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    CNN is saying the GJ will reconvene Monday at earliest: no decision yet.

  • “if not impractical, then certainly confusing, extremely difficult to document, and a bureaucratic nightmare”

    That could be a “sig line” on every piece of legislation! 8^)

    Seriously, though, when an applicant paying his back taxes says he spent the last 5 years working for Acme Roofing (which never reported or withheld) what happens to the company? What happens when one undocumented worker was employed by another? Especially when the undocumented employer is not eligible for the amnesty?

    Here’s a good one: what happens when someone applying for the amnesty has been receiving benefits to which they were not entitled?

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    “Now, he gives us an Obamacare immigration fiat that will really help no one but the already rich.”

    And the useful idiots cheer…

  • “The worker pays many other forms of taxes besides income tax”
    Jesus. Since no one is contesting that can we stop wasting bytes on it?

    “If the context is that the person is working hard, performing necessary services, under harsh working conditions, for low wages and is making so little money or is being paid off the books, then the implied disparagement of the worker is false.”

    You can drop “low wages and is making so little money”: there’s nothing wrong with not paying taxes when you don’t earn enough to be taxed.

    “Working hard” and the rest? Why should working hard should excuse you from paying taxes? Lumberjacks bust ass performing necessary services under harsh working conditions: should they be tax exempt?

    I’m not trying to “disparage the workers” because it’s not their fault. Unlike tax cheats such as Al Sharpton, the undocumented often can’t pay taxes without exposing themselves, their families, and their co-workers to risk of discovery, arrest, and deportation. I don’t blame them for not paying taxes, I simply point out that when half of them don’t “the ones who do pay get screwed”.

    I realize you’d love to twist this to make me look as though I’m sneering at poor struggling families, but what I’m actually sneering at is your pretense that as a group the undocumented are “givers” not “takers” to use your terms from the last time we had this discussion.

    “Making the statement that “X” doesn’t pay taxes, without context, implies a world view about “X”.”
    Only to an idiot.
    Me: Group X pays no taxes!
    Idiot: That’s terrible!
    Me: Group X is the Westboro Baptist Church Homeless Shelter.
    Idiot: Oh…

    What’s your point, anyway? In this case we have plenty of context.

  • I think the whole back taxes thing is pretty impractical, but I guess the way it should be done is the employer owes the 941 taxes, plus interest, fines, and penalties, and the employee would have to file a normal return for each year they were “in the shadows” (I assume they’d get a pass on late fees and interest).

  • I’ll be happy to discuss that with you, in a thread about the super rich not paying their fair share

    Meanwhile, why not throw that red herring on the bar-b-que with a little lemon?

    Speaking of misrepresentation and lies, Sarah B. did not say the 47% were scofflaws: she said the tax scofflaws among the wealthiest top-tier Americans.

    By the way, according to Wikipedia’s definition of a “troll” your posts qualify you: they’re “extraneous, or off-topic” and “disrupting normal on-topic discussion”.

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    “It was not reform”


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    “It was a big day for immigration reform groups ”

    Why? Were any immigration laws reformed?

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    “The GOP position is incoherent relative to previous positions”

    Sigh. Congress, as the writers of law, can indeed make revisions (which must be approved): the President can not.

    Just because I want something done does not mean I don’t care whether it’s done legally.

  • “Why are you not concerned about the mega-super-rich paying NO Fed Inc taxes???”

    Why do you assume I’m not? Aside from general hostility, of course.

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    Can we revoke his citizenship and leave him stranded?


  • I provide a link that says they some of them do

    Fixed it for you. marym, I am not claiming that no illegals pay any taxes, I am claiming that some illegals do not pay all their taxes. Your sources and your own words say the same, and when some people do not pay then the ones who do pay get screwed.

  • “pay workers in cash, not withholding taxes”

    Thank you for arguing my side of the taxes issue.

  • “Obama’s Big Speech was the last cynical full-throated quack from the lame duck”

    Certainly hope so…

  • I’m not sure how many undocumented democrats own property to pay taxes on, but obviously they pay sales taxes (duh!).

    Now say it slowly and it won’t hurt so much:
    Fifty percent of the undocumented pay no income taxes.

  • @jedimsnbcko19:
    “the Democrats needed to make sure Hispanics voted for Democrats in 2016 and for ever more.”
    Not sure how well that will work out for them: I assume everyone here has noticed that legal immigrants of every race are furious?

    @Phoenix Woman & kafka:
    See alan1tx #11

    Unauthorized immigrants pay taxes too.
    If you insist on continuing to beat that dead horse at least be honest enough to mention that your own link says only 50% pay income taxes.

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    Do you have a link for that?

  • “as long as people without papers are allowed to live here” I think you just put your finger on the actual problem… “why not make their lives a little less difficult to navigate?” You should start leaving your door open when you go out: as long as people are going to burglarize anyway why not [...]

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    Here’s the thing: regardless of whether or not there is sufficient evidence to convict Wilson in a court of law, there IS sufficient evidence to bring Wilson before a court of law to face charges. The irregular way the GJ hearing in this case is being handled just makes the overall situation worse and accomplishes [...]

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