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  • Classic disaster capitalism in Hoboken.
    The Rockefeller Group, Mitsubishi, bribery…
    I hope they get all the way to the bottom of this.

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    Clint Eastwood delivers a brilliant performance in his latest role as an ignorant, embittered white racist Republican whackjob.

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    Is there a list of remaining advertisers still supporting the big fat idiot?

  • When does orchestrated voter fraud become election fraud?

  • Fascinating article in the current NatGeo, The King James Bible, expands on dakine’s lead off and your comment:

    In the course of the 16th century, England had undergone something of a yo-yo Reformation, veering from one reign to the next between Protestant and anti-Protestant regimes, never quite settling into either camp. The result was that England had two competing versions of the Holy Scriptures.


    This was the divided inheritance King James wanted to mend, and a new Bible would do it. Ground rules were established by 1604: no contentious notes in the margins; no language inaccessible to common people; a true and accurate text, driven by an unforgivingly exacting level of scholarship. To bring this about, the King gathered an enormous translation committee: some 54 scholars, divided into all shades of opinion, from Puritan to the highest of High Churchmen. Six subcommittees were then each asked to translate a different section of the Bible.


    The King James Bible has always cut both ways. It had its beginnings in royal authority, and it has been used to terrify the weak. It has also brought an undeniable current of beauty, kindness, and goodness into the lives of rich and poor alike. Its origins were ambivalent—for Puritan and bishop, the great and the needy, for clarity and magnificence, to bring the word of God to the people but also to buttress the powers that be—and that ambivalence is its true legacy.

  • Mubarak stashed a lot of wealth around the world and has many friends among the global aristocracy . . . Mubarak should do just fine during his final years on this planet . . . BUT, if his pro-regime civil war gets any worse, he might find himself hanging from a lamp post . . . A 3 day old report stated that 19 wealthy Egyptian families just left in private jets for Dubai . . . There’s an ancient tradition of corruption in Egyptian government and a vast gulf between rich and poor . . . A likely apocryphal story about King Farouk’s lavish living in exile was that he refused to donate money to aid poverty on the basis that “If I donate my fortune to buy food, all of Egypt eats today, eats tomorrow, and the day after that they are starving once again”, thus rationalizing his high living. . . . This seems to be the prevalent attitude among the global aristocracy even today