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  • Deb, not so nice. Condoning pedophilia is the last refuge of a sick mind, esp. when you have to resort to quoting the National Review. Condoning the enabling of pedophilia by a judge is just as bad. I realize that the loony right will do anything and say anything to turn an argument but the right is actively supporting pedophilia in this case. And that is just wrong. And amoral.

  • Why were you so foolish to predict the most optimistic numbers? Now you have become the butt of jokes from the right because the numbers can’t match your magical prediction? Why do we have fools who only exist to make us all targets of the right? Don’t believe me? Check out Memeorandum. They on the right are laughing at us because of innocents like Dayen. We need more savvy progressives. Please. Think before you post, FDL.

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    Another take on the ‘strategy’ aspect of PowerLine’s delusion and paranoia. http://bit.ly/equ2XU