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    Yea John in Sacto.

    I adored watching this on Ted Talks. Delighted you picked up on it.
    Glad to see you here.

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    Earlier this evening I was watching a fascinating interview on AlJazeera with M Night S_________, the movie director, whose name I don’t know, but probably everyone at FDL does. Anyway, the focus was on MNS’ first book, I Was Schooled, reporting on a special two year study of all of the educational reforms over past [...]

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    Bless you, John, Thanks for the heads up. I’m so grateful to have the video and your comments and stats. I’ve been looking for a single issue that I might become involved with and it feels like this could be it. Because of the ACLU sponsorship, can I assume that they will be the primary [...]

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    Bless you dearest Chris for your wonderful tribute to your dad, my brother and
    our Dad’s son. It’s so much more painful for a vibrantly healthy 93 year old father to suffer his young son’s way too early death. Oddly enough, for all of Dad’s Republican conservatism, he too contributed to your Dad’s reatness.

    And it’s painful for me because I counted on John’s modeling the kinds of moral socio/economic conscience that I sought to live, often through great physical suffering. His writings introduced me to many parts of the world I would never have known and gave me lucid frameworks on issues I was struggling to understand and act upon in my health and housing advocacy efforts. His all too infrequent trips to Sacramento were always a special treat for me as I could ask for his perspectives on issues I was working on. And his arrivals would usually mean a big family meal at your mom and step-dad, Mary Lou and Frank. I’ve always marveled at that ongoing friendship over the years and I’m so grateful for Mary Lou’s friendship
    over the year and her kindness in helping me deal with my grief.

    Thanks for the great picture of you and John at Sarah’s wedding. May Sarah, who sacrificed so much to care for John in the last month, and her husband Paul finally get a lot of much needed peaceful rest. Thanks to Nadia for delighting her granddad as she smiled up at him while nestled in his arms. And thanks to sister Sher, bless her for her frequent times with John in the final months and for probably engineering the New Mexico Chandley-Varenkamp stream of the family reunion over Thanksgiving back in Las Cruces, where he had hoped to move to to be close to Dad. I particularly thank God that that was allowed to happen, for it would certainly be the last such event.

    Chris, I’m sure your Jesuit High School colleagues and students will continue
    their great respect and admiration they have for you butwith extra special love in this sad time. May the Lord continue to bless you in your teaching vocation, and that of your Mom as an English professor.

    Blessings, thanks and love to the John Chandley family and to all his FDL family,
    Martha – in Sacramento

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    Beloved FDL family; Thanks so much for honoring Scarecrow by remembering his very extraordinary qualities. Yes, condolences to John’s family, to be sure. We’re a scattered bunch but those of us who especially loved the “FDL John” we will cherish all your salutes to John. It was very comforting for me ( Martha, the older/big [...]

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    Bless you, DDay. I’ve been so grateful for your writings, tho mostly I’ve tried to keep up on all you’ve had to say about the foreclosure crisis. You’ve been able to make this housing activist understand so much about things I’ve known nothing. Like some, I’ve come to FDL only for you, and especially
    since Scarecrow left. May the Lord heal him entirely so that he and his great writing can return and may the Lord give you clarity in your vocational discernment process.

    Blessings and thanks,

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    onitgoes and all other Sacramentans interested in these broad issues, you are invited to attend the following workshop. This is a general info event NOT a “bring your papers for action” event, but a real celebration vis a vis the Homeowner Bill of Rights, which we helped secure.

    Homeowner Bill of Rights Celebration and Resource Fair
    Hosted by St. John’s Lutheran Church, Congregation B’nai Israel and Sacramento Area Congregations Together
    Sunday, December 9th, 2-4pm. Congregation B’nai Israel,
    3600 Riverside Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95818

    Learn about the victory our congregations won in securing a new Bill of Rights for homeowners facing foreclosure, and get connected to experts who can help:
    • Prospective home buyers
    • Distressed homeowners
    • Neighbors concerned with blight
    • Post foreclosure or short-sale situations

    Guests and speakers include:
    • Saskia Kim, Office of the Senate President Pro Temporare
    • Marc LeForestier, California Department of Justice
    • Saskia Kim, California State Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes
    • Rabbi Mona Alfi, Congregation B’nei Israel
    • Pastor Frank Espergen, St. John’s Lutheran Church
    • Bank of America
    • Wells Fargo
    • Keep Your Home California

    This event will feature a brief panel explaining the new Home Owner Bill of Rights, the key role our congregations played in winning the bill, and how to make sure your (or your neighbors’) new rights are being respected. It will be followed by a resource fair with experts from a variety of organizations that can answer questions and offer help on personal housing/debt and neighborhood blight issues, and even offer advice and resources for potential homebuyers. For more information contact Annie Fox 916-447-7959 x17.

    Or you can call me – Martha – 916-371-1125. We’re looking for more people to help us develop bank accountability strategies and tactics.

    Thanks again DDay for all your work on these multi-faceted ongoing issues.

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    Thanks be to God for the work you do on the broad panoply of issues on this broader issue. I depend on you to keep us inform on critical aspects of the insane mortgage crisis. You know of course that California’s Homeowners Bill of Rights legislation gives folks the option of going to court. Wonder what the stats on that are.

    Thanks to you, Dr. Dick for you very wise perception.


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    Bless you, this is marvelous. One of my ways of trying to get out and stay out of the black hole of despair and self=righteousness is a theology study group that has been so much a part of my healing in the last year. We are currently reading an extraordinary book by Quaker theologian Parker [...]

  • Love your wry humor as always. Mitt is so pathetic!!! and you are so right about OB. God help us.

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    blessings and congratulations. You’ve been great in your dissenter role. May God continue to give you strength and wisdom to keep telling the stories we need to know. keep it up!

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    Thanks be to God! Thanks Cynthia for bringing this exciting news to us and for giving us both videos. Here in Sacramento we are hoping to get a joint resolution of a Homeowners Bill or Rights reported out of committee and on to the next step. It appears that we activists have won on several [...]

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    Yea Katie, I’m delighted to make your acquaintance. Hooray for your magnificent recovery. Can you share with me how it was that you’ve overcome your neuropathy. As one of the 20 million Americans dealing with this disease state, I rejoice for your recovery from that. I’m well aware that many folks develop neuropathy from cancer [...]

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    defogger. Somewhere I read/heard that the tea partiers are avid Saul Alinsky fans and have read and incorporated his book into their processes and tactics.

    I’m involved in a church related federation of interfaith congregations and community assosiations, etc. who is using some Alinsky style forms of community organization to address a whole range of issues, tho my Lutheran group is especially concerned about foreclosure issues along with a broad range of bank accountablity issues


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    guess I’ll go back to the capitol on Monday with PICO, ACCE AND OCCUPY FOLKS once more and join with OCCUPY on an immediate call for a foreclosure moratorium, preferably three years, to give all the parties time to work out
    loan modifications. Weshall see.


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    Thanks for that tidbit. I’d been wondering, as I’d found no data on the BO vote, but had seen DiFi and thought, we sure didn’t produce many voters.

    Scarecrow. Thanks for your post.

    OT: CA “final” proposed language for the Homeowner Bill of Rights is now in for a final vote on Monday. When we visited Sen. Steinberg’s and Speaker Perez’s office last week, begging/demanding immediate action before the issue became submerged before the state budget fights, we were told that there was a lot of work going on behind the scenes and while we might not get all we wanted, we’d get a whole lot. As I read the summary, I thought yes, that’s right, tho we may still try to get the rest; still, the banks won’t have won entirely. So, I guess I’ll go back to the capitol on Monday with the

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    Terrific post. Thanks so much.

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    There will be a rally on Wednesday 10 to noonish (?) on the north side of the
    capitol organized by ACCE, SEIU, PICO and probably the OccupySacto too. I encourage all Sacramento metro folks to come by and join us.


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    Thanks for great post.

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    Blessings and thanks for this and all

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