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    The thing I most loved about that announcement, that gave me almost naive flourishes of love for human personality, was the “I mean, it’s your own trip” part. I just adored that. They’re not gonna come and slap it out of your hands, but they’re worried you’ll get hurt, so they want to give you a warning. That was lovely. I adored it.

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    So God is a vampire, and can’t come in unless invited.

    A gun, on the other hand, can go wherever it wants.

    God: less powerful than a gun.

    And since the country has millions of people who speak for, and worship, the all-powerful gun, I don’t see why we need Bryan Fischer at all!

    Ah, there’s always a silver lining.

    …Still not worth it. Even if we really could stop hearing Bryan Fischer.

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    So much fuck you, so little time.

    18 kids were murdered! 27 people all in all! We’d better blame us some… DEMOCRATS AND BLOG COMMENTERS!

    …As a writer hobbyist, I really dislike these people, not just for the obvious reason, but because I couldn’t write them without people saying “come on, no one’s that cartoonishly evil”. To quote Wodehouse, “I’m not allowed to make money from it, but it is dashed well allowed to inconvenience my life!”

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    …Okay, so Matthew Boyle obviously sees “I know, Matthew,” as Andrew Breitbart about to be lowered into freezing carbonite, and Matthew dashing out from under ACORN’s black robe to shout a defiant “I love you!” Which, you know, good for him, there’s nothing wrong with a good Star Wars fantasy.

    But personally? I may be biased, but it seems to me that there was likely a lot of unspoken words around that. Like “Good Christ” before it, and “I am familiar with all crazy right-wing-troll traditions, Matthew, you call me up at this hour to tell me that you’ve just realised that Occupy is ALSO part of the Stalinist Kenyan Nazi ACORN empire that is full of black people? Jesus, do me a favour, next time your erection lasts longer than four hours, just post to the blog, don’t bother me with this shit.”

    And that is how Matthew Boyle was knighted into the Forever War Against The People In Glenn Beck’s Brain.

  • How very, very much he deserves to be President.

    You can know things which are wrong, right?

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    …So, if I were to tell you that “continuing to participate in the current society, flawed as it is, may be your only way to properly acquire food, employment, healthcare, and socialisation”, you promise that you’ll go off the grid and live in a homemade cabin in the woods because I tried to manipulate you?

    I mean, I get that backlash thing as well, I just recognise it as being phenomenally immature and try my best not to act on it.

    Ah, well, shouldn’t feed the trolls.

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    There’s also an Illuminati card called “Gun Lobby”. And “Israel”. And “Hitler’s Brain”. And “Giant Kudzu”. This conspiracy goes REAL DEEP, people. And seems to have many, many goals, most of which counteract one another.

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    Well, I suppose it’s better to have people working on reducing prison rape because “THAT’LL SHOW THOSE BITCHES” than to not have them working on reducing prison rape at all?

    I jest, of course, this guy’s not working on reducing prison rape at all, he’s just interested in a stick with which to beat strawfeminists. Who are bitches. Who are only interested in rape because it’s a stick to beat HIM with.

    The thing is, I can understand him. He’s a foolish and hate-filled little man who knows something is wrong with his life and has decided to blame it all on the XX-chromosonal. Stupid, but understandable, like a dog who barks at passing cars. It’s Dr. Mrs. Old Professor I don’t get. When you find yourself putting up a disclaimer that, well, you don’t approve of his text-based effluvia RE: the sluttiness of foul fat sluts who are sluts, why not just consider not linking to this particular person at all? “Women should be skinny, obedient, and ONLY FOR ME” isn’t such a brilliant and unique insight that no one else in the world has said it, and one of those people has probably managed to say it without screaming incredible misogyny throughout. Just credible misogyny. Mid-level misogyny. The kind you don’t have to walk back from while you endorse it.

    I mean, ranting about fat women and ‘foul sluts’ is a bad thing because it shows one’s fairly negative view of women on the whole. So how can you say, essentially, “Apart from this man’s view of women, which I do not endorse, I heartily endorse his view of women”?

    …By being a wingnut, natch, I get it. It’s still hard to process for me.

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