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    Really glad you saw that, wendydavis. Here’s the link to the Guardian article that has the story :-


    Sorry to be late here. Good thread, Pluto – Recommended!

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    Didn’t we blame Iran/Contra on Reagan’s Alzheimers? I didn’t know that was a permanent White House malady. Seems to have metastasized now as well. It was so simple when there was just the one bunch to ‘help’. I’m reading a “futuristic” spy novel from the ’90′s called “Icon” (point of disclosure, it turned up on [...]

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    There were no lessons learned from Vietnam. I find that incomprehensible. PBS is even using Nixon’s voice to ‘inspire’ us in a constantly played promo. Promoed me right off tv altogether. (I was holding my nose on the Koch infiltrations, but this is a bridge too far.) And I can’t even read the Hedges piece, [...]

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    I’ll tell you what’s gone too far, DSWright. PBS rewrote one of its promos to have Richard Nixon be the lead presidential voice meant to inspire us. It inspired me all right – right away from television all together.

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    Well, I’m right here and I missed it completely, so don’t feel bad. It’s thanks to you and this diary that I went looking for The New Mexican’s ‘take’ on the subject here. I didn’t find a headline, but this did pop up. I well remember your wonderful diary, made my hair stand on end, that [...]

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    Not sure you’ll have seen this, wendydavis, but it will awaken your memory chords and is a good account of times past in Northern New Mexico (David Correia gets a mention.)


    Quite something that he died on Martin Luther King Day, don’t you think?

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    I just read through your last KRQE link, wendydavis, a whole lot in there that was news to me, so thank you again very much. That grand jury exercise in futility is simply a stunner. Your entire diary does a great service to us here in New Mexico, and as you point out, to every [...]

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    All I meant by that remark was that since the news broke on Channel 13 I haven’t seen later stories, but I don’t follow that news outlet on a daily basis, and would have missed the story unfolding except for your excellent diary. I just can’t wade through all the other stuff on the news [...]

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    I’ve just looked at the David Correia link you give early on in your piece, and I have one correction to make to the text that accompanies the videos. The intersection near which the shootings take place is southeast Albuquerque, whereas in the text it is given as northeast twice. Constitution is one of the slower [...]

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    Thank you again for this indepth coverage of my near-local situation, coverage which the news outlet you provide the video for promised they would ‘follow’ but as far as I know they have not done so. (I’m not seeing it but then I’ve given up ingesting sordid petty crimes right before bed, which is the [...]

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    I would like to give a respectful in depth argument for why the death penalty has suddenly become the prosecution’s debatable strategy, with respect to jury selection, and it seems to me that it is not Dzhokhar’s dilamma but rather his hope.

    That is, particularly in the Massachusetts environment, where I suspect many if not most citizens have been following ongoing events globally, there is more awareness than might be, say, in the Midwest, of the immediate historical context in which this trial links to the global ‘war on terror’ as orchestrated by our very own government.

    Here is a rivetting analysis from RT to the matter of the Chechnyan refugee encouragement in the US. To others like me it speaks to a reason the government would very much like to have snuffed out this one particular life on trial, and also to the complexity of the case itself. I think for this particular case, potential jurors are strongly inclined to keep all options open. See if you agree.


  • Thank you for this, jbade. The Greeks would say not to judge a man happy until the end of his life, and I would change that to a similar recognition as you have expressed here, that Martin Luther King gave his most important message when it reached out beyond the immediate injustices of his own [...]

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    Thank you for this hardworking thread, wendye, and a big recommend this week of Martin Luther King remembrances. I wrote a little more on your cafe about this article by Norman Pollack at counterpunch.org today, as I think it enlarges the horizon beautifully. Here is just the final quote from that article to give us [...]

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    It is almost too painful to think of Dr. King this day, we have slid so far back from even where he stood at so many podiums for so much eloquent exhortation. The cadence of his speech still echoes, rising and falling but it is the falling, the falling that envelopes us this day in melancholy.

    You touch our pain; he would weep with us for what could have been. That was so clever of the ptb, wasn’t it? To figure out how the Bush years had made us ready to renew our dedication to the ideals of Constitutional liberty – and to crush those ideals.

    I cannot understand how the man we elected with such hope has managed to pretend to be the fruit of Dr. King’s vision, to pretend to embody it in his deeds in office. I cannot understand how he dares to approach any podium and use those cadences in empty rhetorical flourishes that have no weight to them.

    It is a day for remembrance and for mourning what might have been. This was a great man we honor today.

    Thanks for an eloquent diary. Recommended.

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    You asked what the immediate impact was, and I have to say that I wasn’t looking for faces in the plumes of volcanic eruption, but rather felt a sorrowful pang as your image reminded me of the one person I ‘knew’ who died during that eruption. That was the young scientist tented just below the crater – I believe it was PBS Newshour which featured him only days before standing on the rim of the crater and brimming with excitement just to be there. Mt. St. Helens will always be that young man for me. Very close to my oldest son’s birthday, and of similar age at the time.

    I’m glad you were at a safe distance, Starbuck.

    On your thesis in general about camera work – I will say I had a suspension of belief in the report on Kennedy’s assassination when I saw video from behind the car entourage showing the Secret Service stepping off the rear platform, one of them raising his hands as if to say ‘Why?’ while the Kennedy pair now exposed were oblivious as the vehicle slowly moved forward. I can’t shake that one either. Maybe it happened all the time as they travelled, but that one instance has been a huge question mark for me.

  • Thanks for initiating this discussion, jbade. I would disagree with your headline, though. I don’t believe, after reading some of the articles I could link to at duckduckgo, that ‘advocates’ is the correct term for the conversation and gesture as I have seen it described. That’s a bit over the top, though perhaps it serves [...]

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    Well said, kapock. It has been a long time since Frontline was a show I respected. I did respect DSWright, but this is a disingenuous article at best.

    ” Like Russia, the US also has an elite that largely exists above the law…”

    Would that the US was more like Russia in requiring of its oligarchs a fealty to the needs of the nation, the wellbeing of its citizens. You only have to look at how each set of politicians is regarded by its citizens to realize that US citizens for the most part are not proud of their government, whereas Russians very much are.

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    The questions raised in this article are important ones that increasingly US citizens are asking. In all the Nordic countries, there is broad general agreement across the political spectrum that only when people’s basic needs are met — when they can cease to worry about their jobs, their incomes, their housing, their transportation, their health care, [...]

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    To you and eCAHNomics: I’m a believer in fractals, where the small pattern is a replication of the large, so I don’t think either of you are OT. Chris Hedges takes the issue of rich vs. poor to explain the extremism violence in France, and he has a point. Here we are at close hand [...]

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