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  • junk commented on the diary post War Culture by David Swanson.

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    Not to throw water on the American warlike nature, but I don’t think any serious historian still believes the Angles, Saxon and Jutes that migrated to Britain ethnically cleansed the existing Romano-Celtic population. Today it is widely held that the number of migrating Germanics was much lower than once held, and the change from the [...]

  • junk commented on the blog post Democrats Suffer From Significant Enthusiasm Gap

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    The Obama administration is terrible at marketing, and even worse at policy.

  • junk commented on the blog post Young and Hispanic Tend To Be Most Politically Disengaged

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    So much of the rhetoric coming from Democrats has been simply, “vote Democrat because the Republicans are so bad”. I wonder if there would be so many “bystanders” if the Democratic message was more positive. I mean, have things become so dire that merely not electing Republicans is the best that politics can offer?

    I mean, I don’t think I’m off base to suggest that to a poor minority, particularly one that is portrayed in such a negative light in this age of anti-immigration hysteria, that “not Republican” simply isn’t an effective organizing principle.

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    What other comments have I left? Please do share. Oh, I thought it was just the Glenbots who were paranoid conspiracy freaks.

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    Funny comments, but I’m left wondering what the point of comments on this thread are. Some anonymous posts on another thread are funny? I mean, are all of you as challenged of substance as Tbogg is?

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    But there is a difference here, I’m not the one trying to pretend that making fart jokes in public means my opinions about current events should be taken seriously.

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    Knee jerk response? Why does this Tbogg guy think he has any credibility to on, well, anything? Perhaps he should leave the discussion of real issues to others and get back to calling Republicans poopy-heads, or whatever.

  • junk commented on the blog post A Programming Note

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    Wow this is shocking news. I think you were one of the best bloggers out there DDay. Even if the “general new cycle” type of blogging has changed (though personally I don’t now what has changed) I think what you do is vital if there is even going to be a “blogosphere” on the left.

    There are a slew of issues I don’t have to wade into the MSM to learn about when I can just read your work, and that means quite a lot. Your voice is one I know I can trust and can always come to, and I know I”m not alone. Who will ever fill the shoes you are leaving under your news desk?!

    Well whatever you turn to, it better be as vital and wide-ranging as what you do now. And one more thing, FDL is losing DDay and yet keeping TBogg around? I certainly hope that isn’t a bad sign!

  • junk commented on the blog post RIP Richard de Berry, AKA Southern Dragon

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    Though I never commented, I read Lakeside Diner religiously every day. His was a voice I greatly respected. RIP Southern Dragon, and my deepest condolences to all of his loved ones.

  • junk commented on the diary post Polls and Occupy by Todd Gitlin.

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    Thanks for this Carol, but I don’t think those Obama voters who aren’t already disillusioned will ever see other than what they want to see.

  • junk commented on the diary post Polls and Occupy by Todd Gitlin.

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    I think you are entirely correct and I didn’t mean to play down the level of oppression which in many ways is quite unprecedented. But I also don’t want to play down the instances throughout American history when state oppression has erupted into deadly violence either, though I agree that the state would definitely stoop [...]

  • junk commented on the diary post Polls and Occupy by Todd Gitlin.

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    All I can say is that we must have done a really, really dreadful job of getting the message out and counteracting MSM propaganda.

    I guess so because as a very interested and very sympathetic observer that’s not what I see. However, my reaction isn’t from what the media says, it is in reaction to what [...]

  • junk commented on the diary post Polls and Occupy by Todd Gitlin.

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    And what is preventing “the rest of the country” from doing what you say they want and what you say is needed?

    Who or what is standing in the way?

    A lot of things, but I think you are just changing the subject.

  • junk commented on the diary post Polls and Occupy by Todd Gitlin.

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    Perhaps Occupy was “never supposed to be a political movement”, and the whole point was really to show the country Occupy’s internal processes of “General Assemblies, Affinity Groups, Working Groups, informal alliances and so on.” But unfortunately the rest of the country was and is largely uninterested in that, and wanted something that would wrest [...]

  • junk commented on the diary post Polls and Occupy by Todd Gitlin.

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    I think the first thing that needs to happen in order to figure out what went wrong is to stop blaming the media, the Democrats, etc. This needs to happen because it does no good. The politicians and the media figures are externalities that can’t be changed. If Occupy, or whatever replaces it, cannot grow [...]

  • Who is making it easier for a teabagger to get elected? The liberal group or the party machine who insists that a corporatist Democrat must be the candidate? DelBene isn’t the kind of Democrat anyone should support, if the Democrats can’t elect someone who will represent more than just corporate interests then f’em.

  • junk commented on the blog post The Sneering Reaction by Media to Assange’s Asylum Request

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    What is in the supposed indictment from the grand jury? He could be accused of espionage in the service of the enemy, then he could be executed. This happened many times, for instance, during WWII.

  • junk commented on the blog post Sunday Late Night: Lurkers, Please De-Cloak

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    I’m a very frequent daily reader, but a very rare commenter. The FDL news and views are top notch. I am a member and will remain so for the foreseeable future. What you have going here is important, vital even, and deserves all the support it can get.

    I do enjoy reading through the comments and often get a second point insightful of view on a subject, or third or fourth, etc. And even though I don’t participate I really like the sense of community here.

    The only quibble I have about coming to FDL is it could be easier to find things, but perhaps that’s just me!

  • Gods that is an inspiring post, I hope 50,000 is the sheer lowest of the low ball ball of estimates. After what seemed like a shearing off of the globalization protest movement after 9/11, could it really be time for it to rematerialize? And not only that, but come back bigger, more persistent, and with a better plan?

    In the face of Rahm’s threat of lockdown, this is kind of response is called for, and truly heady stuff. Though I wouldn’t be able to make such a protest, I’d definitely put whatever resources I can muster where my mouth is.

  • Well maybe Gregoire has been good on LGBT issues, but she’s done so poorly on non-LGBT issues this doesn’t make her any kind of saint. Let’s face it, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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