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    Thanks for the update and the link to the candidate and lists for those states with folk running, Andrew. Short of moving to one of those states, I guess I will be sitting this one out in New Mexico. I have to say, though, that the following items on candidate Swing’s agenda just don’t seem [...]

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    Sorry? Where is the blame? “They’re like us,” I said.. . . That is, we have all been similarly imprisoned. I thought it fit. Book Five of The Politeia , I should have attributed, sorry. To me it is exactly as your First Nations quotation, wendye. Just a different reference point. But sixteen might have been a bit [...]

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    {Chuckle} You’re welcome, Isaiah 88. I was going to say ‘Recommended’, which I did do, but the text overawed me. Your title and the lovely graphic inspired me to hunt for that passage, mostly because that is what I have always felt Plato was attempting to do in that dialogue, find a way to get [...]

  • Not only satellite coverage in the southern hemisphere, BSbafflesbrains, but the important fiberoptic cable, I think labelled Southern Cross, which was the target of NSA helped along by the NZ security service GCSB, as revealed by Edward Snowden. Here’s a good article about that:


    It is also worth remembering that John Key hosted early secret meetings to orchestrate the TPP trade deal which we’ve commented on here. New Zealand is small and out of the way – might be perfect for the world domination plans the NSA has been working on. Especially as it has been hard to generate attention on what is happening there, though I think that might be changing. (Key is best buddies with Obama, by the way.)

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    “Next, then,” I said, ” make an image of our nature in its education and want of education, likening it to a condition of the following kind. See human beings as though they were in an underground cave-like dwelling with its entrance, a long one, open to the light across the whole width of the cave. [...]

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    Forgot to say it was quite wonderful to see Glenn and Julian joined by Edward Snowden via video hookup in my hometown Town Hall.

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    Thank you to fdl for left paging this. I did watch the ‘Moment of Truth’ video last night from Auckland Town Hall, and it is still available to watch at http:// thedailyblog.co.nz/ Also there is a good summary of the night’s proceedings – http://thedailyblog.co.nz/2014/09/16/pm-key-accused-of-allowing-secret-spook-cable-sensors-to-spy-on-citizens/ The actual video is very worth watching; good on you Glenn, [...]

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    Thanks, wendydavis. The following radio interview from today reveals Glenn at his best: http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/ninetonoon/audio/20149641/glenn-greenwald-on-extent-of-gcsb-mass-surveillance To jbade thanks again, and I do think the US is part of what is happening in New Zealand. It may seem it’s far away and of little import but it is part of the whole NSA shenanigans and we should [...]

  • I think you are correct in your assessment of Strelkov, Demian, and also in the statement about the Orthodox attitude towards suicide, but a qualification with respect to that attitude leaves room for a compassionate result, as expressed in this pastoral letter from a convocation of bishops at St. Vladimir’s Seminary in 2007:

    “…as we have studied this issue, it has become clear to us that far more cases of suicide than have previously been recognized involve spiritual and/or physiological factors that significantly compromise a person’s rationality and freedom. While not removing moral culpability from all suicide cases or changing our general stance against suicide’s moral permissibility, we affirm the deep relationship between physical and spiritual factors in human agency and we acknowledge that, in most instances, the complex web of causes contributing to a suicide lies beyond our full understanding.”

    Source: http://www.pravmir.com/orthodoxy-suicide/#ixzz3DEhj7Krc

    It has been my experience that the very unfortunate death of a young friend in my church family did not result in his being treated differently with regard to funeral rites or burial.

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    I will just post the link to the rt.com article, jbade, and thank you for drawing attention to it. http://rt.com/news/187552-greenwald-snowden-dotcom-nsa/ For those who are interested, the Auckland town hall meeting Monday night at 7pm will be carried live on thedailyblog.co.nz – for midAmerica that translates to Sunday night, late – I’m not sure what the [...]

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    Nice to see you Anthony, and definitely this re-creation of disastrous policy starkly outlined in Obama’s speech totters on the brink of insanity. I won’t be voting at all in the present shamful electoral process here, a decision which hurts me deeply since I treasure the right to vote. My rainbow pony wish would be [...]

  • Thank you for bringing this story, Kevin and FDL.

    “…Honestly, Sutter’s action could not get enough attention. The more it is held up as a model, the more likely it is to influence another district attorney who has to handle these kinds of cases…”

    Let it be!

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    The article claims that the West ‘managed to provoke Putin’s counterattack and thus a fight…’ This is absolutely not correct. There was no ‘counterattack’ from Putin. Had there been, we would be looking at a worse situation than the one we are currently facing. Ukraine is being torn apart internally while Putin is attempting to [...]

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    I am late to this slumber party, but kudos to wendydavis for hanging in there with some rather intense examples of what her post was pointing out (this latter being the final rudeness.) For any who may be bewildered, the disassemblage invoking Putin’s statement about his military support to Crimea’s request for inclusion in the [...]

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    Thank you, Isaiah88, once again. Apologies for being late here. They left the body in the street. Those words took me to Sophocles’ play, Antigone, third in the Oedipus cycle. The son of Oedipus has been left dead outside the city walls; Antigone, his daughter raises a solitary protest for which she is imprisoned. Tiresias the [...]

  • Here’s an addendum comment to the unfolding situation in my native land (from http.//www.thedailyblog.co.nz)

    “In my opinion the secret intelligence services of this country are running totally out of control.
    The fact that our so called Secret Security agencies, who are supposed to be public servants, are so pally with the extreme Right, should be the concern of everyone.
    The Secret Services of this country SIS and GCSB, using the cover of secrecy, are not accountable to our democracy.
    The opposition Labour Party has promised an investigation into the activities of our secret services. It is well overdue.
    The SIS and GCSB are closely tied to the Secret Service, and military forces of the USA and their interests and this is considered normal.
    The secret intelligence services of this country mounted a witch hunt against Ahmed Zouie, a democratically elected MP from Algeria who was forced to flee his country in the face of a murderous Western backed military coup. The SIS tried to send Zouie back to Algeria and to his certain death. The hounding of Zouie by the SIS was based on evidence and testimony which the SIS refused to reveal, much of it coming from the French Secret Service, the DGSE which was friendly to the Algerian Military Regime. The DGSE, is the same French secret service agency that murdered Fernando Fereira and sank the Rainbow Warrior. And which despite their close links to western intellingence agencies the GCSB and the SIS did nothing to prevent or apprehend the perpetrators.
    The secret intelligence agencies of this country through their close operational and other links to US forces, in their effort to do their bit in the “War on Terror”, in collaboration with the Police and the SAS mounted a hugely expensive year long para military surveillance operation against a manufactured so called terrorist threat in the Urewera ranges but encompassing in its drag net all sorts of people right across the country.
    This whole operation which came into the open with aggressive and dramatic illegal para military raids on Tuhoe communities with numerous illegal detentions, ended with the jailing of well known Tuhoe leader Tama Iti and one other person on relatively minor fire arms breaches. Ultimately resulting in an official apology to Tuhoe from the police for the police’s involvement, but no apology form the SIS, GCSB or SAS.
    The secret services of this country in close collaboration with the US secret services and again with the use of the SAS and the police mounted another illegal surveillance operation ending in another over the top dramatic paramilitary raid on Kim Dotcom for the heinous alleged crime of copy right infringement.
    Subsequent investigation of the illegal spying on Kim Dotcom uncovered the fact that the GCSB in particular regularly and knowingly had broken the law on numerous other occassions, illegally spying on at least 88 New Zealanders, when their founding charter expressly forbid such spying. That such illegality was forgiven and retroactive legislation was passed by the current government to cover up this illegality makes it no less troubling.

    A warning from the past, to the future:
    When they came for Ahmed Zoui I wasn’t a refugee so I said nothing.
    When they came for Tama Iti I wasn’t Tuhoe so I said nothing.
    When they came for Kim Dotcom I wasn’t an overweight German businessman so I said nothing
    Then they came for me……”

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    Paul Craig Roberts: ” The opposition from Washington, Washington’s EU vassals, and Washington’s stooges in Kiev to the inflow of humanitarian aid is due to the West’s desperate attempt to keep the world from knowing about the massive destruction by Washington and its stooges of civilian lives, housing, and infrastructure in those former Russian territories who [...]

  • “…He noted that his colleagues were not phased by Clapper lying to Congress because it was not shocking to them. They were used to the dishonesty…”

    Apparently Congress wasn’t phased either. Remember when we had a Sargeant of Arms, the guy who locks people up in the Congressional basement dungeon? Probably converted to NSA computer listening posts now.

  • Thank you for this report, Kevin. I hope the following won’t seem to far off topic, but the author at this book promotion event, Nicky Hager, is I think New Zealand’s version of Edward Snowden in the impact he will have in that tiny corner of Five Eyes NSA invasive tactics, and this is a good news story I think – the video in particular charmed me with its honest and brave participants:


    I hasten to add that I have no connection with the author – only heard about him during all the revelations that were initiated by Snowden himself.

    Recommended, as far as that is possible here.

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    The moon was there for me too, warp9, happy day that was! (Of course, I’m cheating somewhat, since I was born in NZ, but hey, that just means I get two birthdays, yes?) A packrat in my roof made certain I would be up every hour on the hour to enjoy it – I think [...]

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