be public servants, are so pally with the extreme Right, should be the concern of everyone.
    The Secret Services of this country SIS and GCSB, using the cover of secrecy, are not accountable to our democracy.
    The opposition Labour Party has promised an investigation into the activities of our secret services. It is well overdue.
    The SIS and GCSB are closely tied to the Secret Service, and military forces of the USA and their interests and this is considered normal.
    The secret intelligence services of this country mounted a witch hunt against Ahmed Zouie, a democratically elected MP from Algeria who was forced to flee his country in the face of a murderous Western backed military coup. The SIS tried to send Zouie back to Algeria and to his certain death. The hounding of Zouie by the SIS was based on evidence and testimony which the SIS refused to reveal, much of it coming from the French Secret Service, the DGSE which was friendly to the Algerian Military Regime. The DGSE, is the same French secret service agency that murdered Fernando Fereira and sank the Rainbow Warrior. And which despite their close links to western intellingence agencies the GCSB and the SIS did nothing to prevent or apprehend the perpetrators.
    The secret intelligence agencies of this country through their close operational and other links to US forces, in their effort to do their bit in the “War on Terror”, in collaboration with the Police and the SAS mounted a hugely expensive year long para military surveillance operation against a manufactured so called terrorist threat in the Urewera ranges but encompassing in its drag net all sorts of people right across the country.
    This whole operation which came into the open with aggressive and dramatic illegal para military raids on Tuhoe communities with numerous illegal detentions, ended with the jailing of well known Tuhoe leader Tama Iti and one other person on relatively minor fire arms breaches. Ultimately resulting in an official apology to Tuhoe from the police for the police’s involvement, but no apology form the SIS, GCSB or SAS.
    The secret services of this country in close collaboration with the US secret services and again with the use of the SAS and the police mounted another illegal surveillance operation ending in another over the top dramatic paramilitary raid on Kim Dotcom for the heinous alleged crime of copy right infringement.
    Subsequent investigation of the illegal spying on Kim Dotcom uncovered the fact that the GCSB in particular regularly and knowingly had broken the law on numerous other occassions, illegally spying on at least 88 New Zealanders, when their founding charter expressly forbid such spying. That such illegality was forgiven and retroactive legislation was passed by the current government to cover up this illegality makes it no less troubling.

    A warning from the past, to the future:
    When they came for Ahmed Zoui I wasn’t a refugee so I said nothing.
    When they came for Tama Iti I wasn’t Tuhoe so I said nothing.
    When they came for Kim Dotcom I wasn’t an overweight German businessman so I said nothing
    Then they came for me……”

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    Paul Craig Roberts: ” The opposition from Washington, Washington’s EU vassals, and Washington’s stooges in Kiev to the inflow of humanitarian aid is due to the West’s desperate attempt to keep the world from knowing about the massive destruction by Washington and its stooges of civilian lives, housing, and infrastructure in those former Russian territories who [...]

  • “…He noted that his colleagues were not phased by Clapper lying to Congress because it was not shocking to them. They were used to the dishonesty…”

    Apparently Congress wasn’t phased either. Remember when we had a Sargeant of Arms, the guy who locks people up in the Congressional basement dungeon? Probably converted to NSA computer listening posts now.

  • Thank you for this report, Kevin. I hope the following won’t seem to far off topic, but the author at this book promotion event, Nicky Hager, is I think New Zealand’s version of Edward Snowden in the impact he will have in that tiny corner of Five Eyes NSA invasive tactics, and this is a good news story I think – the video in particular charmed me with its honest and brave participants:


    I hasten to add that I have no connection with the author – only heard about him during all the revelations that were initiated by Snowden himself.

    Recommended, as far as that is possible here.

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    The moon was there for me too, warp9, happy day that was! (Of course, I’m cheating somewhat, since I was born in NZ, but hey, that just means I get two birthdays, yes?) A packrat in my roof made certain I would be up every hour on the hour to enjoy it – I think [...]

  • juliania commented on the diary post Jimmy Carter Demands “War Crimes” Be Investigated In Gaza by CTuttle.

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    I have an undying (and realistic) affection for President Kennedy, and Carter to me has carried on the legacy Kennedy might have done had he not been taken from us in that terrible way. Thank you, CTuttle. Recommended, and I hope you are safe – still have the bigger storm to contend with, I understand. [...]

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    Yes, thanks for that PillBilly. I realize the Green Shadow Cabinet is very outspoken on the crimes being perpetrated by the occupying regime against the suffering Gazaans – the New Zealand Greens are calling for New Zealand government divestment from a public fund that invests in the occupiers’ businesses. That is the point on which [...]

  • juliania commented on the diary post Gaza Update: Bibi’s Worried, The Carnage Continues, and Global Protests by CTuttle.

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    I hasten to recommend, with the heaviest heart. Thank you, ctuttle. The following makes me glad to be a member of the Green Party, even though I didn’t find a similar statement at the Green Shadow Cabinet, US:


    Scoop has three heartrending Palestinian stories top of their current page:


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    Apparently that’s not really the goal, since the incremental genocide was continued in Ramah last night, targetting a boy’s school and killing ten, injuring 30. This from rt.com: “…Amid the growing worldwide protests against the Israeli military campaign in Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that his government will act “according to our security needs [...]

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    Thank you, marym in IL. I have written down those names and shall research them. No others in Congress shall I vote for in future where it is possible for me to do so. I know, that doesn’t amount to much. No financial assistance to the pseudo- state shall I knowingly support. The man who is [...]

  • juliania commented on the diary post Gaza Conflict: 72-Hour Ceasefire Fails; 1451 Palestinians, 59 Israelis Dead by fairleft.

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    Can’t help responding with an International Community thought: HAMLET: To be, or not to be–that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune Or to take arms against a sea of troubles And by opposing end them. To die, to sleep– No more–and by a [...]

  • “…depending on the narrative believed by the International Community on the circumstances of the abduction, either Israel will get carte blanche to accelerate their occupation of Gaza, or Israel will be pressured to end it.”

    Well, I do think the verdict of the International Community (I’m assuming you mean all us horrified onlookers) is in. It doesn’t have anything to do with capturing soldiers in tunnels or kidnapping same, nor does it have to do with rockets haphazardly fired out from the rubble that was the tiny, enclosed Gaza strip.

    I see from the link you have provided to Politico that no, it is the poor attacking pseudo state that is tiny; that Harry Reid thinks theirs is the emergency – oh, are their UN shelters and their market places and their schools and their children being reduced to bloody shards by aerial bombardment?

    It’s called assymetrical warfare.

    It’s an ongoing war crime.

    And the bombarders are the US Senate’s very best friend in all the world.

    The verdict is in.

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    Let’s for a moment consider the term ‘collective punishment’ (used in the New Yorker article quoted above – no disrespect intended). Collective punishment is telling Palestinians to leave their homes and move to designated shelters, and then bombing those shelters. Collective punishment is announcing an humanitarian ceasefire so that Palestinians may rush to the market place [...]

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    Thank you, williamboardman. I give praise to all investigations into this tragedy as long as it is done thoughtfully and fairly, as you have done here. I would hope as people puzzle over what happened, that light will be shone upon the conflict that has come about because of the Obama administration’s need to ramp [...]

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    A contained engine failure with all those BUK thingies amassed on the ground below, increased radar operations, and a military plane flying reconnaissance, of course. Happens all the time.

  • juliania commented on the diary post Israel Tries New Rationale for War by Siun.

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    Thank you, Siun. On the subject of the claim:


  • Sorry, typing fingers at after midnight.


  • Returning to the matter of delegitimizing American warmongers, might I suggest once again that Russia is engaged in precisely that effort right now, and what do we hear at fdl?? This is the forum for such a debate, and my frustration stems not from hubris (I hope) but from concern for my children and their [...]

  • I couldn’t add this to your post on Wayne Madsen from July 17th, metamars, but just read the following at rt.com: Russia urges to probe the participation of the mercenaries from the EU in Ukraine’s conflict Russian Foreign ministry demands the authorities of Sweden, Finland, France and Baltic states to carry out an investigation to [...]

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