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  • juliania commented on the diary post Cleveland Protesters Shut Down Major Freeway For an Hour by Ohio Barbarian.

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    Thank you for this diary, OhioBarbarian. Good on your local organizers and on the police as well! We need to give praise where praise is due, and my wish is for such efforts to spread and be appreciated across the land. My own thinking is that there are far too many guns in circulation, and [...]

  • juliania commented on the blog post Ferguson Unrest Erupts After Darren Wilson Not Indicted

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    I’ll also indulge you, newcarguy – to me, yes, there is enough question about the matter that a simple referral to trial could have fleshed out a rationale for justifiable shooting; the ptb didn’t do that but deliberately chose the most provocative – I keep using the word ‘scenario’, sorry. I can’t see that as anything but criminal provocation and from what you are saying about Obama’s speech (I didn’t listen), that as well.

    I don’t doubt some genuine frustration and anger is being expressed. But somebody’s deliberately stirring the pot and maybe having a good drink of the brew as well, just to make sure.

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    Excellent, eCAHNomics. I was disappointed that bmaz left with a quote describing Americans as lazy and ignorant. That is not the way to go on this. The ptb is quite deliberately pushing all the buttons. It’s not Odessa yet, but we’re on the way there. Maybe they’ll use that KKK connection we’ve been hearing about, as Kiev uses the Nazis. Some kind of trial balloon in the Ukraine, maybe. Get a few loonies to start the ball rolling who are dedicated fanatics. And meanwhile we’ve got our own Poroshenko and distorted media goons. I can’t watch them any more.

    [By the way, over the weekend I did watch the entire 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' on Youtube, the original seven parter - Alex Guinness is wonderful, and the filming so superior to anything done today. 1979, I highly recommend.]

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    To take another very broad analogy which I myself hope won’t literally be the case, I’ve always thought Occupy in its beginnings very much resembled the ‘Les Miserables’ scenario, and you could also say the Decembrists in Russia coming before their actual Revolution. Very broadly speaking, there are the preliminary confrontations ending disastrously but that first trickle through the crack in the dam, and it is apparent now that the conversation has been going on that this was not just about one isolated incident of injustice but the entire apparatus of the State is being marshalled against the entire dissatisfaction of the people, and like any huge earthen edifice with increasing floodtide behind it, once it cracks it is going to go.

    The crack is there. When it will spread and how we don’t know, and it could indeed take years, though the awareness factor is spreading exponentially and the ptb know that, which is why they amassed such strength against such a small apparent conflagration. It’s also why the rich cannot have enough billions in their coffers. Not just greed; now fear as well. So the public’s fear is their weapon of last resort; clamp down hard, is their reasoning, if you can call it that. We need to take a lesson from the martial arts maybe. Step aside; let the blow ricochet against itself. Wait.

    I almost posted the biblical handwriting on the wall last night. They see it, even if we don’t quite yet embody it.

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    Yes, both worth doing!

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    No, I wasn’t suggesting they would be directly involved. But with communications and the information age they do not need to be. Sure, different strategies have to be employed, better ones than the ones you mention because based on example, not infiltration. I have faith there are savvy individuals already about the task I sketched. It cannot go on that citizens are exposed as they are being exposed at present, nor should they be castigated for being afraid to face tanks and machine guns. So long as there’s a will, there will be a way. And questioning who is doing the building burnings is a first start, as you suggested.

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    You have to start somewhere. Did you not notice how long it took Solidarity? This is not going to be an easy fix. But as in Poland, what you do is follow the precept ‘to everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn.’ And doing the same thing again and again expecting a different outcome is what?

    But I don’t need to, and don’t want to, preach. It will be happening. I think it is an organic process that cannot be stopped. Just don’t lose heart.

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    Here’s the link:


    In light of Lambert’s observations, and your comment about provocateurs, I felt the comparison was worthy of consideration, eCAHNomics.

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    If anything, your comment supports the analogy (which, as stated, was a “partial” analogy at best.) A considerable bloc of countries, in the east this time, is rising up in counterplay against our own hegemony – many of us have been following this new world order with great interest.

    I’m sorry you don’t see the similarities. It’s worth going to the original post by Lambert – I will go get the link.

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    Very important post, eCAHNomics. My first instinct, sadly in these times, is towards the instigators of violence. Name them, isolate them, shun them, all good people concerned for justice. And organize! This was orchestrated from the very start.

    Yesterday, nakedcapitalism’s Lambert Strether had up a very good post pre-release of the Grand Jury decision. This comment near the end of the discussion was worthy, for me, of deep consideration:

    November 24, 2014 at 2:51 pm
    Can anything be learned about organizing strategy from the urban uprisings which have taken place between 1965 and the present.

    With increasingly massive displays of police force any strategy which simply relies on street demonstrations and marches without being able to protect its organized citizens who are marching as well as their property seems futile and ultimately counter-productive (high-risk of violence, arrest, beatings and death by the National Security State (along with political defeat and psychological demoralization).

    Perhaps there is a partial analogy to the historical situation Polish citizens faced between 1945 and 1976, when attempting to take on the Polish authoritarian police state. Back then collective action tended to appear almost choreographed. Some outrage would occur (as in Poznan in 1970) and citizens would take to the streets usually deciding to march on local communist party headquarters, such buildings would eventually go up in flames, then government troops would end up firing into crowds killing many people, than mass rioting and prolonged street battles, then armored troops and tanks and more deaths followed by political defeat, increased hatred of authorities and permanent alienation.

    Out of such a cauldron of death and destruction as well as 30 years of political defeat Solidarity by 1980, was able to come up with a successful organizing strategy which largely protected its citizen-activists and created enough leverage to force the national authorities into real negotiations.

    We now live in our own emerging Police State and the organizing strategy of Solidarity should be closely examined for possible application to particular urban regions like the St. Louis/Ferguson area.

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    The part about fracking and shale oil gave me pause. If indeed these ‘resources’ are what replace the need for middle eastern interventions, it is terrawar of a different kind, and we are all lost. One thing about whale oil – those whales went where they pleased, and no nation could claim them exclusively. Must be [...]

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    I would call it The War of Terror. Or simply The Terrawar.

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    Yes, thank you, Harvey. The pain does seem to stretch all the way back to that terrible moment when we understood the pain of the Lincoln assassination for citizens of that time. The loss of FDR as well – might we have been spared the guilt of that atomic disaster? Was it already foreordained? Our [...]

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    Very likely scenario, ChePasa. I’ve got an odd slant on this. How about it is the same tactic they’ve tried in the Ukraine – hasn’t worked there because Putin took the high road, but it seems to be the only course of action left to the ptb – bait, bait, bait, and hope for the [...]

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    My question would be, what about the land? I see a field of lush grass there – is it reclaimable for small intensive farming? This is Pennsylvania after all. I realize much pollution would have occurred, but trees seem to be growing and so the question is, do you want to make money or do you want to make a living?

    Where I live a project was started to have a mobile grocery for tribal areas. Couldn’t such a project serve some of these less populated places from the closest cities so that the survivors wouldn’t have to leave?

    This system of plunder and abandon has to stop or the whole world will be Braddock, with only tiny enclaves of ‘prosperity’ – and those enclaves will be sitting ducks in a sea of unrest. Not good for anybody.

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    Thank you for this post, David. Many of us still silently grieve. And as you have expressed here, it is hard to ask any human being to make the sacrifices that have been made – the only thing I can add is that I am sure that someday the entire truth will be known about [...]

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    For those of us who need reminding, on this anniversary of the coup in Kiev, here’s a very good summation of the protests on the Maidan and what we know about what happened a year ago there:


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    Didn’t you read the part where Isaiah88 said this, mulp? How many Americans could look in that mirror without turning away? Not one of us. That’s how many. But some of us still remember who we could have been… We are none of us perfect! I, for instance, do not join the brave BGrothus in her [...]

  • Just some random thoughts – today is the anniversary of the Maidan protests, and Poroshenko appearing there (who is still orchestrating military attacks on eastern villages in Ukraine) was booed by protesters still seeking a just state. In Albuquerque last I heard the officer who shot first at the homeless man (a white person by [...]

  • Thank you for staying with this, wendydavis.

    Strength and prayers to everyone shining the light.


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